2nd Large Black Winged Humanoid Observed in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

2 sisters from Cape Girardeau, Missouri find a pitch-black humanoid figure with very large offstages and legs near the same location of a previous witness sighting.

The following detail was forwarded to Phantoms& Monsters Fortean Research and The Singular Fortean Society inspector Tobias Wayland 😛 TAGEND

The Singular Fortean Society’s lead investigator Tobias Wayland spoke recently with two sisters who suggest that they witnessed a strange, flying person in late August of this year near the website where another woman said she’d seen a “black, humanoid representation with very large offstages and legs” last-place October in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The two women were driving at about 6 o’clock in the night on Lexington Avenue and had just transferred Sprigg Street when they had their encounter, which took place only about a mile from the previously reported sighting.

Beverly Weakley, 67, was behind the pedal while Brenda Elfrink, 60, was in the passenger seat.

Brenda was looking at her phone when she sounds her sister ejaculate, “What was that? ”

“I was on my phone, I listen her and I looked up. I got a good look at it, but I didn’t really know what I was looking at. It seemed like it was just across the road and pas. There was no place for it to land, ” said Brenda.

She described the being as being “big and blackish/ brownish–more dark-brown than pitch-black, but dark” and “shaped like nothing I’ve ever seen. I learnt a lot of movement like wings–I participated more of that than anything else.”

“I’d say it was five or six feet towering, maybe bigger. I was actually pretty rationalizing what I was looking at. There were no feet, I only learnt a big brown mass, mostly. But it did definitely sounds like I accompanied change, like backstages or something, ” Brenda said. “I construed a whipping, flitting gesture and it was like it almost took up the whole road. It probably didn’t, but that’s what it looked like to me. I honestly wondered at first if it was a big throw rug flying across the road and whipping up in the wind or something, but there was no wind. It wasn’t a stormy date or anything. I said’ Oh my divinity, we experienced Mothman.'”

However, said Brenda, her sister Beverly “saw much more” of the thing than she did.

According to Beverly,

It looked like it might have come from the side of the road, there are some trees there, but it was fully in our image in the car. It wasn’t high, it was maybe eight feet off of the ground–you could see underneath it, you could see over it. It was probably five to six feet long, and it was brown. It didn’t look like it had stripes to me, it was like it had sheaths. It looked like it had webbed, membranous wings, and there were a lot of offstages. Some were flapping. They were ribbed like umbrellas. It didn’t look like a pterodactyl, but it looked like those kind of wings. It was probably 10 to 15 feet ahead of us, and it was flying. I didn’t determine person or persons, like a form mold, but it certainly could have been a thin something that was long.

Beverly said the creature “looked like something was shrouded in this bunch of wings. It went skinnier towards the last two paws, like they only wrap around. To me, it looked like a person shrouded in backstages. It was surely wings, of some sort, and they looked like they were meat , not plumages. I didn’t hear any appendages, I didn’t visualize a head.”

The 67 -year-old described the offstages are moving forward an undulating mode, “like a wave.”

“The backstages were moving, ” she showed. “It looked like it had taken off and it had these little wings throughout. The room it flew was weird. It didn’t use all of its backstages at one time. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It rippled, kind of.”

Neither woman was able to tell where the animal extended after it flew across the road.

“I was driving, so I didn’t read where it went, ” Beverly said. “I don’t know why we didn’t try to stop and gape some more, but it was scary. I think that’s why.”

As for Brenda, she “didn’t see as much” as Beverly, because she “just searched up and glanced.”

“I didn’t find all that detail, ” she said. “I did receive a glimpse of a flit wing or something, but not all the detail[ Beverly] saw.”

Although the sighting lasted only several seconds, both gals fasten by their story despite the agnosticism is an expression of those close to them, and like to remind you that they did not wish to embellish their evidence in any way. In fact, if it wasn’t for Brenda’s son mentioning such reports from October, they may never have reported their own sighting.

Brenda said that, following their sighting, “Everybody was saying’ Oh, you viewed an owl, ’ or whatever. I only shut up, because everybody was acting like I’m crazy.”

“We went home kind of scared, and[ Beverly’s] family behaved like we were crazy. I frankly don’t know how I could shut up about it, because I know what I received. I just kind of let it go, until[ my lad] was indicated that parties started receiving it, ” she clarified. “What moves this so funny or peculiar, is that[ my lad] messaged me and asked if I’d heard of all these sightings. Before I listen anything that he’d had to say, I told him what we pictured. I told him where we’d seen it, and he said’ Mom, that’s the same area.’ If we’d have turned instead of going directly, we would have ended up where the[ October sighting happened ]. “

Beverly contributed, “My husband said it was a pile of buds “thats been” swirling. No, it’s not. That’s not what it was. A crane? No, it wasn’t a crane. I know a crane. It was very unusual and unsettling. That’s why we started talking about it again. We saw something in these areas[ as the other sighting ], and I cannot tell you what it was.”

“I’m so glad you called, ” she said to lead investigator Tobias Wayland. “Because I wanted to tell somebody, but we just didn’t know what to do with the information so we just didn’t do anything. Then we heard talk again, and it’s the same area.”

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