4 Ways to Visualize What You Want and How to Make it Happen

4 Ways to Visualize What You Want and How to Make It Happen | California PsychicsWhat is Visualization?

Visualization makes many forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as fancying, sometimes it’s a accumulation of to-do inventories, and other ages it’s conversations with loved ones, chit-chat about what your ideal future will look like. As humen, we expend a lot of time suppose, foreseeing, and contemplating the future.

So, what is the difference between merely thinking about what you want, and working toward the spiritual manifestation of that goal? Our intellects are wonderful, nebulous things that are constantly working to process information, internal and external. It’s a lot of work, and it can be confusing. This is why sometimes your dreams are simply a jumble of all the things you worried about during the week. For illustration, you have to go on stage to sing a song you don’t know, in a church you don’t belong to, with a screaming child you are also somehow supposed to silence? What is that about?

As someone who has fought with hallucinations since childhood, some of the tools I have applied to lucid dreaming and restraint nightmares seem relevant here. The more you focus on something when you’re awake, the more your imagination will focus on it when you’re not awake.

Visualization vs. Manifestation

Visualization and manifestation direct similarly. Prayer, The Secret, the law of attraction, all of these focus on visualization and manifestation. When we call on both the dominance of our own head and person and align that with the cosmic elevate that comes from surrendering to the power of the Universe, amazing things begin to happen.

How to Practice Visualization

The first thing you need to do is be clear with both yourself and the Universe. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t work on getting what the hell are you want.

Write it Down

Get a journal or start a document that is just for your goals. Think long term. Where do you want to be in five years? How much money do you want to have? What kind of relationship do you want to be in?

Speak Your Goals Aloud

Declare what you want and talk about it. Say it to yourself, your domesticateds, your collaborator, your family. Make it part of your daily routine, your vitality, let others is a well-known fact that you’re focused. The more you build it up, the stronger it becomes.

Make a Vision Board

Vision boards can be digital or physical. You can trim epitomes out of publications or engrave them to put one across your wall or fridge to remind you of what you should be focusing on. Seeing physical portraits can help a lot. Maybe it’s the kind of home you want to live in, or the kind of partner you miss, or the characteristics of person you want to be.

Illustrate What You Crave

This is where the visualization becomes different from daydreaming. Instead of letting your mind run off in any direction it wants to, negative or positive, redirect your thoughts to something specific. Imagine your bank account with the amount of money you wish were in there. Picture opening your closet to see the type of drapes you want to wear. Picture the kind of person who would balance you out and indeed spawn you happy, instead of whoever was the most wonderful on TV that week.

How to Determine it Happen

Start small. Hopefully, all of the steps you took to declare what you want in the future have helped solidify this idea in your thought. Once you know where you want to be down the road, it’s easier to see where to make changes. This is the time to set tolerable purposes. If you’ve been focused on money, do a little math to see what move would put you where you want to be and when. Whether it’s losing weight, learn more journals, or moving around the globe, this is the time to make your imagination from purely spiritual, and is now starting do the earthly job as well.

Once you have an idea of the steps you can take, begin to make them. The more day and power you can dedicate during the day to your goals, the quicker they will move along. Be sure to keep visualizing! The key here is not to move on, but to further strengthen. As Rosabeth Moss Kanter said, “A vision is not just a picture of what “couldve been”; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.”

Continue to Give in the Work

Even where reference is feels silly, or maybe even hopeless, it’s important to stick with it and gave the work in. The more you focus on the changes you want to see, the more real they will feel, the more they will become a part of your integral soul. Jennifer Baumgartner Psy.D. writes in Psychology Today, “Whether in therapy or in your everyday life, squandering visualization is an important tool to improve all areas. In addition to using mental recitals, vision boards, and representative objects…”

Stand Positive

As you work through your goals, remember that this isn’t a quick fix, but very a spiritual and mental tool that you can use to push yourself forward and get out of personal slumps with. Visualization works best when it becomes a constant companion, an attitude that says “I know I can, ” and which gives people the fortitude to keep pushing forward.

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