44 – 45 – 46th President – Numerology Perspective

44 45 46 th President- Numerology: The Progression of Change

As we look at the 44 45 46 th President- Numerology summarizes a progression that may be what was needed for our world to alter and change. As the brand-new presidential unit entered the White House on January 21, 2021, do their specific digits tell us what to expect in the next four years? Before we analyze, let’s take a look at the inheritance of three presidents.

44 45 46th president - numerologyThe Evolution of Change

The lists 44, 45 and 46 represent the position that the last three presidents held during their tenure in the White House. In addition, each list has a specific meaning according to numerology.

We can see how the influence of these counts has an effect on the image of each president and gurgles out to the members of congress, the people and environment in the United Mood, as well as the world. In addition, each multitude defines the potential energy of its first year that the president is in office.

Perhaps it proceeds even further, that they chose to run during this time for the purpose of the lesson of this numeral. Was the effect of each position an integral part of the wisdom( be it the fortitude or the darknes) that we needed to learn in order to evolve?

Barack Obama- 44 th president

Donald Trump- 45 th president

Joe Biden- 46 th president


The 44 th President, Barack Obama entered the White House in 2009. How did the power of 44 influence Obama and the United Commonwealth?

44 is a master number- the surmount developer and potent charismatic manifester( the 8). President Obama certainly broke the barrier as the first pitch-black president. It was a strong go of possibilities, hope and inspiration in home countries. He was well loved.

With Barack’s magnetized temperament and patriotism, there was also a call to connect and taken together by all scoots and frugal status.

With this, there were divided ideas of his success and his promises. Matter such as healthcare, economy, protecting the environment, and foreign policy were on the table. In the eight years as chairperson, Obama predicted much and his promises were not ever matched. This can happen with 44 as they can tend to have large-scale projects and not always have the time or the support to accomplish them. Perhaps this had partially to do with the schism of the two parties and standpoints of the people they represented. Next, in 45, we had to learn the ultimate extreme.


In comes president 45 in 2016. Donald Trump is an enigma. Nine( 4+5) is all about transformation, period, and alter. A 45 might be a leader who works with inspirational, philosophical, and spiritual ethics. Within these values, a nine can see the bigger picture and guide the country towards a new vision of mutual support.

This may be partially true-blue. Trump’s influence had a great effect on the world countries. In the 4 years he was in office, he certainly shook-up beings, academies, and impressions. However, his influence was used to provoke, and to proceed with the self-esteem , not with harmonization. The puzzle is the lesson( or shadow) we all had to learn — how do you deal with power?


President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20, 2021 and became the 46 th President. 4+6 has the value of the “one”. In a devastating go of fermentation and melancholy, with a pandemic and a country in turmoil and disorder, the “1” promises to lead and spur. It can be a time of new beginnings.

How will President Biden lead? How will his actions deliver “the two countries ” back together? He has already shown( in his inaugural speech) his ability to encourage a torn society into one who works together for a common goal- uniting our country. We will see what happens next.

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