8 Of The Best Soul Mate/Twin Flame Books You Should Read

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are peculiar liaisons because they be addressed with the mind , not just the pride. Kindred soul and Twin Flames are esoteric relationships and are not mainstream. However, these terms are now integrated with the conventional, but not fully understood, specially, when our western world is only familiar with Cupid as opposed to Eros. Nothing can separate Soul mate and Twin Flames , not even fatality. Cupid and Eros are epitomizes of love.

What was the meaning of Eros to the ancient Greeks? The realization of our immortality. Eternity shines through time in the fact that there are soul mate/ twin flames, exuding their afterlife. Traditional enjoyed narrations rely only on identity. However, the experience of the feeling of waking up and watching an eternal loved one, right before you, outreaches human apprehension. This is the definition of a true-blue kindred soul/ twinned kindled event. These are the 9 must-have notebooks that will let you learn lessons the real Soul Mate/ Twin Flame experience.

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Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner by Patricia Joudry and Maurie Pressman, M.D. Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner: Patricia Joudry, Maurie Pressman MD: 9780517700594: Amazon.com: Books

One day in 1998, in between patrons, I’m browsing in a bookstore, and I recognise a volume that looks interested in me. Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner. The back include reads: “You can know that you are indissolubly are connected with another. Your meeting is destined.”

I go home and I start to read this hoarded direct. Right away, I am blown away by the material. The theme in all regions of the pages reverberated deep within my being. The book’s wisdom goes into the heart of soul ties. The cloth moves over the soul’s purpose and the difficult task of raising the masculine and feminine tones together within each person. The preparation for the twin being is a must, as well as handling conflicts within the relationship. Recognizing each other’s soul is another must, and having beautiful instructed sex is a pleasure.

The Twin Soul relationship is founded on a fundamental impression of oneness: oneness of dream, oneness of purpose, oneness of feeling. Twin someones do not pull in separate routes, except briefly and temporarily at the personality level.- Excerpt

I recommend Twin Souls: A Guide to Finding Your True Spiritual Partner for the exceptional wisdom.

Determine Your Soul Mate by Russ Michael

Finding Your Soul Mate: Russ Michael: 9780877287650: Amazon.com: Books

This is one of the first journals I read about Soul copulates and Twin Souls back in 1992. Mr. Michael states, “First, to be a soul mate, your mate must be found at the someone level.”

Mr. Michael also states Twin Souls are perfect thoughts of each other, connecting on the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels.”

The time of soul mating is now, but there needs to be a realization that the feeling is not the self-love. When this enlightenment is understood, connecting at the feeling level will require us to be conscious of our immortality. I most recommend Finding Your Soul Mate! This journal has deep sense at the subatomic soul level- the realm where genuine, genuine, honest-to-God Kindred soul/ Twin Flames match!

Symposium by Plato

Plato is an important teacher; he understood the knowledge of our immortal spirit 2500 years ago. One sultry nighttime in archaic Greece, Socrates and another five philosophers join together, and the Symposium was created. Plato, a student of Socrates, writes down the dialogue in which these enormous philosophers are engaged. This great literary work about love has was strong enough to survive the ages. These amazing men of speculation gave us wisdom about two types of love: common ardour and astronomical enjoy. To understand common passion are simple: it is found in our everyday affinities. Celestial adore is an extraordinary bond, the aim of which is to connect our endow from the Divine with another person.

“As we all know, cherish and Aphrodite are inseparable. The duality of Aphrodite is undeniable: One Aphrodite, the one we call eternal is older. The other, the younger one is called common.”- Excerpt from Symposium

In other words, the ligament between soul mate/ twin flames is an infinite attachment as opposed to the self-interests between personalities. The one called common will deal with our identity and existence needs. The one called eternal will deal with the spiritual feeling. The common affair will time slake our existence needs, karmic deterrents will infuse chaos and the mind is subconscious to the parties involved. Planetary Aphrodite propagandizes you to journey late within. She will persuasion you, to discover your own soul and prove to yourself that you are worthy of an exalted bond.

I first speak Symposium in 1997. This is an important book for anyone interested in a Soul Mate/ twin ignited bond!

Complete Works- Love and Sexuality, Volume 1& 2 by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Love and Sexuality (part 1): Aivanhov, Omraam Mikhael: 9782855667409: Amazon.com: Books

I read Love and Sexuality in the late 1990 s. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov was a 20 th century Bulgarian Mystic who said, “Twin Souls ended each other , no other person in all countries of the world can so accomplish them.” This is because when the Divine Masculine awakens to their spiritual essence, they are aware, simply the Divine Feminine, their equivalent can stand side by side together united with them.

Mr. Aivanhov also states, “Twin Souls fulfill twelve ages during the course of its manifestations on earth.” When twin spirits met in their past manifestations, their linkage was instinctive to them. Now, “were living in” a term where our spirits have derived enough to recognize each other as spiritual beings on earth.

I most recommend Complete Works, Love and Sexuality, magnitude 1& 2 for Mr. Aivanhov’s esoteric wisdom.

The Sexual love of The Ancient Greeks by Sofia Souli

Amazon.com: Love Life of the Ancient Greeks (9789605402242): Souli, Sofia A.: Books

In 1999, I wander into one of the knack patronizes on the island of Santorini, and smudge a bible called The Love Life of the Ancient Greeks. I start to look through the written work and I am stunned: the book talks about the oldest idol in Greek mythology, Eros. I purchase the book immediately.

I start to absorb all the past knowledge that the Greeks had about a charismatic associate of the feeling. As I am leaving the island of Santorini and heading towards Athens, I am engulfed by the profound wisdom I’m reading. Anybody who is sought for Eros has a very high aim.

The goal of Eros is for people to connect with each other at the deepest immortal statu. The ancients say having sexual solace with another is not Eros. We can have sexual intercourse with or without this profound connection.

For the ancient Greeks, Eros was a combination of body and soul. The author of this book, Sofia Souli captivates the essence of ancient Greek wisdom and territory,” The elements of body and mystic( mind) allure are what serves to erotically connect two charismatic someones. The ideology communication of these two characters leads to the genesis of spiritual good.”

I most recommend The Making love of the Ancient Greeks; you will become enlightened on the knowledge of celestial love.

Eros and Psyche by Lucius Apuleius

Lucius Apuleius – Store norske leksikon

Lucius Apuleius an initiate of Plato’s philosophy wrote Eros and Psyche roughly 2,000 decades ago. Plato talked about heavenly adoration and common enjoy; the onetime being the immortal love and the latter the common temporal love.

The western world flitted into the dark ages, and the story of Eros and Psyche went into obscurity. The renaissance promoted the cloak and Plato, his students and their knowledge came into the light; as a result, five- hundred years later, we are able to gave their wise into practice.

Plato knew birth was not a creation of an immortal person, but a transmigration of a soul from one torso to another. Therefore, we cannot acquire person a soul mate/ twin flared, either we’re connected or we’re not.

Eros and Psyche was written in Latin, but Mr. Apuleius defends for it should have been written in Greek. As such, Mr. Apuleius uses the Roman Gods and Goddess as opposed to the Greek.

The western world is cognizant of the Roman God of Love Cupid, instead of the Greek, Eros. However, the meaning of Eros and Cupid are worlds apart.

The word cupid is from the Latin root implication( passion ). Desire is a misleading word because the meaning is one of emotional connect. When we have attachments, we want to control the situation. When we want control, our feeling is not at work our self-esteems are.

To reach for Eros is a very high aim, for it is an exhilarated alliance. Eros is the lover, the divinity who intercedes between material and spirit.

Carl Jung was right on target when he talked about Eros, saying, “Eros belongs on one side to man’s primal animal nature, which will endure as long as man has an animal body. On the other side, he is related to the highest forms of the flavor. But he expands only when spirit and instinct are in right harmony.”

Carl Jung was influenced by Plato’s Symposium. In Symposium, Diotima, the prophet/ priestess educates Socrates about Eros.

Eros occupies the middle ground, Diotima replied, “Eros is an important spirit. All atmospheres occupy the middle ground between death and immortality. As negotiators between the two, they crowd the remaining space, and so establish the universe an interconnected totality. Mortality and immortality cannot assemble directly unless, the gods communicate and converse with humans in their sleep or when intentional by means of beings. Skill in this area is what makes a person spiritual, whereas skill in any other art or craft ties person to the material world.”

Lucius Apuleius touched on the knowledge of the person to achieve union with the Divine, by the agency of a spiritual love. Eros and Psyche represent an exalted sublime joining; the ultimate kindred spirit knew of esoteric circles as twin spirits/ twin flames!

I first predict Eros and Psyche in 2001, and I highly recommend the story of Eros and Psyche for the ancient esoteric knowledge.

Soul mate and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality) - Kindle edition by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

This book that I speak in 1999, illustrates Karmic ties-in, Soul mate, and the Ultimate Soul Mate, the Twin Soul. The associate of Soul mate and the Ultimate Soul Mate-the Twin Flame is profoundly spiritual in nature. As this volume says,” Our eventual solidarity( Twin Flame) occurs when we have become one with our I AM attendance and reunited in the plane of heart as immortal, God beings .” This conveys separately every person must transform their own Karma and to be one with the Divine, before one is to be reunited with their Twin Flame.

Soul Mates together with Twin Flames are your spiritual genealogy, but soul mates help you wake up to your immortal being. By the time you are blessed to reunite with your soul’s counterpart( Twin Flame ), you would be awakened by the help of your soul mates.

I highly recommend Kindred soul and Twin Flames- this volume has great genuine wisdom.

Edgar Cayce On Kindred spirit: Unlocking the Dynamics of Soul Attraction by Kevin J. Todeschi

Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates: Unlocking the Dynamics of Soul Attraction: Kevin J. Todeschi: 9780876044155: Amazon.com: Books

The famous fortune-teller Edgar Cayce understood, kindred spirit are regular relationships between people who possess an extraordinary connection. Mr. Cayce understood the story of soul mates is really the story of spiritual awake. For these considerations, ultimately our search for soul mates is truly a search for God.

I read Edgar Cayce on Kindred spirit in 1999. This work is a trimmed and baked description of soul mates and twin beings. Ultimately, one must know the difference between Ego wholeness and Soul awakening. The penetrating puzzle of our immortal person is unconscious to most people. Therefore, what is instinctive is considered dark and evil; epitomes like voodoos, warlocks, supernatural and fiends come to mind when we think of an otherworldly realm. A direct contact with the being transcends our everyday thinker and establishes a sacred affinity within.

However, the ego and soul do not achieve an equal counterbalance on their own. One will take over the other, until we live from the heart and create our entire self. Ego and Soul have melted!

I recommend Edgar Cayce on Kindred soul for the insights.

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