A New Vision of the Number 5 in the Month of May

A May Like We Have Never Experienced Before

It is not time to give up, but to expand out and find the freedom within.

Number 5 in numerologyEagle Spirit by Greer Jonas

As we move further into this period of isolation in the world, we have an opportunity to connect to another side of ourselves, a side that may be brand-new, or may be hidden since childhood. The new technology is helping us stay connected online through video chitchats and webinars. Perhaps, all the more important, we can take this moment to discover a different contact with ourselves.

And now enrols May, the fifth month- how different life is! According to numerology, the number 5 represents democracy. It is about energy, undertaking and a charismatic social tie-in. It is the entertainer who is not afraid to be on stage. May is associated with trees blooming and feeling free after the long winter of hibernation. It may seem like” The Twilight Zone”, but it is essential that we rise up to the challenge of not becoming a couch potato. Five teaches us to be resilient.

The Shadow of the Five.

Yes “couch potato” is the shadow of the amount 5. With the spring vigor of’ happy ‘, we find ourselves strangely stuck in our homes. The darknes can become us despondent, and fidgety. Some may succumb to the view of looking out our windows from within and feeling sluggish and endured, playing solitaire on our i-phones and gobbling a lot.

Embracing Our Brilliance Number 5 and the month of may in numerology *” Looking From the Inside Out “. Painting by Greer Jonas

If the above” coach potato” describes you, here is the challenge of the brand-new” five tone “. Embrace the unknown, reinvent yourself. Perhaps your business can take a brand-new guidance. Let us not lose our aims in being born!

This phase of “pandemic” is a teaching for us to push through every day of our lives. How can we take the “five” vigour and spark the freedom inside ourselves?

We can accomplish a project that we have been procrastinating for months. Even cleansing out your wardrobe is a shift of energy and symbolically clearing out what you no longer need. Chat chambers has already begun bringing my best friend together. Dance, write, colour, go to the park( yes with your mask and gauntlets on and 6 feet away from another ). Qi-gong, yoga, and cooking classes have found their method online.

We can give back through benevolences or even by going outside and applauding for the care givers at 7:00 pm, or helping an elderly person who needs groceries.

** Note: my decorate” Looking From the Inside Out” was inspired by an article in the New York Times with various creators coating from the idea outside their windows.

How will you create a new world of colourful vigour and reinvent yourself?

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