Accessing Feminist Philosophers

As we announced April 23, Feminist Philosophers is been closed down. This is one of a series of poles by FP bloggers looking back on the blog and bidding it farewell.

There’s an apocryphal quote that normally attributed to Helen Keller that runs something like this: blindness separates you from things, but deafness separates you from beings. It turns out that Kant wrote something about this in his Anthropologie( aside: for all the hours I’ve been thinking about this farewell post, I must say that starting off with a reference to Kant never existed to me, but blogging has a way of swerving the words on the page ).

It’s hard to put into oaths how stimulated I became formerly I detected the philosophy blogosphere and Feminist Philosophers.

I could finally understand without guessing what other philosophers were saying, and having the words on the sheet to be read , not speech-read, meant that I had an equal footing when it came to accessibility. I’d never had the opportunity to communicate with philosophers without “ve had to” do the additional act of speechreading assumption or making through an interpreter( who didn’t have the background in ideology the rest of us did ).

It was through Feminist Philosophers that I find a sense of community in the informal aspect of academic thinking. There were many times when we contradicted — sometimes publicly on specific comments sheet, but also on long email threads. I will miss those yarns, time-consuming as they only, because of the respect we evidenced one another, even in times of late contention. They were also another( inadvertent) accessible aspect of doing thinking that hadn’t been available to me — I learned much from reading and participating in them.

What I find most bittersweet about shutting down Feminist Philosophers is that this venue of informal theoretical exchange will now simply exist as an archive. I learned philosophical gibberish and’ insider catchphrases’ by see the comments, I learned about other feminist philosophers, including about other disabled feminist philosophers of color( our digits are small, but we exist !) by learning the comments, and I learned that the written word modality of social media was a way for philosophers who were deafen or hard of hearing or had further communications disorders may be involved in gossips that prior to this were difficult to access.

Access to the informal assemblies of feminist doctrine will still continue to exist as an archive, but it will be a snapshot of a certain period of time and arrange. And so, I worry about how others on the margins will gain access to the shifting social uppercase and conversations that may not be present in their departments — whether this is access related to disability or other factors. My hope is that with the closing of Feminist Philosophers, we can continue the spirit of this blog by continuing to invite others into our exchanges, in whatever formats are needed for inclusion.

To my person bloggers, I want to say how reputation I was to be invited to join you, and what an incredible privilege it has been to work with you to make a difference. To the readers of Feminist Philosophers, I’m grateful for the sense of community you helped to build, and particularly for building it possible for me to see the series of ways to engage and sometimes, to spar! To Jenny, thank you for having the vision and the gallantry to keep Feminist Philosophers departing, specially when the path was a tangle.

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