Are ‘Centaurs’ Actual Cryptids Encountered In North America?

A woman in South Carolina believes that she watched a ‘centaur.’ Is that possible? Well, I include reports of meetings with centaurs by the Navajo and other witnesses.

I recently came across the following account 😛 TAGEND”I never told this story to anybody but two daughters, because I knew none would believe me. I don’t even believe it.I directed at a video place back in the early 90 ’s in South Carolina, and this pair came up to the counter to pay for their movies. They are talking here and the girl was saying I know what I heard it was a centaur. I was like huh? Her friend said, you must have been drinking something or on medicines. After they left I was thinking the same thing, that girlfriend was on something because there’s no such anticipate as a centaur.Fast forward a couple of months, My boyfriend and I were going to a racetrack about an hour away from our township. We were concluding small conversation and I inspected to the side of the road. The artery we were on was known for deer and I was looking out. As I continued to look I received a human on a colt. As we got closer it wasn’t a being on a pony he was a part of the horse. I turned to my sweetheart and asked about did he see it. He didn’t and I was not going to tell him what I verified, because he didn’t believe in that sort of thing.I wondered if this was what the girl in the video store recognized. I really can’t believe what I understood, a centaur that’s made up? Right? ” MD—–I received an email describing possible centaur attest experienced near the Navajo Reservation in northwest New Mexico. I last-minute forwarded it to crypto investigator JC Johnson for his assessment. I have reported under these beings in the past, it is not a cryptid that you examine much about: When you think of a ‘Centaur’ the image is usually of a mythological beast from Greek origin. It’s head, arms, and chest are those of a human and the rest of its organization, including 4 legs, hindquarters, and a fanny is like that of a horse.There is the myth of Ixion who was purified by Zeus of a first carnage of kin, a horrifying deed. The shameless human restored this statu by trying to seduce Hera. The goddess told her husband. When Zeus learned about this indignation he made a disguised sit of Hera, a mas likeness, is how preoccupied he was with his wife.Ixion was so deeply in love with Hera that he slept with the disguised prototype. Zeus penalized Ixion by chaining him to a winged and fiery motor, which revolved forever in Tartarus. The gloom returned birth to a beast listed Centaurus. It was Centaurus that pitched upon a flock of Magnesian mares and saw the Centaurs.There have been stories of similar souls in all regions of the ages but in sites that you’d most likely not imagine.I received the following email from M.B. who is Navajo: “Hey Lon…this is a second hand account that I heard from my father’s trusted friend. I’m sorry I can’t offer any more details than what I was told from the witness.When my father’s friend was younger he was a Deputy for the Apache Reservation Police. I believe it happened in the early 1980 s, but not sure. One light he was on patrol in his prowl car alone on the reservation. He was driving along the deserted superhighway that surpassed through town. When he reached the church he saw something moving back and forth along the church, peering into the windows. He stopped the car on the highway, and observed for a while. It was too dark to make love much at first. Then, the dark shape took notice of him and began moving out of the darkness and into the front of the church.I forget precisely whether he then moved the police car into the parking lot to intercept the three men, or if he stopped the car shortly after making a move but either way the headlights cured illuminate what he saw.Under the orange lighting of the street lights was a 8 hoof tall Demon-Centaur !!! The underside half was indeed a twilight haired pony, while where the neck and thought ought to have was the upper torso of a lover. The boy was gazing right at him as it strolled by, all 4 hooves clanking on the pavement. His skin was a dark red and it had horns on either side of his head. He said they were like ram tusks, bent around on either side of his skull. He was scared and while the thought of shooting the beast spanned his head, he concluded against it. He didn’t want to provoke it and have it attack him. It accomplished bridging the road, and down a steep ascent into a farmland land below. Once it reached this open ground, he watched as it started to run away as fast as possible until it disappeared into the darkness and trees beyond.He was deeply hurt after the encounter and couldn’t reason why a demonic animal would be looking into a building as holy as a school. The direction he told the story, you couldn’t help but believe it to be true and I’m sure that it actually happened.I’ve had spooky encounters myself, and fortunes and a lot of 2nd paw narratives from friends/ pedigree on the Navajo and Apache Reservation. I shouldn’t talk about many of those though. Being Native American, talking about these curious things can have negative repercussions to those involved.” M.B.I contacted my friend JC Johnson, who confirmed that there have been same sightings in the Four Corners/ Navajo Reservation domain for some time. In fact he forwarded a sketch of one of the following options souls by Elder Leonard Dan, who states that he has had encounters with these beings: Sketch by Leonard DanI last-minute recalled a strange sighting in Michigan in 2006: Location: Between Battle Creek& Bellevue, Michigan – January/ February 2006 – nightA woman driving alone on a superhighway between both municipalities had to slow down for a stop sign. Suddenly a animal of very large size jumped up over a snow bank and ran “1 0 grounds a second”. It was coming towards the car. She further described the character as “enormous and its torso as white as the snowfall around it”. It had minuscule little legs, like animal goat legs but very small. She had the impression that parts of it were like a man and other parts of it were an animal. According to her it either grabbed, or reached for the door handle but he auto was fastened. She said its thumbs were incredibly long, “long, long digits and nails”. It was so incredibly fast that she did not see a face or anything else. She informed the committee that another automobile of beings has furthermore seen it very; they had stopped and looking at it at one point.Source: unknowncreaturespot “2 006 Michigan centaur sighting”There was another incident in Melbourne, Florida: “Three friends and I realise an specter, maybe of a beast, when we were all around 10 years old. Myself, another boy and his two sisters were razzing motorcycles together down a sidewalk that flowed along the outskirts of our neighborhood The result of that sidewalk is at a beach-side highway in Melbourne, Florida.Nearing the street, with me contributing the parcel, the son gave his hand on my shoulder and reached me stop riding. When I ogled back at them, both daughters were looking straight onward with sobbings in their hearts, and the son pointed for me to look. Not knowing what they could be parting at because I had just been looking that tack when they stopped me, I gazed and pictured what I can only say was a centaur on the sidewalk in between us and the route. The daylight had just risen above the compas and was at the creature’s back, so the whole figure was shed in darknes, but I could make out that it had a exceedingly muscular, had a reddish torso, a horse’s four legs and was over six feet towering. Next to it was a thicket of palmetto and palm trees from which a person could have pranced out in a adroit clothing, although the quickness of illusion and the incredible detail of the person would acquire me doubt that.Needless to say, my first move was to turn around and airplane, and the others had already done so. Before we pedaled around the corner, I inspected and it was still standing there, and I was very relieved that it was not chasing us. After we had reached a safe distance, we celebrated our escape.Unfortunately, I lost touch with my friends when I moved away that year. When I “re coming back” at the age of 15, I lived right by the sidewalk again, and one light from my room, I sounds frenzied cry by the road, and came out to discover that a kid had have been hit by a car spanning from the sea over to the sidewalk where I had find the centaur. The home was much too shaken up for me to talk with them, and the boy had been killed instantly, so I won’t know if he saw something, but it is a very odd coincidence, if that.I’ve simply started trying to recontact my friends to see if they heard the same creature as I, or if we all view our own account of what we reckoned the barbarian was like, as we didn’t discuss it in detail at the time.” – paranormal.about.comA few years ago, there were Centaur-like sightings in the Cree Nation of Alberta, Canada: “There is definitely a stretching phenomena up here in Alberta, Canada. Specifically, the place is better known as Hobbema, a target comprised of 4 different Cree Indian reservations. These sightings I speak of are available on the Samson Cree reserve, in and around the high school area.When I firstly heard about it, I was skeptical and proceeded to tease my friends, conceiving they were trying to pull to wool over my gazes. They were neither slandered nor restrained from sharing with me that in conjunction with their own personal experiences, there is an actual video tape of this “centaur” creating violent havoc inside the school in a hallway near a primary depart. Other narratives they shared have to do with sightings at night, where the centaur actually shoots them or looms unexpectedly out of nowhere.It is far to easy to pass this off as “something in the water, ” for the Hobbema Cree peoples of such areas have suffered contemporaries of trauma. The brief autobiography of this orientation has everything to do with the disclosure of rich situates of lubricant in the middle of the 1900 ‘s. Once harvested, the residents of this area became incredibly rich. However, due to the lack of a holistic education, and decades of dysfunction throughout the community wreak by the Canadian government and the Churches, the locals were unable to fathom and properly adjust to their fortune to the fullest extent.This resulted in various forms of chaos throughout the later part of the century, for the lubricant royalties were given to every reservation representative, and their children as well when they turned 18. The mortality rate increased over time in this area, most due to suicide and assassinate. Today, we check an entire generation of youth, that have fully bought into the ghettoization of their communities and are largely atheist.In regards to the phenomena of the centaur sightings, it is known throughout the remaining Spiritual community of this area that these “beings” are inducing themselves known because in the eyes of the youth, there is nothing to believe in anymore. Sightings as such are creating panic and fright, and the phenomena has therefore become demonized by word of mouth.I am not a community member of this area. Nor have I watched or watched anything of the like. However, I have heard this from more than one person from that area and at the current stage, I cannot write it off to only coincidence. When I heard of this website, and the kind of handiwork being conducted in communities across the United States, I realized I had to submit something herein in the hopes of generating interest, and hopefully to come across someone else that believes in something of this sort.” – pennstateprs.comThen there was this follow-up to the post: “I have heard of many tales like this in First Nation modesties in Saskatchewan. I actually “ve heard of” one in Cotes FN, Kawcatoose FN, Kamsack area and in 2003 there was the sighting of a Centaur at Standing Buffalo’s FN Pow Wow. I think that it appears to people to tell others that there’s something wrong. That there was a problem in the community. Maybe black magic? We all know as native beings that there native people who do pattern the bad paths. Sure, there are the good ways but on the other hand so is the dark rooms. Personally, I considered that when native beings pattern these dark highways that this centaur or thing will appear to help those ones that pattern such bad rehearsals. This thing facilitates them. I have heard so many stories of this centaur. the most famous one is the sighting at Standing Buffalo powwow. I do not know what the Elders did over there. One Elder had to have a special ceremony and singers were requested from far away to help in the ceremony. The vocalists who the hell traveling from far away could sense this evil thing and one singer actually turned around and didn’t attend the ceremony because he was afraid. The beings were afraid of the old man conducting the ceremony. But the feelings helped by taking that evil thing centaur and expelling it to the pits of the mountains. I know there are a lot of native people who have heard such fibs and I am curious to know what did their Elders do in such circumstances? ” – pennstateprs.comThe following video captivate from a shifted path cam was sent to me in the summer of 2011 from a resident in York County, PA. The witness set out the route cams after saying a ‘centaur-like’ being in the timbers around their home: There has not been an identification to date. The witness has not captivated further evidence.NOTE: Are there Centaurs or similar animals moving The americas? I’d been interested in your comments and/ or evidence that you may have. Thanks. Lon


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