August and the Unlimited Power 8

unlimited power 8The Unlimited Power 8 is from a cover by Greer Jonas How Can This August Represent the Unlimited Power 8?

Even writing this post, I acknowledge it is rather odd to use the words” unlimited ability 8″ to describe August during the pandemic. As we move into the sultry 8 month of its first year, we find ourselves in a summer like no other. Some of us might be inside with our air conditioners on, rather than playing with our friends at the beach.

Turn the eight to its place and you will find the infinity mark, the representation of all possibilities

Yet 8 has a lesson in itself, the representation of dynamic force to compile things happen in spite of all obstacles.

In numerology, 8 is the cause of dominance and abundance in every mode of undertaking and saw. The charismatic master is out there empowering others. You can still do this. It will be advantageous to use this power to move forward rather than watching endless TV or playing solitaire on your i-phone.

Take responsibilityIndiana University Health Sign

It is a time to inspire — a month to reach out and make a stand for ourselves as we move past our fears.

What will you do to motivate yourself and others? Perhaps you can take a walk in the common with a neighbor( with cover-ups on, of course ). Or you can begin that book you have always thought of writing. Make a stand in some way.

You may be noticing a lot of parties are moving out of their apartments and rooms, looking for another place to live. Some are reluctant to make this move, some are inspired, but none-the-less, it appears to be a phenomenon as people are packing up and endeavouring a brand-new adventure.

8 is the Infinity Symbol

Turn the 8 on its slope and you ascertain the infinity representation. This type has a long history with a numerical boundary. But in a spiritual and theoretical coming, the infinity symbol “re talking about” the concept of limitless possibles. It is spiritual adoration, glamour and balance.

According to science and mathematics,” Infinity is considered an unlimited extent of time, gap, or quantity. A distance so large that the rays of light-headed from a point source at that interval may be regarded as parallel .”( Webster’s Dictionary ).

What are your limitedless possibles? How surprising at this time. It could represent moving past the neighborhood that you feel remained. How will you do it?

Your Personal Theme of the Month for August

What do you have to look forward to personally in August? The topic of the month is based on the current year and month to accede to your birthday month and date. To calculate, here is the formula.

Add your month and date of your birthday to the current year. This quantity represents your personal year, or the theme of 2020 for you specifically.

If you were born April 2, for example, use the following formula 😛 TAGEND

After you find resources in the amount of your personal year, supplement “8” for August. So if your birthday is April 2, here is the formula 😛 TAGEND

To note, for every month of the year, your personal month topic will change as you will add a different amount to your personal year.

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