August Energy Forecast – Rekindle Your Passions

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August Energy Forecast- Rekindle Your Passions

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your instinctive counselor and happiness instruct with your August forecast. And I “ve missed you”. I hope that you have been well and joyful and healthy during this absolutely bananas time in our world.

So we have so much happening in August and I actually want to help you get the most out of it. Cause it can be a really positive and fun and productive epoch, or it was feasible to nuts, thoroughly your pick, because it’s all how you are channeling the vigor. So we begin with our first three weeks of August that are in the sun sign of Leo. Now Leo is ruled by the sun that’s its decision planet.

So the daylight is all about radiance and pleasure. The sunlight is what yields us a life on this planet. And it’s a artistic force. Leo is all about love and vivacity and happiness and talent. Now that’s the positive vistum of Leo and it’s such a gentle energy.

So we also have a lot of Cardinal planets this month, Cardinal planets are initiating energy. So this is really a time to radiate more of what’s in your mettle to initiate projects. All of the personal planets are now moving forward. We don’t have that Venus and Mercury retrograde that was really tripping us up for a while, right? I want, Oh, so much.

August Energy Forecast

So this is forward moving vigour. A quantity of the projects that you’ve put on hold, it’s a really great time to move forward with them. And Leo schools you how to be confident. The sunshine is associated with your solar plexus, which is all about confidence and courage and personal ability. This is a really amazing time to radiate greater confidence, was most you than ever before, was most delightful, to be more passionate. And to radiate, it’s so creative.

And so that is the energy that’s going to keep you moving forward in the most pleasurable course this month. So delight ride that. Okay. Use that exertion, sound into it and be as innovative as you can. Be as gleaming as you can and radiate as much love as you are eligible to. And you have so much inside of you. And now it’s time to shine.

Now, together with the indicate Mercury, which is the planet of communication, is very close with the sunbathe this month. When the sunshine Leo for the first three weeks, Mercury is right there with it for a lot of that time. And then when the sunlight moves into Virgo, Mercury is moving into Virgo.

August Energy Forecast

So the sunshine and Mercury are really, actually in close alignment. Since Mercury is the planet of communication and expression, even more of this exertion is around communicating, speaking, procreating from within, from what’s in your centre. It’s not a time to keep this inside.

We had two months of really intense retrogrades. That was a lot of cocooning energy. That was a lot of internal energy. So now this is like the opposite. It’s like you’ve done some person searching. So now it’s time to reinvent yourself in some ways. And to express some of these brand-new resentments of yours or you want to rekindle some of your other passions. It’s really about expression.

And to even emphasize that even more, August 2020 is a three universal month. Now three is actually too the number of communication and expression and joyfulnes. It’s a very social vibration. So even though we’re in this time of social distancing, you can still have fun.

You can still share your joy with other people. You can still be social, even if that is over the interwebs, right? I entail, there’s so many ways to connect with beings and to share what’s in your heart and to be pleasurable and creative.

August Energy Forecast

So be imaginative about how you’re being innovative. This three energy is also associated with anything having to do with the mouth, including smiling. Humor is a very important aspect of how you’re going to navigate this month and their own lives. Humor is very important. Looking on the bright side of things, realizing the charm in things , not to be Pollyanna, but to really simply start more joy and more love, it has a ripple effect.

And that’s what the three vigour is about. And three was made in association with texts. So this is a time when you really have to speak what is in your feeling. You certainly “re going to have to”, all that stuff that’s been inside of you, especially after all this retrograde again, and the person searching and the overshadows, all the June, July were really intense with that, right?

So if there’s anything that you haven’t been utter, this is time to share it. Now, being that it’s 2020, there was a big twist to this, because you know , nothing this year is, I entail , nothing ever is all butterflies and roses, but oh my goodness, there’s a very intense energy around all of this.

August Energy Forecast

Mars is an Aries. Now Mars is going to be in Aries all through January of 2021. Mars is going to be in Aries for an extraordinarily long period of time because it’s going retrograde next month. And we’re in pre dark of that retrograde this month.

Now Mars and Aries. Defaces is also a fire. It’s a fiery planet, right? Like it’s just, what’s a war-like planet and it’s aggressive, action oriented. In the signed of Aries, his native indicate, Aries is a fellow fire sign. We have Leo. We have this Aries. Mars is going to be in very tense positions to a cluster of planets this month.

And you have this very pugnacious planet in his native clue, in his pre pall of retrograde. So going back and reclaiming these, these actually these parts of you, these incensed parts of you, perhaps these things that you propagandized in your darknes, because it’s not really spiritual seem, you don’t think you’re like, Ooh, I shouldn’t get angry ever. I ever have to look on the bright side or whatever. So all of that nonsense that we push in our pall, extremely anger and some of those more fiery sentiments, they’re going to start carry themselves.

August Energy Forecast

So with all this Mercury connecting the sunbathe and the three vitality where all that expression is happening, that’s great when it’s conscious. Impairs and Aries is a bit of a sizzling psyche. Aries, literally governs the chief. That’s why Aries is the sign of the Ram.

So we have a lot of this hot foreman vitality happening now through the end of the year, just what 2020 needs. Right? So, we too began this month on the third with this beautiful Aquarius full moon, but it was also kind of a tense full moon. So this, this draws up controversies, amplifies issues of freedom.

And so everyone’s going to want to express what their hypothesi of democracy is, which is great. So you are going to want to express what’s in your centre to allow yourself more freedom in all areas of your life. Personally, professionally, politically. There’s so many styles that we’re expressing our exemption right now, but there’s a lot of like Ram energy, right? But he has a different idea about what that means.

So it’s really important that you are aware of this intensity. Cause like I said, you can channel this in a really positive, productive, and proactive channel, but you have to understand that this energy right now is very rambunctious. It’s very much about hardheadedness and impulsiveness and aggression.

August Energy Forecast

And we’re going to have quite a bit of this force, throughout the rest of the year surprise. But right now it’s really intense. So I want you to be aware of that so that you can navigate this vigour and you stay out of trouble. You can get yourself into good trouble. Like the late John Lewis had said. So is moving forward, get yourself into good trouble. You want to stay out of certain kinds of hurt, right? Trouble that you are eligible to scaped, like physical things.

This is not a time to take physical threats. Certainly not a duration for road rage. Okay. So if somebody’s doing their road ragey thing, you is letting them, right? Don’t don’t counterbalance anything that you’re seeing someone being instinctive, you really, you know, finagle, right. Do not initiate and do not do not get involved in anything that you feel can be incendiary because this fire energy fire is the element of fire and nature.

As you see it can bring warmth, it can bring life, it can bring sustenance. It has a beautiful radiance. It’s so calming sometimes like if you light a candle, it’s so beautiful or the sun, which is so pleasurable. And that is the element of fire at its very best. But flame are also welcome to feeling out of control and be very combustive.

So I want you to be aware of that with how quickly things can escalate right now, so that you allow yourself to really be in the joyful, innovative, beautiful particular aspects of this vigour and genuinely stay out of the wrong kind of trouble.

3 act steps

So, I have three act steps that you can take to help you really navigate this intensity with kindnes. Your first war step for the month is to pursue your affections. This also entails mystery. So if, if you have not romanced your life in any way. If life has felt a little bit dull in any way, because, Oh my gosh, it’s been rough, right? So it’s a time to rekindle that various kinds of activate for life and joy for life and romance.

Whatever that means to you, and if you’ve put your heats aside, because things have gotten too complicated or there’s too much to do, it’s really, certainly, genuinely, really important that you get that fire in the belly, that you get that burn, that rage for life genuinely sparked and ignited and acted upon.

Any passion jobs, retain “weve been” this Cardinal energy this month, this initiating energy, which is really such a great time to pursue any of your infatuations to pursue any projects.

So actually take advantage of it, and bring that exhilaration back in your life in any way if you’ve lost it. Spark it even more, if you’re on a roll, go for it. This is an incredible time to put yourself out there to be daring, to do things that you love to have fantasy, to have joy. This is a great time for it. So you go do that.

Second Action Step

Now, your second war step is to chill out if you’re feeling hotheaded. Okay. So, you know, it’s like, I feel like everyone’s like a volcano or a pressure cooker right now. I know, you are well aware, those epoches when you have maybe spoken too quickly or you were really feeling red-hot under the collar and you time acted instead of taking some time to process your feelings and then responding.

It’s really an important time to just like release the valve of that pressure cooker to express off some steam, if you’re feeling fomented or indignant or upset in any way before you to talk to the people or person or whatever it is that you want to share. Remember, it’s a good time to express yourself, but you just wanted to do that in a very productive way.

And often when you’re feeling super emotionally billed, it’s not the right time for it. I’m giving you fair warning now, because you remember those ages in your life where you didn’t do that. You don’t want to burn connections, right?

This is a really good time when you’re feeling actually feeling, to make some time to yourself, write in a journal or talk to a loved one, volcano, whatever you want and then communicate, okay, that’s going to really save you a lot of anxiety.

Third Action Step

Now, your third act pace is to use your words wisely, use your words to uplift and invigorate in the beginning was the word, right? So the word is what initiates things. This is what conditions our reality. So you want to be very conscious of how you’re talking to yourself about yourself, about their own lives, about the world countries. You want to be very self-conscious about how you’re communicating what’s in your soul to other people.

So genuinely be mindful as you’re writing, as you’re talking, as you’re speaking, as you’re texting, right? You don’t want to be like, ah, you said this. You really want to be like certainly mindful about how your words are affecting you and too shaping the world around you.

This is a time where we need so much kindness, so much better adore and tearing parties down, pushing with people where you know it’s not going to make an impact. Certainly don’t waste your sigh. Use your wheeze, your words, to create the world that you want to inhabit. Your utterances have strength. Your expression has ability. Creativity has superpower. Use that capability wisely. I feel like I, is there a baby Yoda? I feel like we need something like that right now.

August Energy Forecast

Now, if you need assistance, biding anchored, I do have a free grounding meditation for you. And you can access that using the link below, it’s absolutely free and that’s going to help you stay ground during this kind of turbulent time. And grounding’s really important right now. So again, you can access that using the link below and that’s completely free for you.

I hope I’ve provoked you to create a pleasurable macrocosm, a life full of desire and perfection, because that is what’s in your mettle. I love you so much. And if you’ve experienced this video, share it with your friend. And I’d love to hear what you’re doing this August. Feel free to leave a comment below. I love you so much. Have an amazing August and beyond. Quantities of cherish. Bye for now.

August Energy Forecast

Amazing August is here!

Can you feel the fervour?

We’re in Leo Season for the first three weeks of the month, which intensifies your infatuations, draws courage and confidence, and a delightful creativity.

In numerology, August 2020 is a 3 Universal Month.

You might have missed your mojo during the past two months, with so many planets in retrograde.

Now it’s time to ROAR!

It’s a period for artistic speech and fun. It can also be a time for chaos and conflict.

In this August astrology and numerology foreshadow, you’ll learn how to navigate this exertion for a positive productive and delightful month.

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