Bae Of The Day: KiKi Layne Radiates Resplendent Royalty On ESSENCE’s “Coming 2 America”-Themed Cover

KiKi is BAE

Were 14 daylights away from the forever-awaited” Coming 2 America” premiere on Amazon Prime Video for what’s sure to be a nostalgia-splashed revel of humor myths Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and the rest of the beloved given from the 1988 classic.

This time around there’s an exciting brand-new harvest of personas headlined by Jermaine Fowler who represents “Lavelle” -Hakeem’ s long lost lad and KiKi Layne who frisks “Meeka” -the eldest daughter of Prince Akeem and Lisa with a fierceness that the talented actress attract from an undiscovered inner warrior she discloses was always there, but not always evident.

“The regalness[ of Meeka] was already there in me, ” she said during an exclusive interview with ESSENCE.

“So then I just got to let it blossom under the circumstances of the character that I was playing. What’s cool is sounding into that warrior spirit and that patriotism that I found to be very similar to Danai’s character in Black Panther. That’s one of the amusing things about playing. It’s when you start to see the things that you need when going to get character the hell is various kinds of already in you.”

Other stellars like Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Rotimi, Teyana Taylor and Eddie Murphy’s daughter Bella Murphy join Layne in the most anticipated cinema that introduces the next generation of Zamundan royalty.

“I adoration working with Jermaine, ” says Layne of her onscreen big brother. “He’s such a cool dude, and a great spirit. It was really helpful working with Jermaine because he was so encouraging and cured me kind of step out of my consolation zone.”

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