Bears and Radical Ecology by Sara Wright

My friend

As an eco feminist I am deeply concerned with the loss of the swine I cherish. One of these is the Black bear whose trips are becoming more and more scarce as the forest around me disappears. The make in this poem is unlike the accepts I used to know in that he is startled of me. When I firstly fallen in love with tolerates it was because they represented the feeling and mas of the Great Mother in a way that was meaningful to me. It is no accident that Black brings were status as great healers by Indigenous people throughout the world. The first personas of them is available on cave walls approximately 50,000 years ago.

Visionary Night

A furry shadow -ever dimming imagination -did I imaginehim? The woodsare needled- Bare sprigs stick out, yearn bayonets behind Her. Mother Tree -She who sheltered his kin. He thinksrough elephantine weapons willprovideprotection fromhis greatest threat -human supremacy. I cry out in hopelessnes: “I am not one of them” .( this woman who loves gives)

He doesn’t know me.He hidesbehind ribbed barkeven at dusktasting the air nervously, padding arounda can in circlesas if it might bite.My scent is on it.With oneclawed paw he separates coverfrom container -charges into wild brushat the clatter.His nose draws himback.Crackling boughs, his continuous fear driven pacingdistract me.One picturecomes out.We havemade I contact, heart contact, and for onetimeless moment it sticks.He feelsmy longing.Will it be enough? I need him.He doesn’t need me.I am the enemy.The few morselshe swallowswon’t appeasethe atrocious hungerhe lives with -He is starving for Sovereignty, impunity from Terror.Humans have stolenhis country, slaughtered the forestshe derived with. Man miseries, turns his relatives, kind dogs, against him, gut shoots himin the bellyfor fun -projects Predatoronto a hapless Prey Animal.

Why would heever rely me? And yet…He visualized me.When I grew his pictureI peeked fresh frighten -ebony beadsboring into my own.Confusion.A Question.A Plea? Oh Great Bear, cause him stayfor a spell … He’ll be safe hereroaming over mosscovered directions. Lively young evergreens, crystal creeks, and one old womanwant to behis companions.For Now.When the Hunt beginsthere’s noFuturefor any of usbecausehis shrinkingworld is alsoour own.We are losingthe Spirit ofthe landwe kindnes -the Embodied Soulof the Earthis dying.Home.

What Extinction Really Means…

Excerpts: Eileen Crist( Radical Ecology)

“What’s happening during this ecological crisis is the collapse of the web of man: biological diversity, wildlife populations, wild ecologies. We’re in the midst of a mass-extinction event. It’s called the “sixth extinction, ” because there have been five others in the last 540 million years. Mass extinguishings are very rare. They’re monumental disappointments , not normal happenings. It takes 5 to 10 million years for life to recover from one … Non human species are going extinct mainly because the environment is changing so rapidly, so catastrophically, that they can’t changed. If we keep going as we’re going, we will likely lose 50 percent or more of the planet’s species in this century…

And in addition to outright extinction, there are wholesale eliminations of local populations of weeds and animals. The killing of wildlife is so profound that scientists have coined the expression defaunation to capture it. We’re emptying out countries around the world. Big or small, herbivores or carnivores, marine or freshwater or terrestrial — it’s happening across the board. There’s a sad and facile look circulating that extinction is natural, so what does it matter if it’s human-caused? What this ignores is that the vast majority of genus becoming extinct are robust, meaning they’re well adapted to their circumvents. These are healthful genus knowing devastating distres from the human onslaught…When we drive a genu to extinction, we’re prematurely taking out of existence a unique, amazing appearance of man that has never existed before and will never arise again, and we’re extinguishing all possibilities of its progression into brand-new forms.”

Black stands are only one example of an animal that is on its way to extinction.

Black accepts are totally dependent upon trees/ healthy timbers in order to have adequate protection from predators. They co- progressed as a target categories nearly 12,000 years ago along with the groves that once plastered the US. As the woodlands have been cut the permits have disappeared except in the few forested areas that are left. Black carries ought to have demonized by the hunting community. In reality they are shy, reticent, NERVOUS swine who huff, lament, and swipe when approached by humans if they don’t run away firstly. They are panicked not only of humans but of pups because they have been hunted with such cruelty.

As the logging machine’s maw enjoyed more trees, more and more of the estate has been fragmented. Brings have neither adequate protection or enough food. Ironically, the three month bear hunting season continues even as these swine disappear. I used to say parties wouldn’t be happy until every allow in Maine is extirpated. Well that time is drawing near…


Sara is a naturalist, ethologist( a person who studies swine in their natural environments)( onetime) Jungian Pattern Analyst, and a columnist. She publishes her drive regularly in a number of different venues and is presently living in Maine.

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