Biblical Poetry by Janet MaiKa’i Rudolph

This blogpost is about biblical compositions and uncovering the wizard and spirit behind its messages. Why, you might ask, is this a project that belongs on a blog dedicated to feminism?

I believe it does because it helps us to strip apart the many coatings of patriarchy with its attempts to hide and/ or alteration original learns. Remember; these fibs were originally oral wise learns of the “folk.” They weren’t written down until the Babylonian exile, hundreds if not thousands of years removed from their inceptions. And who was doing the writing? Priests, scribes, and prophets, all with their own agenda. Even a very early writings “were having”, the Dead Sea Scrolls, were still written in patriarchal times.

And then there is the issue of translation. Many translations are based on slog that had already been translated into Greek before locate its style into the English language adding another blanket of patriarchal represent. The King james version from 1611 is arguably the most influential to increased understanding of the lyrics. It was based on other bibles that had been translated from Greek( another blanket to probe) and earlier translations that were all male-centric. The King James Bible made 47 adults( yes, people) 7 years to complete their work. As far as I know, they didn’t even consult any Jewish generators for interpretation.

There was a clear agenda to their work- political capability. King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England in 1603 in the midst of penetrating schism between Catholics and Protestants. In fact, his mother, Mary, Queen of Scots, had been executed by his precede, Queen Elizabeth I enrage the religious conflicts all the more. Further tension was increased by the then-popular Geneva Bible which had problematic quotations regarding the powers of bishops versus monarches. The solution was this new and expansive rendition assignment with an gaze to legitimizing King James’s powers.

For many years I have played with translating Biblical verses by working to understand original symbolizes. One huge rich for this is the scholarly operate of Jeff Benner and his Ancient Hebrew Research Center. He does a skillful activity of working to understand Ancient Hebrew in its oldest chassis. The written language was made of pictographs composing rebuses or paint mystifies. The rebus format contributes evidences for differing layers of representing. For lesson, the word most often carried as God in the Bible is El or Elohim- made up of two beginning notes; lam or lamed( L) and aleph( A ).

Ancient lam was the image of a shepherd’s staff indicating a template or manager( as the shepherd would result the sheep) and the aleph was a bull’s head. The two letters together are a remnant of the Canaanite Bull God- EL. I would argue that it is also reminiscent of Great Cow Goddesses found in Egypt. Their names are familiar- Isis, Hathor and Sekhmet among others and they, extremely, would be represented by bovine cornets. Elohim and its shorthand El are plural and non-gender based, if we are to be able apparently throw out “he” as a pronoun for “god.” Benner carries El as “Powers” reflecting the capability of a patrolman. I have started changing it as “All-Potential Powers” in recognition of the life that is formed when the male patrolman and the female moo-cow taken together.

Lately I find myself doing a different sort of translation. I am not sure what to call it. Biblical spirituality? Biblical interpretation? For now, I’m settling on “poetry based on biblical verses.”

Here are the first 4 poems of Genesis in 3 different interpretations. The first is the King james version( KJV) for its familiar note, the second largest is Benner’s Revised Mechanical translation[ i ]( Benner) which I conclude discovers beautiful and original proposes and the third is my own biblical poem( Mystic Pagan Version or MPV ).

Genesis 1:1 -2

In the beginning God made the sky and the earth.The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.KJV

In the summit “Elohiym[ Powers] ”Fattened the sky and the ground, and the country had existed in confusionand was unfilled and darkness wasupon the face of the deep seaand the wind of “Elohiym[ Powers] ”was much fluttering upon the face of the water.Benner

At the headwaters of creation, All-Potential PowersBirthed fire/ sea and earthAll was unformed chaos, deep water earth cauldronAll-Potential Powers, Deep.Sea[ ii ] organized much fluttering[ iii ]Drawing forth breathMPV

Genesis 1:3

God said, “Let there be light”; and there was lightKJV

And he will say Elohim[ Powers] he will existLight and he will be followed Light.Benner

All-Potential Powers danced beckons of vibrationsBEING LIGHT and being lightMPV

[ i ] Benner does mesmerizing piece analyzing the ancient words and using a literal rendition of each word. He calls this is Mechanical translation. The Revised Mechanical translation induces the lyrics more English-friendly. Both can be found on his website( connect above ).

[ ii ] Benner uses the form of a interval within a word to symbolize two names which form one concept. I think it works very well and I use it here.

[ iii ] I enjoy this concept of “much fluttering.” It reminds me of the tale where Isis finds Osiris in the wood row of the king’s palace and she flaps her wings like a bellow in order to bring him back to life.

Janet Maika’i Rudolph. “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE QUEST.” I have walked the spirit course for over 25 years traveling to sacred areas various regions of the world including Israel to do an Ulpan( Hebrew language studies while working on a Kibbutz ), Eleusis and Delphi in Greece, Avebury and Glastonbury in England, Brodgar in Scotland, Machu Picchu in Peru, Teotihuacan in Mexico, and Giza in Egypt. Within these proceeds, I have participated in innumerable shamanic rites and communions, attended a mystery institution based on the ancient Greek model, and studied with shamen around the world. I am twice initiated. The first as a shaman practitioner of a pathway known as Divine Humanity. The second ordination in 2016 was as an Alaka’i( a Hawaiian spiritual guide with Aloha International ). I “ve written” three notebooks: When Moses Was a Shaman, When Eve Was a Goddess,( now available in Spanish, Cuando Eva era una Diosa ), and One Gods. In Ardor and Adventure, Janet.now available in Spanish. Cuando Eva era una Diosa

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