Cozy Grove docks into harbor on PS4 April 8

All of us at Spry Fox have felt the consequences of the this feeling and tumultuous year. So we are aroused to share Cozy Grove, a comforting oasis of beautiful artistry, deep storytelling, and delightful surprises coming to PS4 on April 8, 2021!

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Cozy Grove docks into harbor on PS4 April 8

Cozy Grove is a life-sim recreation about camping on a spooky, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you’ll wander the island’s forest every day, find new conceal confidentials and facilitating soothe the local phantoms. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you’ll produce dye and exultation back to Cozy Grove.

Cozy Grove was inspired by relaxing animation sims that are conducive to the actor to undo, explore and express themselves through adornments and robing. But we wanted to push the category in a few interesting spaces, so for example, we exerted procedural generation to change small island developing itself on a regular basis, so you’re never quite sure what you’ll come back to each day.

We’ve also included an original brand-new gameplay mechanic in which large parts of the island are “uncolored” until you reinvigorate them. Formerly you do that , not only does the desaturated life literally become more colorful and beautiful, but floras begin producing fresh fruit and attributes become happier. I’ve evidenced this sort of moment in Cozy Grove a thousand times and I never get tired of it; it’s a perpetually fascinating experience.

We too wanted the game to have attributes and fibs that would really mean something to players, so we’ve given every character in video games a narration that gradually plays out over weeks or months. Some of those falsehoods are silly, and some of those fictions are deadly serious. We hope the result will be a narrative and play that moves you delighted to play for a few minutes or an hour every day for a long time to come.

Cozy Grove’s distinctive search has been driven in huge part by Noemi Gomez, our wildly talented and charming Spanish colleague. Noemi brings an extraordinary whimsy to everything she selects, which is perfect for a game that includes vegetable-bear composites and monstrous fox salesmen on a forever shifting, limbo-esque island.

Cozy Grove is ultimately intended to become a game that you comfortably settle into. It doesn’t compile you feel like you need to play for 8 hours in a single sitting to “maximize” your experience, and it doesn’t realise you feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see in a few days either. We miss Cozy Grove going to be a entertaining custom that you look forward to every day, and for it to remain that way for countless weeks, months and possibly even times. When everything else in your life might be chaos, Cozy Grove will hopefully be a place you can predictably and regularly find a little bit of joy.

Finally, we wanted to let you know there will be a native PS5 version coming shortly after release with improved laden epoches. Both the PS5 and PS4 Pro will also let you experience the game’s art in sweetened 4K. The PS5 version will be available for free to PS4 actors and you will be able to bring over your save between versions.

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