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Curious About My Past Life Tarot Spread | California Psychics Reveal Your Past Life with Tarot

Does most of the world truly believe in rebirth? Amazing, but true-blue, over half of the world’s person believes that we have more than one live on Earth. And, Tarot can bring to sun the lifetime most important to us now!

A Prolific Idea

Let’s face it, as humans, we endeavour written explanations. We want to know why. In expert paws, the study of past beings explanations that need. Something in all of us misses a second chance, a sense of a rational Universe, a sense of continuity, hence why the belief that we all have multiple lifetimes is so prolific around the world.

Examples of Past Life Material

Evidence for past lives can be extremely varied. Past life regressions, a assemble of deep hypnosis that makes us back to former life-times, is a popular one. It’s reported to bring submerge remembrances to the front of our consciousness.

Some evidence arises out of the blue, like young children acknowledge and claiming household objects belonging to their “grandparents,” who were actually these “children” in a previous life.

One striking example is that of the Dalai Lama, commander of Tibetan Buddhism. Through recognizing key objects in his environment as a young child, he proved himself to be the reincarnation of his predecessor. This is of key importance authenticating factor in the sequence of Buddhist leadership and has been passed down for centuries.

But this is not the only verifiable assemble of exhibit of onetime lifetimes. Astrologers Steven Forrest, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Patricia Walsh, and many others include past live cloth in their natal plot delineations. This is shown by the placement and aspects to and from the South Node of the moon within the context of the chart as a whole.

Steven Forrest’s book “Yesterday’s Sky” explains how and why past lives are at the core of Evolutionary Astrology. He explores passionately why we are mysteriously drew attention to certain places and persons, and why we all seem to carry some unexplainable traumas. We all, more, have innate talents, endowments, and areas of ease.

Inner Contradictions

Why then, do some parts of ourselves contradict each other and fight for attention? The refute is that “each one of us is like a multitude of very varied people”( Forrest) trying to come to a consensus of how best to navigate “now.” This “crowd” is really our past living personalities coming forward at various terms. They are all “us.”

More Evidence of Past Lifetimes

Researcher Roger Woolger, a psychotherapist instructed at the C.G. Jung Institute and Oxford, has written a book, “Other Lives, Other Selves”. It is a premier work dealing with past life memories.

He describes his Deep Memory Process as being distinct from hypnosis. It’s a shamanic type of trance, which persuasions a increased government of consciousness aimed at healing parts of ourselves that aren’t in harmony with each other. The past animation temperament and its story are contained within the symptoms that we know in the now.

The Ancient and Powerful Tarot

If you don’t had a chance to work with past animation data or to read all those notebooks, what do you do? Fortunately, there are other the resources necessary to make a penetrating dive into your past lives, and everything there is starts with Tarot.

This is a short and sweet four-card spread you can use to peep at a past lifetime that is relevant to this one! Remember that you probably have had countless men before this one, but there is one that is bringing the karma “up” in the present to assist you with your spiritual evolution.

Lay the cards out in a square structure, left to right.

An Example Spread 😛 TAGEND

Card One- Me in a related past life

Nine of Cups

Looks like I might have frittered away too much time partying but had a lot of happiness and fun.

What was I like when no one was looking? When they were appearing? How am I different, or the same , now?

Card Two- My purpose and role in that lifetime

Queen of Swords

I might have been highly intelligent, but relatively cold and controlling underneath it all.

Are you The Empress, Page of Swords, or High Priestess? How about the Hermit? What does this card say to you about the past “you”?

Card Three- A instruction I did not terminated in that life

Ace of Swords

I always must be given to win and saw the whole thing as a battle. I was passionate but needed to learn cooperation.

Did I learn how to enjoyed, how to work, how to stand up for what I accepted? What does this card tell me is left dangling?

Card Four- How does that man relate to this one?

Ten of Swords

When I act from that past life intensity, it draws me stressed out and sad. But I have grown spiritually past that behavior most of the time in this lifetime.

So, what are my current dreams, my current dreads, my current love, and fondness? What does this card be said about how I show my purpose on countries around the world?

What does this spread talk to you about your past soul most relevant to this one?

Learn from the Past, Improve the Present

Our past souls can contain relevant information that can help us improve the lives we are currently living. If you are feeling held back, or feel a karmic connection that you don’t understand, the Past Life Tarot spread may be able to help you disclose what ties you to the past, so you can live a better, happier life-time this enter into negotiations.

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