December Energy Forecast – A New Era of HOPE

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December Energy Forecast- A New Era of HOPE

Hello, I’m Kari Samuels, your intuitive mentor and joy coach with your December energy forecast and yay, we finally formed it to the last month of the year! I bet you thought this day would never come. And here “we ii”. So, this month promises to be an extraordinary discontinuing to an epic year. We have countless astronomical affairs, a really incredible lineup of planetary incidents happening.

I’m going to give this to you in chronological order, but I have to tell you the energy is going to completely change. We’re really going to start to see the exertion of 2021 this month. This is when it starts, and this actually begins a whole new era. We are actually moving into the age of Aquarius. Yes, clue your naked hippies dancing and Central Park. This is happening. So, December 14 th is a new moon, total solar overshadow in Sagittarius.

Now eclipse seasons are always two weeks apart. So, “weve had” our full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini on November 30 th. And these 2 weeks of overshadow season, there are a lot revealings happening. Eclipse season always brings up elements that are currently in our unconscious factors that ought to have hid from our feeling. It all comes up and rises to the surface. Anything that has been eclipse from your consciousness.

Sagittarius in December

So, that’s happening this first two weeks of December, and then on the 14 th, we have this total solar eclipse and Sagittarius. Now this overshadow season originates this whole new cycle of overshadows. The moon’s nodes change ratifies each year and a half. And that means we have a different change of eclipses each year and a half. So, we’re moving out of the cancer Capricorn eclipses that we’ve known, which is all about learning, how to have self-care, learning, how to take care of your emotional needs, what it takes to feel secure, balancing that with your work and your ambitions.

And we have seen a lot of that. And now we move into this Gemini North node, which is all about communication and attend different perspectives with this Sagittarius South node, which is going to help you change your paragons, vary your impression arrangement so that it is more broad-minded. Now this is all happening in this backdrop of this Aquarian force, which is all humanitarian. It’s more civil rights familiarized. It’s mutates societies to be more inclusive. And “weve been” need that now.

This is all about your consciousness being expanded. So, that is the eclipse on the 14 th of December. Now the 14 th is a one plus four. 14 th is five days. And this eclipse is also at 23 magnitudes in Sagittarius, “whos also” a five next year is a five universal here. So, again, we’re getting a glimpse of this, this new energy, this, this more pleasurable vigor in many ways, this freedom oriented exertion that is starting to transpire. We’re going to see a lot more of that in 2021.

Aquarius in December

Now Saturn moves into Aquarius on December 17 th. Saturn is the planet of designs, all the structures in “peoples lives”. It’s also the planet of subject and hard work and borderlines. Saturn is moving into Aquarius. So, we’re going to start house arrangements that are more humanitarian, that benefit the greater good Aquarius is the power to the people sign. That is what we’re building towards.

Now, Saturn is also because it’s about bounds and control. This is going to be a gradual house process. This is what Saturn in Aquarius is going to bring us. It is a huge transition of Saturn moving into the sign on the 17 th. Now on the 19 th, only a couple of eras after that, Jupiter moves into Aquarius now where Saturn is about restriction. Jupiter is about expansion. So, we’re going to have innovations in technological innovations in our society.

That’s going to bring us more freedom. Jupiter expands, everything it touches, and it fetches joyfulnes and abundance and optimism. Again, we need that in our society. This also introduces greater freedom, eventually as well. Now, Saturn and Jupiter are considered the social planets. They feign national societies. And every 20 times Saturn and Jupiter meet up in the heavens in an happening that’s called the great conjunction that is when Saturn and Jupiter meet up in the exact sign.

Social Alterations

Every 20 times, it brings about a new deep-seated of somewhat radical social conversions. So, it had occurred in 1900. It had occurred in the boom twenties. It had occurred in the forties and sixties. And it happened in the eighties and thank God we don’t have eighties hair anymore. It happened in the two thousands. And again, in 2020, we have a whole new societal change in what’s called the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn.

What is so extraordinary about that? I entail, it’s pretty incredible all by itself. That’s happening on the solstice, which is another day when the mantles are lifted between heaven and earth. And that’s also a restart of your consciousness. Now here’s the thing on that day, Jupiter and Saturn are assembling up at zero units , not 15 magnitudes , not 20 severities, zero units, zero measures is incredible potential.

Zero is the opposite of nothingness. It is everything. It is wholeness. Completion. Spiritual protection. It is the beginning. It is total seed. Energy is having the most fertile energy for your fullest capability. So having Jupiter and Saturn meetup at zero stages on the solstice again is extraordinary. Now they’re meeting up in Aquarius. Now this is the first time in 200 years that they’re fulfill up in an air sign for the past 200 times, they have been meeting up in earth signs.


Earth is all about the material realm and likewise materialism. This is what is ushering in the age of Aquarius. Now in age is 2000 years. This is like the seed exertion of the age of Aquarius. So, it’s not like we’re going to be having this idealist society all at once. This is work. This is what Saturn produces us as job and self-discipline. But this is what we’re building towards. This is so exciting.

This is a formerly every 200 times primal switching moving from this earth to air, which again is about consciousness and communication. And this age of Aquarius that we are seeding right now, this is exciting periods. So, I want “youre going to” establish the most of this incredibly potent energy. And this is the time of year when we start to meet our planneds and start to figure out what we want to manifest for the year ahead.

This is different because first, 2020 has not been an everyday year. There’s some damage that is required mended, but likewise because our consciousness is changing because we’re changing our very core. There, needs to be a process of making sense of what’s happened before we move on. This is what I’m recommending before you designated any intentions for 2021.

Three Steps

So, I have three stairs that are going to help you do that. Now your first step is to take stock of your spiritual exercises. I most recommend that journaling. Now that doesn’t mean you need an actual formal journal, but write things down because there’s something that happens when you connect your feeling through your hand and paper, different from typing on a computer. So write things down on paper, what happens happened? What were the most challenging aspects of the year?

Now, that’s going to take a while. So write down all the challenges that you’ve experienced this year, personally, professionally in your home and your life. Anything just dealing with what’s happening, anything, write it down. And then one by one, you can ask your higher self, ask your spirit steers, time connect with your higher ego and say, is demonstrated by what I meant to learn from this.

Ask your higher soul, communicate through me and show me what I’m meant to learn and really write, obstruct writing until you start to make sense of how you became a better person, how you built your strong from this, how, how you have a brand-new attitude now because of what you went through. That is step one.

Step Two

Step two is to make space for brand-new growing. There’s a lot of new happening next year. So much brand-new. And I guarantee your intentions are going to change.

The desires that you think you have at the beginning of their time are not going to be the same desires that you’re going to have at the end of the year. So it’s important for you to simply see gap for what the universe wants to show you is meant to come into your life. How do you do that?

First, you need to let go of the people that hurt you or saddened you, or the situations that hurt you or thwarted you, you need to let them go with love. Again, as you’re writing and you’re feeling your spirits come up, earmark love force to move through. You allow yourself to say, I tell this fall. I tell this person go. I make this power go with love. Thank you. You have been my greatest teacher and let it go with love that lane so you’re not harbour on to anything from your past as you move into the future.

Step Three

Now your third action pace is to tune into what is essential for you. This is different from meanings. This is sort of like the mission statement for your person because through the events and the relations between the two countries challenges that percolated throughout 2020, you have really realized what you will not tolerate anymore, what your red flags are and what is essential for your happiness.

Again, this is your mission statement for your mind. And this is going to be like your North star as a leader you through the many twists and turns that we’re going to have next year. It’s really going to be quite a year. It’s spectacular and remarkable. You really want to have your core in place. So tune into what is essential for you. And that’s going to guide you through the year.

Okay? Now, of course I have some resources for you. So first, if you want to get a sense of what you need to focus on next year, I highly recommend you download my free Numerology Personal Year Guide. That’s going to help you understand what your personal year digit is and what you can focus on throughout the year that it’s absolutely free. And you can download that using the link below.

2021 Illuminated

Now, I’m likewise having a four-day event, 2021 Illuminated four days of spell forecasts and soothing. That’s really going to give you so many essential tools that you need to get you through. The first day of this event is all about healing. I’m an power healer, and we’re going to get together with our guidebooks and angels and mend the trauma of 2020 so you can let it go. So if you want assist with that, you can sign up for that we’re still in the early bird special.

So make sure you join me for that. And we’re going to have 2 day of outlooks. We’re going to go through the general universal exertions of the year, and then we’re going to go month by month. And that was super helpful for people who signed up last year. I have received so many thank you’s for people who eschewed many mistakes and challenges because I present them a heads up. So, we’re likewise going to be plowing your personal numerology and how that relates to the five personal year.

And I’m too going to have a Q and A, so it’s quite a real action backpack phenomenon. And you can still sign up use the link below. Now, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe because I have numerous insights for you come through here through the many plot turns we have ahead. And if you’ve enjoyed this, share it with your best friend. I’m sure they will appreciate you for it. So, I’m wishing you so much affection and a glad December and festivity season. Slews of beloved. Bye for now.

December Energy Forecast- A New Era of HOPE

Woo-hoo! You acquired it to the last month of 2020! Did you think we would ever come now?

This year has been epic. True-blue to chassis, its final month will be extraordinary.

December returns a once-in-a-lifetime planetary connection that will convert our society.

2021 will have a stunning intensity switching. The turning of the tides begins this month.

Eclipse season is here!

We begin this month in overshadow season. Overshadows are always two weeks apart. On November 30 th, we had a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Gemini. As we travel the curve of this, our eyes will open to new perspectives.

Every 1 1/2 years, the lunar nodes of the Moon change clues. These wreaking a brand-new rectify of eclipses.

For the past year and a half, we’ve had our overshadows in Cancer and Capricorn. This brought up publishes around the balance of work and home animation, the necessity for self-care and boundaries, and the need for more encouraging leaders.

Now we have a brand-new aim of eclipses. Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node will help you expand your consciousness and find more effective ways to communicate. You’ll likewise be changing your standards and faith organisations as you increase your perspective.

December 14 th- New Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Eclipses is often used to fetching the end to a karmic round. Normally, New Moons initiate another way of being and call forth fated attachments. You’ll be sure to birth something new and have some precision about your road forward with this New Moon.

December 17 th- Saturn enrolls Aquarius

Saturn mutates signs once every 2 1/2 years. This is the planet that decides our arrangements. It promotes penalty and hard work to build solid groundworks that last. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and humanitarian ideals. With Saturn in this progressive ratify, we will see the disintegration of outdated formations to pave the way for innovation.

Saturn in Aquarius has historically changed our society, creating more civil rights and social justice. We need this now. Progress WILL happen!

December 19 th- Jupiter Enters Aquarius

Jupiter conversions signalings once per year and always makes a mark. Being our most massive planet, it expands everything it touches. With Jupiter in this sign of freedom and innovation, we will see advances in technology and social progress. People will most probably join forces in cultures that assist one another, as well as our planet.

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS IS HERE Change is on the horizon!

On December 21 st, 2020, we have a once-a-century event that will revolutionize life as we know it.

Jupiter and Saturn, both known as the social planets, will meet up at 0deg Aquarius.

These two planets meet up every twenty years to change our culture. There is always a paradigm shift when they are conjunct. What reaches this year so extraordinary is that this is the first time in 200 times this coincidence is not in an earth signed. Our next 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions will be in breeze signs.

The elemental shift from earth to air “ve brought” a lightness. Our collective focus has become still more on ideas and consciousness rather than materialism.

Also, singular is that this conjunction is at 0deg Sagittarius and ON THE SOLSTICE.

Zero is the opposite of nothingness. It represents the ultimate potential. The grains of initiation are potent. Anything is possible.

As we begin a whole new way of being, you need to have proper closure. It is akin to weed a plot and tilling the soil.

Three steps to release this year with love to create a mystical 2021 and beyond. Give asset of your spiritual assignments.

It might be tempting to scurry forward into the future. Perhaps you just want to get this year over with. Though, “theres a lot” you need to learn from what you have experienced.

Every being knowledge , no matter how agonizing, is rich with spiritual readings. To understand what you have learned from the difficulties involved in 2020, it would be helpful to journal.

Write down any challenging statu you went through. Ask yourself,” How am I a better party because of this? How am I stronger? What did I learn about myself by going through this ?”

You will be surprised at how much you’ve learned!


Make cavity for new raise.

You’ve most likely outgrown many beings this year. Or perhaps some people have saddened you. In addition, some circumstances you formerly obtained ensure are no longer reliable.

It can be easy to want to hold on to what once worked for you. Yet, the Universe is encouraging you forward. There are a lot wonderful opportunities ahead of you, if you have the daring to let go of the people and circumstances that no longer approval you.

Let them go with love.

Clarify what’s essential for you.

As you are in between what you are letting go of, and where you are heading, you might not be clear about your intentions.

However, you can get crystal clear about what’s truly important for you.

What is it you absolutely WILL NOT abide anymore

What is essential for you to be happy?

As you clarify what you MUST do( and bypassed) for you to feel fulfilled, “youve been” steered on your path.

Consider this the mission statement for your spirit!


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