DMX’s Ex-Wife Tashera Simmons Pays Tribute To The Late Rapper On Her 50th Birthday

Just one day after DMX’s tragic pas, his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, celebrated her 50 th birthday.

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Simmons differentiated her 50 th birthday on Instagram on Saturday by post a montage of throwback photos, which include some from her childhood along with recollections from her wed to the late rapper.

” Happy, happy birthday to me. April 10, 1971. Wow, what a travel. What a expedition ,” she said during a voiceover sense along with sharing the highlights of her life so far.” As I close up the last 50 years of “peoples lives”, I revel and I thank God for everything it has coached me. The journey that it took me through. The hurt, the aching, the succes, the opposition, the resilience, the understand exercises, the relations between the two countries, the influence .”

Simmons continued,” I celebrate my life today grateful to God for the 50 years He has given me. But now I also celebrate my ex-husband, our friend, my spiritual collaborator, my mentor. But I likewise thank God for his life and his peace. And his journeying and “peoples lives” readings that were passed on and that will live on for generations to come .”

In her Instagram caption, she shared more of her thinks surrounding the large-scale milestone in her life along with the tragedy of losing her ex-husband and “best friend.”

” With much petition, plucking. Crying and a roller coaster of emotions ,” she wrote,” I couldn’t fetching myself to just celebrate and close the last 50 yrs of “peoples lives” with out celebrating living conditions of one of thee most important person in the world to me, my Ex-husband .”

She continued,” I am so grateful to God and Honored from the bottom of my heart, For the opportunity while on this Journey called life to join hands in marriage with a true-life devotee and Angel of God to do live with when we did.”

DMX and Tashera Simmons got married in 1998 and share four children: Xavier, Tacoma, Praise Mary Ella and Sean. Simmons registered for divorce in 2012, but their relationship as family members or friends continued.

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