Embrace the Energy of the Three Super Full Moons of 2021

Embrace the Energy of the Three Super Full Moons of 2021 | California Psychics A Bright Night Sky

This spring deems a special treat for skywatchers, stargazers, and lovers of astrology. We have three Full Super Moons lining up to make an appearance in April, May, and June. You can be certain each one will have a strong pull on your sensations and a potent impact on your life.

What is a Super Full Moon?

A Super Full Moon is a Full Moon that coincides with the moon’s perigee, which is the closest quality in the moon’s orbit to planet Earth. Because the moon is literally closer to the earth, it sounds larger in the sky and much brighter. It’s not your imagery or your eyes; you are perceiving and suffering the moon in a way that’s much more up close and personal, and because of its proximity, it’s likely to have a greater impact on your life and on the world countries around you. Think of it as a spotlight glinting down upon you rather than a flashlight. Everything is more visible and decorated, without judgement or qualifiers. Once you check something, formerly you know it’s there, then you can attend to it in whatever space you choose.

The Pink Super Full Moon

The first Super Full Moon, the Pink Moon, occurs on April 26 in the Water sign Scorpio, opposite the Taurus Sun. The Scorpio Full Moon intensifies your spirits, increases your resentment, provokes your invention, and deepens your psychic feelings and tastes. Check your natal chart to see what home Scorpio precipitates in and you’ll be able to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this moon. Expect hidden things to be uncovered and shadow material to surface; topics around shared resources and joint property may come up to be addressed. Your best bet is to turn and face whatever originates, dealing with this problem, and celebrate moving past what once carry you captive. Because you’re likely to be more emotionally and psychically sensitive during this Full Moon, make seat if you need it. Don’t force yourself to be or got something that you know in your bones isn’t right for you. This Full Moon helps you to spend time in nature; it will be especially honoring, and it will help ground you and direct the intense Scorpio energy into a safe receptacle.

The Bloom and Blood Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The second Super Full Moon, the Flower or Blood Moon, occurs on May 26 and is the biggest, brightest Full Moon of 2021. This Full moon precipitates in the Fire sign of Sagittarius, opposite the Gemini Sun, foreground your idealism, spirituality, desire of adventure, and your overall joie de vivre. You may also deal with a depth restlessness that won’t be ignored. A lunar overshadow also results during this Full Moon, including even more fuel to the fire( pun purposed) and returning subconscious sensations and energies to the surface. The eclipse will turn the moon reddish-brown, which is reflected in this moon’s name. Check your natal planned to see where Sagittarius falls, and you’ll know what area of your life will be most affected by this Full Moon. Because Sagittarius is so optimistic and wants to shape others fortunate, watch that you don’t overcommit or were to accept things you’ll regret later. It’s much easier to say no initially and alteration your spirit at a later date than to say yes, bitternes it, and try to find an flee direction. Stay awareness, amply present, and then you won’t have to navigate any theatre on the other side of this moon.

The Strawberry Super Full Moon

The third and final Super Full Moon, the Strawberry Moon, occurs on June 24 and is the firstly Full Moon of the summer. If at all possible, you’ll is intended to be outside to watch this moon rise because it is gonna be a impressive picture! This Super Moon is in earthy Capricorn, opposite the Cancer Sun, and will likely shine a bright light on your ambition and decide, as well as bring your professional destinations into sharp focus. You’ll be able to clear away roadblocks that have stymied your onward motion for too long. Sentimentality will take a back seat, procreating it easier to see ahead and clear difficult choices that require a practical and clearheaded perspective. Every Full moon brings the fruition of a cycles/second, helping you to embrace change; this Super Full Moon amplifies that theme. It allows you to release attachments and to embrace the future that you want to manifest. With that said, you don’t want to step into hard-heartedness, ruthlessness, or selfishness. Remember what’s truly important is to stay is linked to your Higher Self and your spiritual itinerary, and tell that wisdom template you.

Guidance for Change

These Super Full Moons prepare a road for deepen and open a entrance for you to step through. Even though we often fear conversion, neither anxiety nor alter are bad things. If you’re stagnant, sitting there, and stuck in entropy you won’t feel any suspicion at all. Fear is actually a very good sign if you are determined to grow, to reveal your gifts and expertises, and if you’re someone who wants to experience your pilgrimage through living. If you’re ripening, expanding, embracing, daring, and making that hurry into the unknown, horror will naturally start. The stunt is to acknowledge it, and then to keep going. These three Super Full Moons give you the push you need to jump, and they help create a safe territory that represents it worthwhile. You may even discover that you’ve grown wings and now you can fly.

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