ENERGY ANATOMY : 3 Books On Auric Health & The Chakra System

What in the heck is auric health?

What is an aura?

What are chakras?

Is there really such thing as a chakra organisation?

Why should you care?

Maybe you shouldn’t…

If you’re living a joyful, healthy life, surrounded by beings you enjoy, making a comfortable living doing drive you enjoy, there may be no calling to delve into this kind of deep soul excavation.


If you are woo-curious or perhaps a life-long learner( especially when it comes to the esoteric ), vitality anatomy can be a fascinating course of study.

Many of us step onto this path because we’re desperate for modify or fed up with some recurrent controversy in “peoples lives”. We want asks that reach beyond the status quo and may even have the potential to get to the source of things … the spiritual source.

If you believe that we are feels( industrious beings) having a human( physical) suffer, it shapes ability then to be informed about how vigor informs your manifest reality and vice versa.

Here are three diaries I would recommend to anyone endeavouring a better understanding of themselves.

The first both are classics. Either would make a great resource for your personal library. They are records that can be referenced again and again throughout the years.

The third is something of a wild card. It’s hard to boil down why this quaint journal acquired such an impact on me. All I can say for sure is that it’s intriguing and made a lasting impression.

3 Books On Auric Health& The Chakra System:

Eastern Body Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self by Anodea Judith

This book proposals an in depth study of each of the prime seven chakras. It breaks down the traumata and abuses that may lead to an extravagance or inadequacy within each chakra, then sketches practical actionable steps you can take to heal yourself of such imbalances.

“The chakra system is a seven-leveled philosophical sit of the universe…”

“A chakra is a center of organization that receives, assimilates, and shows life force energy…”

“Chakra decorations are programmed deep in the core of the mind-body interface and have a strong relationship with our physical functioning. Merely as the affections is possible and do affect our breathing, heart rate, and metabolism, the activities in the various chakras influence our glandular manages, person contour, chronic physical ailments, thoughts and behavior…”

“This is one of the essential ethics of this system- that it maps onto both their own bodies and the thinker, and can be accessed through either.”

Anatomy Of The Spirit: The Seven Stages Of Power And Healing by Caroline Myss

This book is super-packed with information on each of the seven main chakras and how they both demonstrate and condition the power dynamics of your life. Power and salving are intimately linked, and Caroline Myss does a exhaustive chore please explain how that industrious affair informs the physical worlds of our lives.

“We are meant to move toward self-discovery and spiritual maturity, to be ready and able to live a life that matters to us and those around us…”

“Of great significance to me was the realization that ‘healing’ does not ever means that the physical body recovers from an illness. Healing can also mean that one’s spirit has released long-held fears and negative imagines towards oneself or others. This kind of spiritual secrete and regenerating can occur even though one’s body may be dying physically.”

Energy Secret: The Ultimate Well-Being Plan by Alla Svirinskaya

This is one I’ve written about before and spoken about many times. It peculiarity a collection of traditional Russian healing procedures, including practical techniques for cleansing and mending your body and home.

“The human aura has areas that serve as energy depots. These neighborhoods accumulate our vigor and be forwarded to our parts. In Sanskrit they are known as chakras…”

“Our aura is the result of the interaction of two force fields – the planetary( come on out) and the terrestrial( rising up ). These forces span as they travel through our torsoes, and their central intersection times are where we find the chakras.”

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