Experiencing The Phenomenon of Parallel Universes

By the very best selling generator of diaries on metaphysics, ascension to higher consciousness Trish LeSage

As a result of the shift to higher consciousness that is currently taking place, countless people are beginning to experience their true multidimensional mood, and they are beginning to realize that there is more to life than the physical world that we live in.

As a result of this, more and more beings are experiencing reality switchings such as objectives disappearing and reappearing, teleportation, bilocation, and even the phenomenon of crossing over into alternate actualities( latitude cosmoes ).

However, numerous beings do not notice that they have spanned over into a parallel universe, as they are often too busy with the chaotic gait of modern animation. Furthermore, the differences between the universes are often very minute and therefore, are often not palpable unless one pays close attention to the small details of everything.

When one does cross over into a parallel macrocosm, they are usually do so for only a short period of time such as minutes or hours. Nonetheless, on rarer occasions, some ordeal gave stays in parallel universes that last days, weeks, months, or even longer.

There are many reasons why one may experience the phenomenon of latitude worlds. One such conclude is that they may cross over into a parallel cosmo in order to avoid danger in their current universe.

As an example of this, when I awoke one morning, I went out of bed, and formerly I got into the hallway and headed to the bathroom, I smelled cigarette.

The smell was more faint than what cigarette ordinarily smells like on the 3rd feature Earth, nonetheless, it was distinct fairly for me to smell it and for it to cause my allergies to start to bother me. My throat started to itch, and I began to cough.

I likewise noticed that there was a cloud of inhale in the hallway between the shower and my bedroom door. Again, it was more faint than what smoke usually looks like on the 3rd facet Earth, but yet it was distinct enough for me to see it. Oddly, the smoking stopped right at my bedroom door.

It was as if there was a wall of cigarette there, and something invisible was stopping it from penetrating the bedroom. Then I remembered that when I awoke that morning, I had not been able to smelled inhale in the bedroom at all. I never smelled smoke until I was in the hallway. So, it saw sense that the inhale agreed upon at the bedroom door.

Concerned about our home being on fire, I walked through the rest of the house, and I smelled smoking everywhere. However, I has not been able find a flame anywhere.

When I returned back to hallway and bathroom, the smell of smoke and the inhale that I had find was completely gone. It had ended without a retrace. Again, I ambled through the rest of the house, and the smell of smoke was completely gone in the rest of the house also.

When my force tremor is in the process of being adjusted so that I am able to travel to a latitude world, I am often be allowed to perceive both, the universe that I am leaving and the universe that I am traveling to.

Therefore, as I was crossing the two universes, I was still smelling the smoke of the previous universe that I was leaving although I was also safe in the brand-new parallel world that I was taken to in which there was not a burn.

In the universe that I left, my home was on fire, and I was in danger of croaking in it. Nonetheless, in the similarity nature that I was may be necessary to by flavour, “theres not” a ardour in my home, and I was safe from harm.

Although sometimes it is very difficult to notice that we are in a parallel nature unless we take the time to look at the small details of everything, in the case of the experience that I had with the fervour, the experience was so profound that I know without a doubt that I had definitely traversed over into a parallel macrocosm and that divine intervention was there in my experience of must be ensured that I was safe from harm.

According to the article, “Living in a Quantum World”, by Vlatko Vedral in the June 2011 issue of the periodical,” Scientific American”, vol. 304, matter 6, pp. 38 -4 3, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Teleportation, and Quantum Tunneling are phenomena that suggest that parallel natures exist.

Scientists has been demonstrated in past experimentations in which specks existed simultaneously in more than one location and disappeared and then reappeared in other locations that such phenomena do already exist at a micro position.

Scientists have recently been has confirmed that Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Teleporation, and Quantum Tunneling also is available in a macro stage through their experimentations with weeds, birds, and quartzs which suggests the possibility of travel to parallel cosmoes on a macro rank. As a result of these experimentations, science is now beginning to prove that parallel macrocosms do exist and that travel to them is possible.

It is interesting to now recognize a aqueduct being created between the gap that has existed between science and Metaphysics for so long.

With the shifting to higher consciousness that humanity is experiencing, we may begin to see more and more of those kinds of gaps being replenished as beings begin to experience their true-blue multidimensional nature.

About The Author: Trish LeSage is a bestselling author of works on Metaphysics, parallel macrocosms( alternate worlds ), ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She has written four volumes:” Musings For Past Life-time, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond “;” Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology “;” Traveling To Parallel Universes “; and” How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness “. More informed about her work is available on her website at www.beyond3dbooks. com

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