Four Pentecost Winds

Four Pentecost Winds


Still and burnished as a mirror,

Until the Holy Breath breathed texts

Over the unformed void

Stirring it up,

Singing to it like a mother to their own children 😛 TAGEND

Earth brought forth from her slumber

Hallowed and cherished and tumbled

By that see Feeling, restless in creativity.

An ark,

Adrift after an eternity of downpour,

Buffeted by the waves

That once again were driven and structured

By the Wind of God into subsidence, until

Bumping ashore on a high hill

To begin again.

A prophet

Feels the mountains shake and practically split

At the press of that same typhoon,

But now

Lays down his mantle

And leaps astride that zephyr

As it carries him from the bonds of earth.


Of the faithful

Locked behind doors

Cannot withstand that Spirit

When She daybreaks upon crown and forehead,

Set recollections aflame like wildfire through dry sage.

That same Spirit

Split the heavens at His baptism

Split the Temple curtain at His death,

Stirred and soothed the grasses

Where his impaled paw pass at His rising.

Break open the turbulent hearts

From the men and women who still are willing

To let the Spirit fill them like a sail

And carry them out rejoicing,

Four Strong Winds

of God

God is still speaking brand-new life

Into goodness and blessing

Stirring the oceans of baptism

Revealing among us a brand-new Creation

If we consent to be filled.

Fill us and refurbish us

Knit together as one

In Love’s Name,

O Spirit of the Living God.

The Rev. Leslie Scoopmire is a writer, musician, and a pastor in the Diocese of Missouri. She is rector of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Ellisville, MO. She announces daily devotions, musings, and lectures at her blog Abiding In Hope, and compiles spiritual writings and idols at Poems, Psalms, and Prayers.

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