Frightening Cryptid Canine Encounter Near Decatur, Illinois

A witness is driving on a regional street between high corn near Decatur, Illinois when a cryptid canine paces out onto the road. It eventually rises upright and goes back into the field.

The following report was to a neighbourhood investigator in 1983 😛 TAGEND

“The witness attracted out of her driveway onto Needle Road in Hickory Point Township, Illinois, already gaping across to the west field for deer and the condition of the corn. Then south she went for about 300 gardens and a left turn onto Ash Avenue for approximately one-half mile turning south onto North Westlawn. Traveling south now, she was going extremely slow , no more than 25 miles per hour. Tall corn border both sides of the road.

As she drove, she watched for deer and thought that in another month the corn is likely to be gleaned. “The creature had appeared some 60 yards in front of me. It had arising as a result of the cornfield to the left[ east] of me on all fours. I sounded the dampers. From the counterbalance I knew it was not a deer, pup or coyote. I had started coasting , not knowing which style the thing was going to go. As I coasted, getting closer by the second, I could see it had stopped and started examining north then south then north again. It started making small steps, like in a slow motion move, as if it were contemplating whether to continue or withdraw to the field. However, it did not seem feared or in a hurry. Two small steps were taken, then it smelt the grind or was listening or something.”

She continued, “It preserved inhaling all the way to the road’s edge, some 10 feet. Turning its manager endlessly- north to south , northward to south. Now I was 30 to 40 paws from it. I hindered sounding my dampers. At this phase, it was at the gravel street side and stopped inhaling, then the top turned again as if looking for traffic. It hoisted its foreman and stepped upon the road. My vehicle is now at a creep. At approximately half way across the road it slowly began to rise. I’ve never seen anything like this! By the time it got to the other side, it was standing erect on two legs, strolling! It moved at a snails tempo, again turning its brain from side to side. I’m now less than 20 feet down. Approaching the west side of the cornfield it’s left extremity contacted out and plucked back the corn- as if opening a screen. As it went into the corn, I was all but even with it. Then it immediately disappeared into the field. The vehicle was at a dead stop. I even backed up, then drew forward but could not see it.”

Her description was, “Straggly long hair, hanging 2 inches off its upper arms. Back hair was thick appear as if it was in need of a really good brushing. Its fanny was about a foot long, straight and bushy. Ears were located on the side of its premier and the size of a human, teardrop mold, with fuzz hanging off of them. The corn was seven paw towering and this critter was at least six paw tall. It was so thin, like under nourished. The mane emblazon was reddish-brown possibly due to the sunshine, it was bright the working day. My merely memory of the eyes is dark. The muzzle was like a wolf. It never opened it’s mouth. Long whisker was also hanging off its paws or whatever they only. I didn’t get a look at the hoof. It never made a sound and I didn’t smell anything strange. It never genuinely looked at me, more like it was looking through me or legislated me. I candidly was never nervous.” B

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