Has Sasquatch Been Found in Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado? (Image)

Has Sasquatch been found in Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado? The Google Map coordinates are 38 deg1 6’24. 2″N 108 deg0 8’32. 8″W – check it out and tell us what you think?


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Unexplained Phenomena with Investigators Jack Cary and Albert Rosales | Arcane Radio 11.06.2020Join me as I welcome paranormal/ anomalous sleuths Albert S. Rosales and Jack Cary to Arcane Radio.Albert was born in Cuba and migrated to the US in 1966. He witnessed several bizarre happens as a young man while living in Cuba, who are still throughout his life in the US. Albert became interested in uncommon phenomena and UFOs at a young age, but soon addrest his focus to the crux of the phenomena; the humanoids and otherworldly entities. He began collecting data on meetings from worldwide generators in the late 80 ‘s. His current database has over 20,000 records, which is updated and corrected daily. Albert has published 16 names, including ‘UFOs Over Florida: Humanoid and other Strange Encounters in the Sunshine State.’ Jack Cary is the founder and current director at the Paranormal Intelligence Agency and a protege of the late JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners, where he continues as a researcher. Jack is also a member of Phantoms& Monsters Fortean Research. After many years of investigating crypto-creatures and paranormal phenomena in North America he has accumulated hammocks of evidence that may prove the existence of strange mortals. His research lends credence to the notion that inter-dimensional doorways intermittently open, permitting the unintentional transference of person or persons, or being, across parallel realities and epoch. Jack’s recent work is entitled ‘Paranormal Planet.’This will be a very informative and entertaining present! 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True firstly person reports from the US and Canada. | BXP A131PODCAST – Fortean Research Updates Butch Witkowski, Sean Forker, Marcus Ellis | Arcane Radio 10.30.2020Sioux City Entity: Lon Strickler’s Personal 8 Yr Investigation of a Malevolent Spirit | BXP A127David Eckhart First Recorded Alien Encounter | Original VideoChicago/ Lake Michigan Winged Humanoid/ Flying Entity Sightings& EncountersPhantoms& Monsters Fortean Research WebsiteParanormal/ Cryptid/ UFO Books You Should Read‘Beyond Explanation’ is a collection of first-person meetings, directly from the sheets of Phantoms& Monsters. Please subscribe& feel free to distribute to your friends and other paranormal lovers. The Facebook page can be found at Beyond Explanation on Facebook – Thanks for your assistance. I hope that members enjoy! Your remarks are welcomed. LonWould your paranormal/ cryptid radical like to become an affiliate of Phantoms& Monsters Fortean Research? 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