Hex-meister: The Dark Side of Folk Magick

For those kinfolks who listened to last night’s show with haunting survivor and columnist Patrick Meechan and who are a bit confused by our references to Pow-wow and kinfolk magick, the following information should help to explain some of the conversation.

Patrick’s book is designation ‘Nightmare in Holmes County’ and is one man’s journey through Hell on Earth. Imagine a nightmare in which your darkest dreads are coming true-life. Your life seems to coiling further towards Hell with each guiding period, yet you can’t wake up. You’re invariably been characterized by preposterous environments as everything you hold dear is in danger of being torn from your traction, and the lines are blurred between the natural and the paranormal. You’re entrenched in a spiritual clash against ancient cuss, and the satanism and incantation practiced by those around you. This Hell was in the heart of Amish country. Though the legend seems hopeless, it is true to real life and this Second Edition includes even more evidence to support these claims.

In Webster’s dictionary, sorcery is defined as the act or speciman of employing incantation, especially with malevolent intent: a magical rite or technique. The religious will say if you believe in God, and believes in what the Bible says, then you must believe in the powers of evil as well. You cannot take one side and then altogether discount the other side. Basically, evil power is real and witchcraft is the purpose of it. In actuality, though, there is a very fine line between good and evil.When it came to folk magic or witchcraft in my neck of the woods, Pow-wow was the preferred mystic art. Pow-wow is a unique combination of Christian theology and shamanistic belief. Shamanism is the oldest kind of doctrine and the mind is that there is one Supreme Being. That all is derived from this and is interrelated. In Europe, Shamanic practitioners were persecuted as hags in the name of orthodox religion. It is still practiced in some rural areas of Pennsylvania, even though it is has been vetoed for several generations. In spite of the reputation, it is not of Native American derivation. The name comes from the book Pow-wows, or, The Long Lost Friend, written by John George Hohman and first published in German as Der Lange Verborgene Freund in 1820. The subtitle of the booklet suggestions at the width of its contents…a collection of mysterious and priceless art and relieves for humankind as well as animals with many proofs of their perfection and efficacy in healing infections, etc. It was recognized mainly by Pennsylvania Dutch hex-meisters but after the translation to English in 1846, it had a tremendous influence on the commoner folk sorcerers of the Appalachians. This little diary includes salving trances, covering incantations, protective charms, districts and communions. Though I’m not a religious person, I am spiritual( and a bit superstitious. I’ll cover that later) and ever have my imitation of ‘The Long Lost Friend’ near me. It’s my personal talisman.All doctrines have an upside and a downside. The downside of the Judeo-Christian tradition is Satanism. The downside of Pow-wow was fraud by practitioners, the hex-meisters, who would cast charms or hexes on anyone for a price. Hex-meisters were passionately feared by most people from all walks of man. These German immigrants came to Pennsylvania during the late 1800 s and unlike the regular practitioners of Pow-wow, who were mainly of lower class and came for religious freedom, these strangers is a matter of the middle and upper class. There was, at the time, a revival of occultism in Europe, some of which was Satanic. This first wave of immigrant Germans generated this influence with them and became better known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.In 1895, John Blymire was born in York County, Pa ., into the world of sorcery, magick and belief. His father and grandfather were Pow-wows and he inherited their healing cleverness, but not the strength of their skills. When Blymire was five, he suffered from opnema, a wasting away of the body that was believed to be caused by hexes, but was usually caused by poor diet and starvation. Neither his granddad nor father could dry him, so they made him to a powerful Pow-wow healer named Nelson Rehmeyer who eventually cured him.John BlymireAt senility seven, Blymire struggled his first medication and was successful. He was of limited intelligence, homely and simply modestly successful as a Pow-wow. People forestalled him, except when they needed his Pow-wow knowledge. Because of this, Blymire was very lonely.When he was thirteen, he quit institution and acted in a cigar factory in York, Pa. He kept to himself, but statement got out that he could heal. He supplemented his cigar plant earnings by acquiring voluntary gives for his drive as a Pow-wow.One period, there was an incident that “shouldve been” became his reputation as a powerful Pow-wow. When creation was done, Blymire and the other works were leaving the factory when someone screamed that a “mad” dog was approaching. A collie, foaming at the mouth, was coming toward them. People tried to go inside the factory, but those leaving blocked their way. Blymire stood between individuals and the fanatic pup, emitted an charm and obligated the sign of the cross over the dog’s head. The dog’s mouth stopped foaming and it seemed to be medication of rabies. Blymire slapped it on the pate and the dog, tail wagging, followed him as he trod down the street.Shortly after this incident, Blymire suffered from the opnema again. He was convinced some people have framed a hex on him, perhaps a wary Pow-wow who did not want him to be successful. He quit his job in order to discover who had hexed him. He drove in peculiar employment and rehearsed Pow-wow for business survival and lived in rooming houses. It was at a rooming house where he met Lily, the woman who would become his wife. His health gradually improved and he found a regular place. His Pow-wow clientele steadily increased and it loomed the hex was removed or no longer worked.Then disaster struck. Blymire’s firstly child died within a few weeks following the birth. Then a second child passed away three days after birth. In the meantime, his health lessened and he lost his job.Again, Blymire consulted with other witches to be informed about who had hexed him. One was Andrew C. Lenhart, a strong voodoo who was feared by numerous police and municipality officials. Lenhart stated that he was hexed by someone close to him and Blymire was convinced it was Lily. She began to fear him and her father hired a lawyer who had Blymire evaluated by a analyst. The diagnosis was borderline psychoneurosis. Blymire was committed to a regime mental hospital from which he escaped by walking out of the door. There was no effort to recommit him.In 1928, Blymire returned to work at the cigar mill during which he met with 14 -year-old John Curry who had a cruel childhood due to abuse and believed he was hexed. Shortly after this, they met a farmer, Milton J. Hess who believed he was hexed. He and his wife were of Pennsylvania Dutch stock. They obeyed all of the regulations and guidelines hex-meisters handed them. Milton had been a successful farmer. Crops abounded, chickens laid the right amount of eggs and the cows’ milk was plentiful. His wife, Alice had a stand at the farmer’s market, where she sold vegetables, heydays and fruit.Hess have been told that in 1926, for no seeming reasonablenes, things took a downward coiling. Crops began to fail, chickens were stolen and those that weren’t did not lay eggs, cows would not eat and no longer caused milk. Milton’s health was also severely affected. Wilbert, his 17 -year-old son was also feigned, psychologically, by hearing his father complain about the outages and shortcoming of fund and his mother changing from an industrious happy dame into a sad and speechles one who withdrew from communicating with family. The kinfolk was convinced they were hexed. Hess got a job as a truck driver and Alice still had her stand , now, out of monetary necessity.In June, 1928, Hess convened Blymire who lived in the Widow Detwiler’s boarding house in an alley. They would talk daily and the conversation, eventually, turned to hexes. About this time, Blymire consulted Nellie Noll, who was known as the’ Witch of Marietta’, too as the’ River Witch’ in the attempt to discover who had hexed him. She told him that it was the’ Witch of Rehmeyer Hollow.’ After much coax from Blymire, she identified Nelson D. Rehmeyer.Hess invited Blymire, as a’ Pow-wower’ or’ Braucher’, to his farm where the sorceres could see its case for himself. He questioned Blymire who had hexed the family, but he could not remember the call, so he saw Nellie Noll again. Again, she appointed Nelson D. Rehmeyer and added that Rehmeyer had also hexed Curry. She told him that all they had to do was to get Rehmeyer’s copy of John George Hohman’s ‘Pow-wows or Long Lost Friend’ and burn it. If they are not able do that, they must get a lock of his mane and bury it 6 to 8 hoofs underground.Once Blymire, Curry and the Hesses knew who had hexed them and what had to be done, there was a conference. Attending this meeting were Blymire, Curry and Milton, older brother Clayton and Wilbert Hess. Soon, strategy were drawn for Blymire, Curry and Wilbert Hess to visit Rehmeyer and get a lock of “hairs-breadth” or the book, do because they are aimed and the hex would be removed. Clayton, the only family member who had a car, would drive them to the hollow. As happens happened, Wilbert said he did not feel well and did not want to go. Blymire said it was OK if he did not. He and Curry would get the book or the lock of whisker and would do what they had to.The following information was taken from trial records and records: Nelson D. Rehmeyer, the ‘Witch of Rehmeyer Hollow’When they got to Rehmeyer’s house, they discovered he was not home. They accompanied to the witch’s ex-wife’s house and ascertain a light-colored through the window, so they slapped on the door. The duo was told that Rehmeyer was probably at his lady friend’s house. They moved back to the witch’s house and noticed a light on the second floor.Blymire beaten on the door. Rehmeyer opened the door…he was much larger than Blymire remembered and was mean looking. Blymire asked if they could come in and Rehmeyer passed them to the parlor where they sat and started to talk.Blymire queried Rehmeyer if “hes having” seen the book. The response was yes. The next question was if he had one. Again, the answer was affirmative. Blymire was satisfied with the answers. The dialogue, then, turned to more prosaic topics. Ultimately, Rehmeyer asked them why they had stopped by. Blymire told him that he had medication him of the opnema when he was a child and he had worked by picking potatoes for him.Blymire, while they spoke, try to mentally will Rehmeyer to hand over the book, but this was not effective. After a while, Rehmeyer said he was going to bed and they could sleep downstairs if they wanted to.Curry soon fell asleep while Blymire stood awake trying to will the old witch to give them the book. Finally, he woke Curry and told him that he could not control Rehmeyer’s mind. Should they try to use force and draw him give them the book or a fasten of fuzz? Blymire decided against this because the old witch was a big man and could easily overpower them. He decided they needed help.That morning, Rehmeyer get up early and shaped the duo breakfast before they left. At some detail, they bought a 25 foot duration of strong lasso and cut it into segments of about 14 inches.On Wednesday, November 27 th, 1928, the night of the full moon and eve before Thanksgiving, Clayton drove the trio to Rehmeyer’s Hollow. The three accompanied to Rehmeyer’s house.They challenged that he give them the book. He hurled his pocketbook at them. Then, the three affected Rehmeyer. Blymire wrapped a section of rope around Rehmeyer’s neck. The trio defended savagely with the old man…Curry got a block of wood and made Rehmeyer in the honcho. The old person was knocked in the chief and the gut and his face was battered. Blymire said he whined, took a few sighs, then died.They pillaged the house and procured a small amount of money. The trio decided they had to get rid of the evidence that would tie them into the murder. Curry fantasized adjusting shell to the house would achieve this. They light joins and threw them in the house to set the fervor. The house was smoldering when they left.The house did not burn as they thought it would. A neighbor, Oscar Glatfelter, was passing by Rehmeyer’s house on November 30 th and heard his mule bellowing. When the three men checked on the animal, “hes seen” it has not been able to been fed. Glatfelter knocked on the door and there was no answer, but the door was unlocked. After the neighbor entered the house, he saw Rehmeyer’s corpse couch on the floor.The Rehmeyer House during the murder investigationIt did not take the police long to arrest Blymire, Curry and Wilbert for the murder of Rehmeyer. All three professed and Blymire said he was at peace now that he had killed the hag. The newswire services informed the public that a practise magician had were killed during York County, Pa.The troubles began on January 9th, 1929. Judge Sherwood presided. District Attorney Amos W. Herrmann represented the commonwealth. Public defenders Walter W. VanBaman represented Curry and Herbert B. Cohen, Blymire. The Hess family could afford to hire Harvey A. Gross, very good criminal defense attorney in the area.Judge Sherwood ordinance that all mention of hexes and magic in the acknowledgments be edited out before they were admitted to records. The endeavors of the defense attorneys to utter hexes and magic such matters of record via testimony were quashed.Herrmann fixed his opening announcements, avoiding all mention of sorcery and hexes and forgot to mention the motivating for the murder that the judge required. He was aggressively reminded of this. The decreed incitement was robbery and, then, was stated.When Cohen tried to bring out testimony about sorcery, the magistrate frustrated his efforts.The troubles were the some of the speediest in Pennsylvania history. By obstruction of right, the evaluate got what he missed, guilty findings, Blymire and Curry, assassinate in the first degree and Hess, carnage in the second degree.The convicts were handed down on January 14 th. Blymire and Curry were given life in prison and Wilbert was given 10 to 20 times. In 1934, Hess and Curry were paroled and lived quiet lives in the York area. Curry became an artist and were killed in 1962. Blymire was finally paroled in 1953, returned to York and use as a custodian .********* The Hex House in Rehmeyer Hollow, East Hopewell Township, York County, Pa.This case has always plotted me, particularly after I speak Arthur Lewis’ account of the incident in his book’ Hex’. I too remember the narrations of paranormal activity in Rehmeyer Hollow and the reports of strange ghosts, alleged to be Nelson Rehmeyer’s flavor, prowling the property nightly.During my elderly time in high school, I decided to make a short trip to Rehmeyer Hollow to see what all the fuss was. I had find a reproduce of Pow-Wows: Long Lost Friend, a Collection of Riddle and Invaluable Arts and Remedy and decided to carry it with me. Like I said previously, I’m a bit superstitious and thought the book may protect me in some way.I started the journeying alone in mid October 1975. It was late afternoon when I arising as a result a locked entrance that was suspended over the access road that had a’ No Trespassing’ sign attached to it. At that time, the sparse open neighbourhoods were overgrown with briers and high-pitched grass. The woods were very thick and dark and as I started stepping on the road I could make out the roof of the small house jutting over the trees. As I approached, I noticed what looked like an older man in dark heaves and a skin standing on the road near the stoop that led to the house, I approximated he was about 150 hoofs in front of me. It looked like he was searching for something because he was looking face down in a special manner.I stopped strolling and stood for a few seconds watching this person go back and forth across the road, never raising their president. So I decided it was time to find out if this was a caretaker or if it was OK for me advanced any further even though I knew was trespassing.I hollered “hello…sir”. No response. So I was just going to shout again envisaging this person was hard of hearing or maybe ignoring me. Just as I began to open my mouth to roar, such person or persons swiftly inspected up and….Now, I “ve realized that” I was a fair interval away but this’ person’ that, I swear to this day, has no such facial facets. No hearts , no opening , no snout. Simply a intelligence. I invent around and hauled my as back to the car. The ghost hunting was over. I wheeled my Mustang out of that hollow onto the main road in record epoch. Honestly, I don’t remember the press home. I was perfectly dazed by the experience.A few weeks later, my girlfriend and I are available on my chamber and she found’ The Long Lost Friend’ on my desk. I was lying on the bed with headphones on when I examined over and discovered that she was looking in the book. As I watched her, I noticed that there was writing on the book cover. I had bought the book as brand-new, had never written in it or had it anywhere other than when I was at Rehmeyer Hollow. As I inspected closer, there was an “NR” written in pencil.The next day, I light the grill in the backyard and instantly burned the book and hid the ashes. I wasn’t leaving got anything to’ chance’. A few days later, I obtain a brand-new facsimile of’ The Long Lost Friend’ and it’s been near me since. Lon ********** Pow-wowThe following is a description of how the Pow-wower addrest their skills in 20 th-century York County, as noted by Arthur H. Lewis in his 1969 work Hex: Except for two days a month, the Rohrbaugh Convalescent Home in rural Spring Grove, York County, Pennsylvania, is about as hushed a place as you’re likely to find anywhere in the Keystone State. But on the first and sixteenth, it becomes a mecca for orchestrates of ailing boys, women and children who flock to this insignificant village, there to be powwowed back to state by Mrs. Leah Frank.Mistakenly, I expected there was some significance in the choice of the two days on which Mrs. Frank rules her profession.”When I reached ninety, and that was four years ago, ” Mrs. Frank showed, “I studied maybe I’d better discontinue wholly; it’s so hard on a figure. But my beings wouldn’t let me, tole me they are necessary me. So, instead of workin’ every day, I tole ’em I’d ‘try for’ two days a month and I picked the first and the sixteenth. Then beings will know when to come and not be “ve disappointed” between. That’s all there is to it.”Through the windows of the second-floor bedroom she seldom buds, Mrs. Frank can consider the soft slopes of York County where she has lived all her years. As a matter of fact, the age-old powwower expends the majority of members of her dawn hours in an old-fashioned Morris chair facing the east. “I’d preferably accompany the sunshine come up than was down, ” she says gently.Except for a slight diminution in hearing and arthritis, only lately beginning to cripple the long, tapered digits she needs for “laying on” ill or otherwise troubled cases, Mrs. Frank remains in excellent health. Her necks, though wrinkled, have a healthy feeling; her teeth are her own, and her sharp-worded blue-blooded hearts still view with standing interest that small portion of the world she sees.”Prettiest part of the world, though I wouldn’t know much about the rest of it, ” Mr. Frank said in a clear voice with a strong Pennsylvania Dutch inflection. “Born and developed ten miles from here and never been no further away than forty. But you don’t have to travel to learn things and how to take care of ’em that needs you, do you? “She smiled and went on.”I’ve been tryin’ for beings for a long, long time. I ever know’d I had the capability but I learned how to use it from a veterinarian who practised powwowin’ extremely. That was back in 1904; I’ve been doin’ it ever since.”Course that’s not all I ever done. I really used to try for parties on the side like most of us faith healers do. From the time I was a little girl ’till I was seventy-seven years I operated in a mill and I done a lot of work, very. Anymore I don’t work so hard. Now I’m so old-fashioned I exclusively powwow.”What bothers Mrs. Frank is the current shortage of apprentices willing to undergo the rigors of training in order to become laudable practitioners.”I don’t mean those that don’t have the power inside ’em ’cause they’ll never learn no matter how much they want to. Some of ’em try but I ever say to ’em, ‘If you can’t stop blood, you’ll never be a powwower, so don’t waste your time.'””What I’m referrin’ to is those that got the power but don’t want to use it. It ain’t easy; you have to work hard and it makes you mighty tired to try for people.Mrs. Frank did not elaborate upon the curriculum required before the neophyte can become a full-fledged practitioner. She did say, nonetheless, that after “blood stopping, ” which, incidentally, she claims can never learn from them and must be known congenitally, the next training step is wart removal. After that come the many other sprigs of the penalty concluding with dries for the opnema, St. Anthony’s fire and finally tumors.Mrs. Frank too accommodates to the orthodox belief, one shared by the majority of her collaborators, that an instructor in powwowism or incantation may channel his insight only to members of the opposite sex.”A man shouldn’t teach another man or boy and a woman can’t teach another woman or girlfriend, ” claims this nonagenarian necromancer. “I’m helpin’ train a young man who lives ’round now and he’s doin’ all right. But I sure wish I could school my granddaughter. She was born with the superpower but she don’t know how to use it. She could do wonderful good.”I requested Mrs. Frank what would happen if she were trying to teach the profession to her granddaughter. She shuddered.”Oh, my goodness! That would be horrible. I’d suffer for it the rest of my eras and maybe lose my own influence if I tried.”Like the Willow Street powwower, to whom she is not related, Mrs. Frank is aware of the present of evil range sorceress. However, she does not subscribe to Clair Frank’s depressing theory that practitioners of the black art are getting smarter as well as increasingly numerous.”Not many of ’em ’round as there existed, ” Mrs. Frank said cheerfully. “And they’re getting dumber and dumber all the time. But when I was a little girl! “NOTE: In 1988, the film Apprentice to Murder was released and performed Donald Sutherland, Chad Lowe and Mia Sara. The story was based on the Rehmeyer Hollow Murder. LonSources: Lewis, Arthur H ., ‘Hex'( 1969) – Trident Presswww.yorkblog.comwww.holysmoke.orgwww.ydr.comYronwode, Catherine, ‘Hoodoo in Theory and Practice’www.luckymojo.comGeorg Hohman, Johann, ‘Pow-Wows or The Long Lost Friend'( 1820) www.yorktownsquare.comwww.communitybulletin.comwww.strangeusa.comRehmeyer Family Archives


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