How Employee Voice and Recognition Boosted Engagement at Bayhealth

How employee voice and recognition boosted engagement at Bayhealth

Taking a clue from their adage to strengthen the health of their communities one life at a time, Bayhealth prioritized the strength of their teams with a strategic focus on employee voice and recognition, and the goal of improving engagement.

For all organizations, improving a culture of approval is critical to driving the booking needed to succeed. In fact, according to the Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Culture of Recognition report, organizations that rate their culture of recognition highly are 2. 5x more likely to see increased hire engagement–a known outcome of frequent and meaningful approval.

Here’s how Bayhealth, Delaware’s largest not-for-profit healthcare system with 4,000 hires, encouraged a culture of acceptance and boosted action across the organization.

Turning top-down recognition into greater transparency

Grappling with outdated approval traditions that were siloed and without discernible significance, Bayhealth departed in search of a new mixture. They needed a platform that would take them from handwritten notes committed from overseer to employee, to a dynamic tech-forward solution that was easy to use, allowed for transparency across the organization, and altered their growing–and largely mobile–workforce.

Understanding that their employees too required recognition that was in-the-moment, two-way and technology-focused, Bayhealth opted to partner with Achievers, the chairwoman in acceptance and wages technology.

Using Achievers Employee Success Platform, Bayhealth launched their new recognition curriculum and appointed it Driven–a testament to their commitment to doing, and being, better. Upon its launch, Driven began to move the needle on engagement in a big way.

Previously among the lowest values on their date cross-examine, acknowledgment at Bayhealth met a. 11 stage mount to 3.79( on a scale of 1-5) in the first year of their program. Similarly, changes to the frequency and opennes of peer-to-peer identifications impacted action values, rapidly moving them out of the bottom quarter of the industry average, where they previous seat. These chassis and their real impact on the organization are largely attributed to the enthusiastic adoption of their Achievers program among Bayhealth employees. Despite being a primarily portable personnel, works were agitated and interested to recognize and reward their peers and interact with the recognitions of others employing the platform’s mobile and social capabilities.

98 percent of Bayhealth works have activated their planned accounting and 84 percentage are using the programme monthly

Implementing easy ways to recognize and has an influence

90 percent of workers say that when they receive approval, it causes them to work harder. While optimal hire accomplishment was something that Bayhealth strived for, they understood that the positive effects of recognition went beyond merely laborer output.

To Bayhealth, acknowledgment is not only about the employee, it was about the customer–or in such cases, the patient. The society understood matters by aligning its values with actions that drive improved employee booking and performance, the patient experience could be positively affected.

Using the robust reporting capabilities in the Achievers platform, supervisors at Bayhealth were able to find brand-new and artistic ways to recognize their teams in times that would have maximum significance. For instance, Bayhealth’s chief nurse detective captured “great catches” each day and shared the good news tales and recognitions during safe huddles. This public recognition was two-fold: it aroused a culture of recognition and reinforced Bayhealth’s focus on patient safety.

Leveling up hire listening

To genuinely make their employee engagement to the next grade, Bayhealth chose to complement their acceptance planned with Achievers Listen, Achievers’ dynamic work expres solution.

Seamlessly integrated with their Driven program, Listen lets Bayhealth to uncover how hires feel about the performance of their duties and why, in the moments that matter most to them. Bayhealth can now tap into real-time feedback with Listen’s Check-Ins feature and gathering a robust and timely given of insights through its frequent Pulse examinations. This approach has allowed them to understand engagement at different points throughout the year and accomplish awfully change by addressing employee concerns as they arise.

Using their hire feedback and data-driven insights from Listen, commanders at Bayhealth are able to take action and upshot positive change that drives engagement across their teams. When it comes to feeling heard, 90 percent of workers say that they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback. That’s an important figure for organizations like Bayhealth that want to keep their immense talent.

Seem forward with a 360 thought

By pairing two dynamic technologies together, Bayhealth is empowered with a holistic 360 -degree view of their hire ordeal. Armed with real-time feedback and a program supported by science, they continue to bolster commitment across the organization.

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