How to Find Your Birth Cards in Tarot

How to Find Your Birth Cards in Tarot | California PsychicsAssigned Tarot at Birth

Most folks are aware of their astrological or zodiac sign, entailing their sunshine mansion. Many might also know their moon and rising indicates. Some parties are aware of their life path number in numerology as well, but did you know you too have a Tarot birth card? You do! You have at least two, sometimes three, Tarot birth posters, and you can use your time of birth to find them.

Major Arcana Tarot cards, the ones we are focused on now, are numbered from 0 to 21, and for birth placards, frequently only those numbered from 1 to 21 are expended. But really to induce things most interesting, some creed organisations spawn the 0 placard into 22, then reduce the 22 to 4( 2+2= 4 ).

Some schools of numerology simply pick the working day of birth as one delivery list. Then they take the month, day, and time number of the appointment of birth, and add these quantities up together for an additional birth number. Some practitioners lend these crowds up in different ways. It’s all easy-peasy to figure out, but it can reveal natures of information regarding what is certainly one of the most fascinating topics on earth: Yourself, of course!( And anyone else you be concerned about, naturally .) So, to learn about how to find your birth placards in Tarot, rush right into this pool of wonderful You!

Calculating Your Tarot Birth Cards

There are two ways to calculate your Tarot birth posters. To calculate one birth card, you lend all of the numbers in your birthdate together( month, epoch, year .) For example, if your birthday is December 20, 1987, you are able to computed 1+ 2+ 2+ 0+ 1+ 9+ 8+ 7= 30. Any number higher than 21 achieve a reduction further by adding the two toes together( e.g. 3+ 0= 3 ). So, for this example, the Birth Card is poster count 3- the Empress.

The second procedure assumes that you have two birth cards. To find them, include the numbers in your delivery year- i.e. DD+ MM+ 19+ YY.( For those assume in the year 2000 and beyond, give 20 instead of 19.) For example, if your birthday is February 20, 1954, you will add 2+ 20+ 19+ 54= 77

Then add those 2 toes together. In this case, 7+ 7= 14. This leaves us the first Birth Card- Temperance( placard crowd 14 ). Next, abbreviate this down to one list for the second largest Birth Card( e.g. 1+ 4= 5)- the Hierophant.

If your birthday contributes up to a three-digit number( e.g. 12+ 20+ 19+ 87= 138 ), the first two toes will become one number( e.g. 13) and are added to the third digit( e.g. 13+ 8= 21 ).

The first Birth Card would be the World. The second Birth Card is the Empress( 2+ 1= 3 ).

The Master Number Question

To dive a little deeper into this, if any of your lists add up to 11, 22, or 33, these are master figures and have an even more powerful influence in their own lives. Many say we are not to break master counts down, as in 11: 1+1= 2, but it can be helpful to read the reduced decisions to add even more revelation into yourself. So, in this case, you would read 11 as both Justice( 11) and the High Priestess( 2 ). Since the Major Arcana only has the master number of 11( Justice) and potentially 22( the Fool) represented, think of 33 when abbreviated as being a more power-packed 6 and read the Lovers card for more enlightenment.

Questions to Ask About Your Birthdays

Now, in addition to the brief means described below, you get to do your own spiritual sleuthing by simply studying each card with the eye of a Soul Detective and asking yourself some questions, such as 😛 TAGEND

What is your card telling you? If you but gaze upon it with a sincere heart and a listening inner ear, it be talking to you. What does it want to teach you? You might be drawn to the hues, the marks, or the relevant figures in a poster. How do they reverberate with you?

Learn Your Card Through Dreams

You might even try to read your card use a method from Edgar Cayce. He did this to absorb information inside records.( It acted. He’d wake up the next morning knowing what the book said, and he did this without reading any of it before he went to sleep .) Put the card under your pillow, then prepared your subconscious mind to work and ask for dreams to give you guidance from your delivery card.

Propose of Each Tarot Birth Card

Here is the promised list of critical proposes for each placard and how they can work together for you.( If you hunger for more soul lore, be sure to check with one of our Numerology Psychics for deeper counseling .)

1/10 Magician/ Wheel of Fortune

You are a natural manifester of good luck and luck, and you can ride the ups and downs of life consuming the mystical magnetism of the Universe like a pro.

2/11 High Priestess/ Justice

You have a balanced way of looking at life and you recognize the truth of things with your instinctive endowment of clear, separated insight.

3/12 Empress/ Hanged Man

You create from your feeling, and you foster who and what you adoration from a amiable, deep spiritual plaza of peace.

4/13/22 Emperor/ Death/ Fool

You are a potent conduit of life’s energy, for you have the faith and trust to create needed alteration, upon which you build a brand-new lifetime with clear sight.

5/14 Hierophant/ Temperance

You are a healing Earth angel who imparts counterbalance, liberty, and illumination to structure, convention, and tradition through learn, mentoring, and guidance.

6/15 Sweethearts/ the Devil

You are the essence of cherish in all its forms, and you strive to always choose higher adoration over the basest angers, as Universal Love spurts through you with every breath you take.

7/16 Chariot/ the Tower

You are bold in your determination to remove barriers and shake off obstructions as you gallop across the stars forming positive change.

8/17 Strength/ Star

You shine with the ability of the sunlight, moon, and idols, and “youre ever” blest with the strength of love in your has become a you invigorate others to feel greater hope and optimism.

9/18 Hermit/ the Moon

Meditation is a natural state for you, for “youre ever” enchanted by the hidden puzzles of things, and intuitively sense that which cannot be physically seen.

1/10/19 Magician/ Wheel of Fortune/ the Sun

You are a fireball of ardour and light, filled with optimism that every turn of events will work together for your good, because you know you are a master of manifestation.

2/20 High Priestess/ Judgement

You are awake, aware, shrewd, and very sensitive to the calling of Spirit as you rise up from the everyday and realise all things from the perspective of the Mystic.

3/21 Empress/ the World

You joyfully give birth to wondrous inventions, spurring others to fulfill their heart’s inclinations and verify them blossom as they unite with their penetrating inner power.

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