IELTS Speaking Practice Test 18 – Topic : Public Events

Speaking Part 2

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Describe a regional occurrence you have attended

You “re saying” :

what this event was when and where it was what happened in the event and explain whatever it is you liked about this event.

Sample Answer

Sometime during 2001, when I was living in Kunming, some friends of mine in the Bei Chen area invited me to the street party to promote a brand-new casing compound that some busines had just finished constructing. It was a very- bizarre event. It was held outside in a little park near the new complex. It was a very cute little park with benches and a small playground for little children. I consider the occasion was funded by the owners of the combination because they were giving away food. There was ice cream, soft drinks, beef, lamb, and pork meat lodges, and some other snacks of which I can’t retain the calls. The only question, though, was that you had to stand in a line the length of the Great Wall. Sometimes the line would move fast, like when a assortment of the meat was cooked, but other days it just seemed to take forever. I can’t remember so well, but I think that you had to be living in the Bei Chen area to attend the party. Oh yes, that’s what it was; our friend was living in that area, so we were able to go in for free. The party was so much fun because it was at night and we were allowed to stay out later than usual. My cousin, who lives abroad, was touring and went with us to the party. I don’t speculate I’ll ever forget that time.

Dictionary for Cue card

room compound: complex or multiplex

Eg: She lives in a residence complex. Playground: ballpark where children frisk

Eg: Children are playing in the playground. seemed to take forever: take a very long time

Eg: The give seems to take forever. Funded: a sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose.

Eg: The companionship money 10000 rupees to the NGO.

IELTS Speaking ebook CTA

Speaking Part 3 1Should organizations buoy regional occasions?

I think that businesses should support local episodes. It is not merely helps to create a good portrait tor the business, but establishes patrons that the business is interested in their health. It can also require good push opportunities for the business. Everyone likes to do business with a community-minded business.

2Should the government perpetuate traditional happens like tabernacle carnivals?

I think the administration has prolong this kind of event. And furthermore, I think that the best way they can support them is to help financially. Although if you simply cause the government help to support and patron these kinds of occasions, then companionships like Coca Cola, Budweiser, and McDonald’s will have nothing to do. Therefore, I think it’s important to let everyone help to organize and fund the events, but the government should definitely retain and support these kinds of events.

3Do you think it’s important to take part in regional undertakings?

I personally don’t enjoy participating in local events, but for some reason numerous people actually do. I’d much instead watch the event from great distances. Maybe this is just because I’m lazy, but I only don’t really feel the need to go out there and be another nameless person in a bunch that won’t miss me at all.

4Do you think it’s important to have a sense of regional parish flavour?

If a community wants to prosper, everyone must make a concerted effort to leant as much into their community as possible. If you don’t take care of your community then your community can’t take care of you. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re in the habit of helping others in your community, then others will he more inclined to help you. It’s also important that you don’t litter, because if you do then the place will look like a mess. Another thing that would help is that if parents and pet owneds would scavenge tip-off after their babies and domesticateds alleviate themselves then there won’t be any excrement on the grass, sidewalks and benches.

5What are the advantages of being part of close-knit community?

Well, one of the advantages is that your community will look out for you. If you’re in trouble you’ll do subsidize from your neighbors, and they’ll be more likely to accept whatever you decide to do. Too, if you are in a close-knit community, more beings will be your friend and invite you and your family over to their house for dinner. Like the saying becomes, a man is only as rich as how many friends he has.

6In what practices do neighbours cooperate and help each other in China?

This is a tough question, because I personally don’t think that they do. Most of my neighbors are just nosy or meddlers who are always trying to find out some brand-new fragment of gab. All the rest are out working the working day and when they come home they just want to watch TV or sleep.

7How has the sense of community changed in recent years in China?

Before the community was very strong in China. You always did things with your neighbors and helped them in whatever way that you could. Also, whenever anyone did something that wasn’t quite right, everyone known about it, and the person was very perplexed. But now everyone is out wielding, and aside from a few old meddlers. no one has time to help or get involved with the affairs of their neighbors.

Vocabulary for Speaking Part 3

Community-minded: a predilection to help/ improve the community Eg: She is planning for a community-minded business. Preserve: store Eg: She is preserving her family scarf. Prosper: be successful Eg: Grandmother always craves everyone to prosper in life inclined to: somewhat sparing more Eg: She is more inclined to maths than she is for Physics.

Bonus cue card:

Describe a big public affair that you have attended. You “re saying” 😛 TAGEND

What occasion it was When and why it was held Who attended this event.

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