‘Indrid Cold’ Contacts Witness of Recent Mothman Encounters in Hartwick, NY

Does ‘Indrid Cold’ still exist? Was a recent ‘Mothman’ encounter in Hartwick, New York connected to the incidents in Point Pleasant& Parkersburg, WV in 1966 -6 7?

A friend and accompanied researcher, Gabriel L. from NYC( “whos also” a haunting experiencer and instinctive ), forwarded the following report on 4/10/ 2021 😛 TAGEND

I had been contacted by Jessica who lives in Hartwick in upstate New York.

She had given me detailed information on the 2 encounters once I had arrived. She went into further detail thereby expanding our initial conversations.

During the first 2 encounters she had gotten announces from someone with a terse clipped tone of voice calling themselves “Indrid Cold”( The announces came up on call-waiting during her discourse with the reviewer. The caller ID simply stated ‘Indrid Cold, ‘ no further data ). I felt a stern shudder through my person. She was told that “she didn’t check a thing”. She said his voice had the same inflection of someone speaking through gritted teeth or a forced smiled.

Everyone who is into the many aspects of the abnormal knows the epithet( Woodrow L Derenberger’s encounters with ‘Indrid Cold’ in November 1967 – Part IPart IIPart III ). But she didn’t. She couldn’t. She doesn’t believe in anything Fortean. For her to deliver that specify was serious. It was serious enough that I decided to go up to Hartwick, NY and do some probing of my own.

I didn’t know what I could do to help but I hoped devotion, clairvoyant contact, and force of will would dedicate her some respite. All of those have helped in the past. I might as well see if they will work again.

She picked me up from the Oneonta, NY bus terminal on Tuesday April 6th. Oneonta is an unnerving place. Hardly anyone was out and about. Not that many pedestrians. Not much automotive traffic.

As soon as we left Oneonta to head to Hartwick, NY, the sense of dread and loneliness began to creep in. Despite the clear skies and lush green slopes, I felt extremely uneasy.

My report consists of two parts 😛 TAGEND

Part 1 – her encounters with something is sounds horrifyingly same to the Mothman.

Part 2 – my visit to her dwelling from Tuesday April 6th to Friday April 9th.


Part 1. The Encounters

She claims to have had 2 sightings of a “dark, flying man.”

The first sighting was various rhythms over her house. But despite being “hazy” like an out of focus picture, she was able to tell it was humanoid in shape. It had backstages but not on its back. Instead they extended out of its torso. She judged the wingspan to be 6 feet each leg( 12 ft+ total span ).

Equally disturbing was the fact there was no head. It was headless, legged torso with wing-like extremities. She described above as levitating or moving. The offstages flapped very infrequently. She reckoned several seconds overstepped between each flap.

The second meeting happened soon. The very same day. it seemed much more terrifying. She had heard stomping footsteps and dragging chimes after each footfall. Her “cat-o-nine-tails” had spit and and rasped while look at this place an drain place in the front room. Her dog complained and let out short terse rinds as it looked towards the spot as it moved in a circle.

She extended outside and heard the same “hazy and out of focus” black humanoid with no thought and wings for appendages on its roof, idea over. She estimated the elevation to be around 7 or 8 hoofs.( Gabriel L: the fact it was opaque black and “out of focus” gave me the distinct impression that this thing wasn’t an foreigner or cryptid but something extradimensional ).

She hollered at it and at that point it stopped shuffling. It turned its torso around without use its legs. She saw a pair of colors red eyes dead centre of its torso.

She began to feel an intense pain like a migraine behind her hearts. She began to feel “detached” and “beside” herself as if she was watching herself from behind. “My head was fitted with like static from a dead TV channel. White noise.” The fear was so intense, she claimed to have urinated herself.

She remained transfixed by the gaze until her dog barked at her from within. She ran inside, collected her cats and dog and obstructed in a bedroom wardrobe for the remainder of the day and night. Well into Sunday morning.( During which occasion she contacted Gabriel L .)


Part 2. Gabriel’s Investigations

Tuesday April 6th – 1pm local age 😛 TAGEND

Upon arrival to her home in Hartwick I was struck by how bucolic everything was. But despite how everything was so beautiful there was a heaviness in the air which felt to increase as we got closer to her house.

I noticed that to the house’s left was a graveyard.

She facilitated me wreak my handbags in and the heaviness I felt outside was…well, heavier indoors. “The animals evaded the front room, ” she said.

I made out a pair of dowsing rod and stood at the center of the front room. For a few seconds I felt good-for-nothing. But merely I turned to say so to Jessica, the poles revolve to my privilege. I felt something was in my personal space and was right in my face. The heaviness was overwhelming.

I caught Jessica’s expression. She sobbed gently. “It’s here.” I converged and I felt a spirit. It was sentient but terribly ‘alien’ feeling. Good-for-nothing like a ghost, demon or poltergeist. I felt as if it was scrutinizing me. Studying me. For some reason I was reminded of Edward Gorey’s ‘Insect God’ poem. I then had the impression of something urge itself into my memory. I then knew what Jessica meant by Tv static. White noise. I give my spirit slowly building and strengthening and pushed back against this invasive presence.

I had the impression I shoved something away from me but hard-bitten. I felt the heaviness minimize in the living room. I plodded over to an easy chair and sat down. I felt depleted. But something wasn’t right. Jessica was staring at me. I asked what was wrong. “You time froze and gazed to your right for such a long time, ” she mumbled. I looked at my watch and was terrified.

My watch read 2:15 pm. I was standing for an hour. I knowledge lost time.

2 – 4pm regional go 😛 TAGEND

I impeded sounding footfalls from above me. Not on the 2nd storey. Not on the roof but on the ceiling.

Feelings of being gazed at, investigated, and glared at resumed. The dowsing rods felt heavier than remarkable. At one point something tried to yank them out of my hands. Things impeded clicking. We examined change from the kitchen but were too scared to investigate.

5: 30 – 6pm regional experience 😛 TAGEND

All weirdness had finally stopped. We then decided to try and relax. Around 5:30 pm I became aware of the hotshot of being gazed at again. I left the bedroom we were in and determined my practice downstairs.

Every step of the highway viewed me find something out of the angle of my nose as if they right behind me to the side.

Something was following me. Of this, I am not mistaken.

3: 00 am local age 😛 TAGEND

Nothing happened for the rest of the night until 3am.

The pungent smell of something chemical gradually faded in. It was stronger in the living room.

As I moved around the living room the smell seemed to follow me.

We then heard the shuffling cleaning hubbub on the ceiling. I went outside with a powerful flashlight. Nothing was examined but I felt something glaring at me. At that time a see come back here 212 -6 89 -1 212. I cause it echoing until it stopped. No voicemail. I called the number. It was undone. Google and phone tracing sites rendered no help to the dead number.

Wednesday April 7th 😛 TAGEND

The IV in the bedroom obstructed turning on and waking us up. She got up to unplug the TV. Good-for-nothing happened for the rest of the day. Nothing was recorded during my cameras or digital recorder much to my annoyance.

Thursday April 8th 😛 TAGEND

I had grisly dreams all throughout out the night of a beings attention gazing me from the windows. The chime hear was equally perplexing. It was static-filled with a metal tone echoing.

I met the pets hiding in the hallway wardrobe deep entrenched in the area. I moaned at how their looks were filled with fear.

Friday April 9th – 7:45 pm neighbourhood era 😛 TAGEND

Jessica had the curious sensations of something with coarse coat stroking her face and mas in bed.

8: 56 pm regional hour 😛 TAGEND

The sharp-worded compound reek came back.

9: 20 pm regional day 😛 TAGEND

We heard rattling resonates in the cupboards. Dog was whining.

11: 30 pm neighbourhood age 😛 TAGEND

We both knew the white noise sensation again. This time in her bed. Jessica sobbed and obscured for the purposes of the comprises. I examined the floorboards squeal as something invisible was can walk our bed.

Saturday April 9th – 4:40 am neighbourhood meter 😛 TAGEND

A heavy influence on the bed woke us up with a beginning. We investigated a duo of indentations in the mattress. When I got out of berthed I had the impression of something leaving the office.

Nothing further arose before I left for home.


NOTE: this is atypical activity associated with the Mothman phenomenon though, during the incidents in Point Pleasant, WV in 1966 -6 7, there were a number of other unexplained incidents during the period. These included UFO sightings, increased atmosphere vigor and MIB meetings. As well, 55 miles north near Parkersburg, WV, Woodrow Derenberger had his 2 meetings with a saucer-shaped UFO and the dweller ‘Indrid Cold.’ Is Indrid Cold still among us? Was the scold received by Jessica government related or something completely different? Intriguing case that we will continue to investigate. Lon


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