July and the Numerology Path of 7

July 2020: The Journey into the Unknown is the Numerology Path of 7

Path of S” Journey to the Unknown” by Greer Jonas

“Relinquish your connect to the known, step into the unknown, and you will step into the field of all possibilities.” Deepak Chopra

July, the( 7 month) in our crazy nature right now, seems to be right on target.

The number of each month, according to numerology, represents the spirit and nature of that particular time frame in our world. In a 7 month, we may be moved to reach out into the unknown in a spiritual and unique course to find our answers. It can also be an introverted or isolated time to go within to find our answers, or really get lost in contemplation.

The numerology path of 7 describes the nonconformist, searching a brand-new approach of viewing a thinking. An person with a “7” personality is likely to be meditative as they find conciliation in sort, writing and especially within themselves. The mantra, I have told many clients, is:” be absent of attending what others suppose “. With multiple personalities, a seven can be wild and intrepid or inward and mysterious.

The Shadow of the 7

Perhaps we are in the shadow of the seven this July, 2020. The “shadow” is our lesson. This influence could shape some feel insecure and isolated, worried about the uncertain future.

This might lead to a sense that ” we are all separate “. Or, if we can embrace the lesson of the 7 in our lives at this time, it can be an epiphany of a new world where you say and sounds: “we are all in this together”.

In its greatnes, the seven can be a time to seek the move which go beyond the obvious and mundane. During this time, we have the opportunity to be quiet enough to stop and listen.

We are truly in the world countries of the “7” right now, reaching into the unknown. This is an experience that is not like any other, “its just like” the TV line in the 60 s- The Twilight zone. Many of us are be rather disorient, and lost, while others are finding a new independence, standing up for what they believe in.

Remember merely three months ago,( at least in NYC) it would be common to see a duet in a eatery texting someone else instead of conversing with the person sitting in front of them? Or approximately bumping into someone on the street who is texting on their i-phones instead of searching where “theyre going”?

The Light of the Seven in the New Normal

Now we hunger for a connection with others. Perhaps this is the lesson of the seven. There is still a sun at the end of the passageway during this unparalleled period on the planet.

The light is to seek a bigger purpose, as we create a brand-new and peculiar coming for living our lives beyond the narcissism. Instead of isolating, how will you share your peculiar being in this new world?

As the accumulations and diners open their entrances, we more can open to a new respect and respect of the person or persons around us and our environment.

After all, “peoples lives” “re not like” they have ever been.

Were You Born in July?

The month you are born in represents your identity and nature. If your numerology route is a ” 7″, then you are unique, following an adventurous path, looking into the unknown to find your answers. You are not interested in the “norm”. Or, on the flip side, you might be inward, shy and secretive. You can switch to either identity at any time.

Click now to find a few well-known identities, like Mick Jagger, “whos been” birthdays in July. Each illuminates the unique and adventurist non-conformist. This affix also has a list of the personalities of the other months of the year. Find yours.

Wishing be informed about what concludes you unique and helps you thrive in your beautiful life? A numerology speak might the answer.

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