#LAMH: Gaslighting Guru Martell Claims Melody’s Been Cheating ‘You Stopped Doing Things To Me’

The nerve, the bark, the GASLIGHTING .

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On the latest episode of Love& Marriage Hunstville, observers learnt yet another blowup between estranged spouses Melody and Martell Holt. As previously reported the divorcing pair has reached a breaking point amid rumors that Martell’s five-year mistress is PREGNANT with their own children, a woman Melody alleges Martell impregnated MULTIPLE eras.

After already telling Melody that he would be fighting for full detention of their four children, Martell dropped another projectile on her; charges that she’s been misleading in their matrimony. Martell uttered the shocking assert after popping up at the new residence Melody bought amid their split.

According to Martell, Melody stepped outside of their matrimony. Mind you he has zero proof to substantiate his claims, really unadulterated gut and( clear) hurt that Melody is still maintaining a clean image.

Martell:” Everybody would know that you’re not the Melody that they think you are. […] You chiselled, that’s the reason I cheated because you chiselled !”

Melody: Martell, why do you impede saying I misled on you ?!

Martell:” You stopped doing things to me that you were apparently doing to someone else !”

Martell last-minute tried to walk the cheating charges back somewhat, by adding in the word ” APPARENTLY” but a exasperated Melody went off and refused to play into the clear gaslighting behavior.

M E S S.

Prior to this episode, Melody told our sister area MadameNoire that she didn’t file for divorce because of Martell’s mistress’ pregnancy, she actually entered because” God informed her to go .” She too reiterated that Martell STILL misses them to reconcile despite his actions.

” And let me make this clear, I’ve seen or heard people say the only ground I left is because I found out the sidechick had a newborn on the way. That’s not true. When I left April 4, I did not even know about the unexpected child. I didn’t find that out until May. I left because God said, Go .” […]

In the wedlock, there is indeed eras when I personally was fed up, ready to walk away and croak but I didn’t be considered that spiritual secrete from God more. I didn’t. And the moment I felt it was actually after I had my daughter Malani on December 19, 2019. I remember when they made us to our area and I went in the shower and while I was in there, I only burst out in tears. In that moment, I felt,’ It is finished.’

And I knew from that instant on, if anything else happened, if anything else happened that it was done and over. So that is why it was easy for me to walk away and it’s been easy for me to stay away because God said, go and nobody trumps what God says, date. That’s just how I am. I’m not about to be disobedient to what God says in my flavor to satisfy anybody , nobody.

Even Martell says everyday that he still wants us to be together and be a family. But I’m going to follow what I know without a doubt.


On # LAMH Melody also hinted that she’s moved on from Martell in part because she’s a” totality dinner .”

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