Learn What’s New in Mint and How To Use It

You may have noticed some provoking changes in the Mint app. We are wheeling out brand-new facets focused more on penetrations and personalization, and adding a better holistic opinion of your fiscal word-painting to improve the Mint experience. We’re likewise addressing some of the biggest petitions we’ve received from the Mint community, including an update to how we establish your Net Worth and expend over time.

Here’s everything new in Mint and how to use it 😛 TAGEND

Net Worth and Monthly Spending Over Time

You questioned, we handed! You can now thought Net Worth and Monthly Spending over time to easily track against your goals month-over-month. To access this visual snapshot, button between the two by selecting the carrot next to “December spending” and “Net Worth”.

Click into each to go full screen and draw your thumb to interact with the data.

You can also click through the primary quantity to examine

Net Worth> all events Spending over meter> Monthly Spending. If you’d like, you can hide the chart to simplify your synopsi even further.

All Your Accounts in One App With Interactive Accounts

The chronicles division is now front and hub, so you can check each category with a single sound, or expand all to scroll through each accounting. No need for multiple apps because we’ve got your chronicles, monies, and budgets flooded! Think of Mint as your all-in-one investments app, where you can connect your accountings, greenbacks, and more. Soon you’ll be able to re-organize these accounts in the way that best suits your needs.

Dismissable Offers

We want to make sure we’re giving you the most relevant offers! You can cause us know which provides for you find most valuable and which you don’t by dismis them.

This Month Tab

We heard the overview sheet can be a bit overtaking. Now, you can click on a brand-new tab in the app for all things “This Month”. This will show your cash flow, budgets, spend lists, bills, destinations, and other resources like spend for rejoice. Looking for more customization? In the top claim of the invoice, you will see an icon to adjust the page, where you can drag and stop many of the widgets to set up the sheet just how you like it. This route, you can see your full financial scene each month and closely line your spending.


If you’ve heard the call lives in your necessitates, it’s virtually referring to budgeting so that you are spending less than you’re earning. Using Mint’s informed plans piece, iOS users can now add in their income and compare that with their expense funds, manufacturing it easy to review previous months’ plans. This helps you instantly be seen to what extent much you’re spending versus how much you’re bringing in so you can create reasonable budgets.


We’ve streamlined categorizing deals. Instead of going one by one, you can edit and recategorize numerou events at the same time through an option to bulk edit. You can also better search, contributed and succeed labels by filtering the full list of events by all, uncategorized, and income only to move your money in a way that works for you. We’ve established it easy to search for any transaction via a verse hunting more. You will also notice that each category has different, specific icons to make it easy to identify. Lastly, you will no longer see partner offers from deal placement.


Mint helps you stay on top of your commerces with Alarms. Now with the newly redesigned notifications core, you can view personalized insights. You can make sure these revelations and alarms is accountable to you by adjusting your histories so if you no longer use a particular account, you can mark it as’ inactive’. You can also view your upcoming bills and mark them as paid in one tap so you can avoid any late costs and consistently conclude on-time payments.


You can get new personalized MintSights™ that highlightings ways to save for each type of financial produce. Personalized MintSights™, recently available in-app, will now offer more relevant advice based on an individual’s unique financial situation and destinations. By analyzing over five billion deals from 25 million consumers, these personalized MintSights™ can help customers save money and pay off debt faster.

To experience all the latest updates, download the newest version of Mint on iOS and Android today!

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