Mercedes C-Class (2021) INTERIOR | High-Tech and Luxury | Small S-Class

The new 2021 -2 022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class disappears even further with respect to modern luxury. The interior adopts highlights from the brand-new S-Class, contributing a sporty touch.

The dashboard is split into an upper and a lower slouse: into a wing-like section with new, dropped round express reminiscent of aircraft instrument nacelles, and into an palatial expanse of trim. The latter flows from the centre console to the dashboard without interruption. Driver-focus adds to the sportiness: the dashboard and central parade are slightly tilted towards the driver by six degrees.

The motorist area features a high-resolution LCD screen. It is free-standing, and appears to float in front of the backstage chart and the range of trim. This sets the driver exhibition apart from traditional cockpits with classic round phones. Purchasers have a choice between a 10.25 -inch( 26.0 cm) or a 12.3 -inch( 31.2 cm) version.

The paradigm change to digitisation is also obvious in the central parade: the vehicle functions can be controlled exerting the high-quality touchscreen. Its sketch orientation is particularly advantageous for sailing. The touchscreen likewise appears to float above the space of trim. Like the dashboard, the screen is slightly tilted towards the driver. The central display has a screen oblique of 9.5 inches( 24.1 cm) as standard. A bigger copy measuring 11.9 inches or 30.2 cm is optionally available.

A high-quality chrome implant parts the centre console into a rear, padded slouse for the armrest and a front section in luminous coal black. The apparently free-floating central showing rises smoothly and seamlessly from this three-dimensional surface.

The modern, most increased blueprint of door boards frames both ends of the dashboard. The door centre panel with integrated armrest evolves from a vertical surface into a horizontal direction. Reflecting the design of the centre console, the front part takes the form of a metal high-tech element. It can be used as a seizure or closing hold, and houses the power window commands. Another foreground is the floating control cluster, into which the door opener and tush readjustment masteries are integrated.

The special intend of the optional AVANTGARDE or boast tushes of the new C-Class operations seams and enclose surfaces to create a visual intuition of lightness. The head restraints are a completely new design and are attached to the backrest with a sealed fragment of trim under which the adjustment mechanism is located.

A dashboard are covered under man-made skin and featuring nappa-look beltlines is available for the C-Class( optional paraphernalium, standard with AMG Line ). The wander of available trim showcases innovative faces. These include new presentations of open-pored layers in dark-brown colours and a pitch-black, open-pored wood veneer star penalty inlays of genuine aluminium that are consistent with the dashboard’s contours.

The move expose and media display offer a holistic, aesthetic knowledge. The looking of the screens can be individualised with three parade modes( Discreet, Sporty, Classic) and three states( Navigation, Assistance, Service ). In “Sporty”, for example, the colouring red is predominant and the central rev bar has a dynamic blueprint. If any of the lines are selected, the new C-Class is furnished with ambient igniting boasting optical fibres as standard.

The optional massage serve of the front seats has been expanded to cover the entire back expanse: eight chambers in the backrest ensure an improved deep-tissue effect. A vibrating rub is also possible on the driver’s side, with four machines installed in the seat cushion. Seat heating in the rear is available for the first time in the Saloon and Estate models.

The AIR-BALANCE Package supplies an individual fragrance in the interior- in line with personal advantage and depression. Thanks to freshening ionisation and filtering of the outside and interior breeze, it also helps to ensure improved air quality and a greater sense of well-being.

The brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan will arrive in U.S. dealerships in early 2022.

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