Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Deep into his missionary journey, we still note the persevere outlook and intense fervour of Paul to share the Gospel of Jesus. We further memo the growth of parishes as he continued his outing as well as the growing strength of opposition in the places he visited. We, nonetheless, cannot diminish the ministry and nearly veiled role of the Holy spirit in the life and ministry of Paul. Somehow, to further the cause of the Kingdom of God, cases of cloth were constituted instruments to minister to the great needs of the ever growing Gentile communities. With Paul entitled by the Holy Spirit, he passed on and shared the alternated endowments of the Holy Spirit to other faithful and trusted followers of the Lord Jesus. As Paul prayed and liaised, the superpower of the Holy Spirit was further manifested in the lives on men and women who were similarly led by the Spirit of Jesus.

In today’s brief Gospel reading, Jesus speaks statements that exclaim his unlimited tendernes and adoration for his devotees. At the opening up of this Gospel passage, the apostles are feeling pretty good. They’ve had a good snack and delectable wine-colored. Jesus is talking about leaving them, which they can’t seem to comprehend. But he’s also helps to ensure that God passions them and will give them anything they ask for in his name.

Jesus then lessens their good feelings, indicating that their life together will come to an end. Not merely will he be taken from them; they’ll all vacate him. They’ll be sown. They’ll leave him alone, by himself. It’s here that Jesus proclaims that his love and pity for them is without limit. He tells them,” Yet I can never be left alone; the Father is with me. I tell you all this that in me you my experience armistice .” Now, even before they have abandoned him, he goes beyond lightening the burden of remorse and beyond the forgiveness it implies. He predicts them a conciliation that presupposes total absence of guilt and forgiveness of sins.

The apostles, of course, at that moment could not comprehend what Jesus was implying. But after his resurrection they certainly must have remembered his utterances every time he appeared to them and spoke the single oath of saluting, “Peace!”

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