Monday of the Third Week of Easter

Today’s fast-paced nature is all about the mad rush to success. As expenditures continue to soar amidst gate-crashing economies, the need to get ahead to survive has never been more crucial. Daily grind equals daily bread–and it’s easy to forget that” mortal does not live on bread alone .”

Today’s gospel is a sequel to the well-known multiplication of loaves. Eager for more signalings, the people of Tiberias aimed out Jesus all the way to Capernaum. But he berated them for their wasteful focus on the material fruit of the miracles, telling them frankly that they were missing the degree. Physical conveniences can only equip temporary enjoyment; it is in living in faith and adore and receive Jesus–the Bread of Life himself–that we can find deeper satisfaction, lasting exhilaration and more permanent agreement.

St. Stephen knew this, as told in the first reading. He searched a loftier purpose than the religious leaders of his time, who desired power and notoriety. As his influence developed, so did their malouse, and they plotted against him. But faith as deep as his is hard to shake, and his blamelessness glisten through, so that his face saw like” the face of an angel .”

How often do we succumb to the enticements of the world we live in? Do we search success and consolation at the expense of others? Have we lost sight of what’s truly important? As much as we need to ensure the survival of our physical figures, Jesus insists us to foster our feeling as well, and feed it with life-giving faith and adore. This life is but a prelude to the life God has prepared for us. It is important never to lose sight of our long-term goal of life eternal, so that everything our short-term activities may extend us to it.

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