Mother Goddess and Mothers Hold the Key

judith shaw photoI am of my mother- from the swirl adepts of the cosmos through the long moving, contacting and expanding- birthed of her body, nourished by her love.


” Star Stuff” by Judith Shaw

My Black Madonna painting by Judith Shaw

” My Black Madonna” by Judith Shaw

I am mother. You came to see me through blood and bones to be suckled by me and then slowly set free.

I am Mama Bear, ready to attack when you are threatened, your pain harder to bear than my own. I explode into a thousand adepts when your ace rises. Their own lives always more cherished than my own.

I am she who status the Goddess Way.

Mother Goddess your epithets are many- Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Danu, Mary. Your cherished heydays in our mettles. Your backbone grants us the courage to birth, to grow, to die.

The cycles of being affect all- from the smallest characters to the largest- to rivers, mountains and continents- to world views and plans- and even to planets and suns. Both astrological transits and world events show well that we are in a moment of immense cyclic alteration, a era of demise and rebirth. As the age-old way dies- kicking and screaming the whole way- we are also experiencing the birth pangs of the brand-new behavior. Oh yes “were living in” interesting and difficult times.

The old-fashioned patriarchal plan of hierarchy and preeminence has become a cancer, munching itself alive. Only through a denigration of the feminine principle has this system been able to maintain its power- postulating advantage over girls, males without advantage, and Earth- honoring demise over life.

The Way of the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine are on the rise. Women and men around the world are waking up to the need for a nature which reputations life and a balanced approach to the duality in which our physical life is embedded. We are heeding the call to listen with empathy to “peoples lives”, to understand more fully the needs of the totality and to take action to protect all life.

May we find the forte provided by Mother Goddess to birth and then grow a new world in which we all walk in harmony with each other, with all beings great and small, and with Mother Earth.


” Goddess Dreaming” by Judith Shaw

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Judith Shaw, a postgraduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, has been interested in myth, culture and esoteric studies all their own lives. Not long after graduating from SFAI, while living in Greece, Judith began exploring the Goddess in her prowes. She continues to be inspired by the Goddess in all of her shows, which are saw everywhere in the natural world. She is now working on her next floor of sage placards- Animal Spirit Guides, and on a modern folktale of the Reindeer Goddess. Originally from New Orleans, Judith obligates her home in New Mexico where she coats as much as time accepts and sells real estate part-time. Give yourself the offering of one of Judith’s prints or covers, priced from $25- $3000 .

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