NBA YoungBoy Pens Open Letter From Jail, Addresses Wendy Williams’ Constant Criticism

NBA YoungBoy writes a symbol from confinement and homes Wendy Williams, who has always had a lot to say about him.

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Last month, NBA YoungBoy was arrested in Los Angeles, California after a Grand Theft Auto-style chase, in which he was able to get a smooth two superstars. When the police tried to pull him over, he rushed out and escaped on foot, only to be located by a police K-9 speedily thereafter.

Since his arrest, everyone has had an opinion of his actions and used it as an excuse to bash the rapper. With his celebrity status, it’s easy to forget this is still a child who luckily realized it out of his environment with his talent. While he might not draw the best decisions, still, if you given attention perfectly, you can see the progress as you are able to with any child becoming an adult.

One of the people who has been outspoken about him throughout his occupation has been Wendy Williams who, to be honest, is supposed to be that way because it’s her hassle. Still, NBA YoungBoy’s mother hasn’t taken too kindly to her analysi, to be undertaken to social media to cuss Wendy out for everything she has said in the past .

Now, the rapper has a response of his own.

“i can leave my kids millions of dollars to divide but cant give them the time they indeed deserve, ” YoungBoy began his candid character. “nobody understand me they never did shit some times i don’t understand myself but thats penalty because im okay i aint looking for you to feel sorry i just ask for one thing- For you to let me suffer in peace.”

The rapper finished off his sense with some kind words for Wendy.

“tell MS. WENDY WILLIAM i say she got a good spirit and she’s a beautiful maids i can see that threw all the bad remarks thrown at her tell her count her approvals( STAY IN GOOD SPIRIT) Sincerely Kentrell ,” he added.

Last month Williams publically flung NBA YoungBoy following his high-speed face-off with police-wishing incarcerate duration on the rapper.

“He’s got to go to jail, ” she explained to her public during an bout of The Wendy Williams Show. “How do you do a hot pursuit? There are innocent people out here. You could’ve hurt innocent people in your hot pursuit and passing through people’s backyards. Nobody demands that–bringing down the property costs. And how is that you do what you do with seven children at simply 21 years old? ”

Hopefully, he’s able to regain his freedom and he and Wendy can connect in a way that renders them a better understanding of each other.


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