New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

We are so provisioned to celebrate the new, but what about celebrating what we are stepping away from, even when it feels embarrassing or there is a part of us not ready to let go?

Whenever I’m going through a tough time in my life, I have the tendency to want to hide away and I hesitate to share what I’m going through on our blog or social media.

I’m noticing this pattern during this current cycle of feeling low and I’m feeling called to share the experience before all of the mental debris has cleared and before I contact those inevitable epiphanies as a result of this period of late introspection.

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful EndingsNew Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

2020: its first year that separate my nerve wide open.

I’ll never forget the message I got from Mother Ayahuasca two years ago during my first plant medicine ceremony. I requested her how to open my heart to adore and she murmured, “compassion.”

She showed me breadths of sorrow I had never known( up until that part in “peoples lives”) as I was sitting in our sacred curve that night and listened to my peer brothers and sisters wail and purge life-times of hurt. I felt their tendernes as if it were my own.

I have always been an extremely sensitive being and I used to loathe that about myself. I believe this led to my medicine and alcohol addiction throughout the last 25 -ish years of my life. The hurting was just too much to feel and I did anything I is possible to stupefy it.

In the process of trying to bypass my suffering, I was counting all of my feelings and, as a result, I chipped myself off from my extremely life force.

As I sit here and look back at the past seven months of my life, I’m shocked at the magnitudes I have felt everything that has happened — not just to me, but to my comrade humans and Mother Earth. I make myself come apart, over and over again. Each go, in the midst of it, recalling I wouldn’t survive the pain.

I watched these old faiths resurface and I was able to see them in a brand-new light. I see now that I improved those walls to protect myself long ago because I was too young to understand. But with awareness, comes the choice to continue living by these sentiments or causing brand-new ones that empower me.

While my internal world-wide has been flipped upside down this past year, my external nature has attended big reforms as well. We just sold a house we desired in coastal San Diego and we’re moving into a tiny apartment. The circulate industry is on hold and, along with it, my career.

From societal rules, it might look like we are going backwards — and sometimes my recollection maneuvers me into believing I am — but progress in life is not linear. Life will give you whatever experience will move you towards your highest self and this year, for me, is all about relying life even when it doesn’t make sense.

I have felt a depth calling to make a big change that mirrors the internal reforms I have been going through and maybe moving into a tiny suite is just another step in the process of letting go that has been developing in my life over the past two years.

It does feel unbelievably freeing to let go of things that no longer perform me — doing area for more of what aligns to the person I am becoming.

That tell me anything, I am not afraid to admit that letting see can feel improbably hard. The course I would describe how most of this year has felt for me is” moving through gunk” in more access than one. It has often felt like I’m stuck in the same place, or that everything is moving painfully sluggish with an emphasis on painful.

While I definitely sounds like I previously had so many tools to help me through low degrees in “peoples lives”, this year I needed a little more support than usual. I ascertained a therapist and had a few conferences where she gave me gentle reminders of things I can do when I’m feeling anxious.

I wanted to share a few of those here as well as my favorite tools for releasing anxiety to help you through these difficult times when your recollection is spiraling and your organization feels unsafe.

Tips& Tools For Letting Go Of The Past

Tips & Tools For Letting Go Of The PastTips & Tools For Letting Go Of The Past

Talk To Someone

Sometimes time allowing your feelings to be heard can be cathartic. Whether it’s a friend, a loved one, or a therapist, we are not meant to walk this Earth alone and we need to lean on each other for support.

Get Out Into Nature

Nature has always been my refuge, so when we experienced our first lockdown, it was tough not being able to go for a move on the sea or a hike through the trees. Luckily, things have opened up in most arranges and we can now safely get outside, while social distancing.

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful EndingsNew Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

Do Something That Represents You Feel Empowered

This has been gargantuan for me personally and I hope you find it helpful as well. I’ve started watching self defense videos on YouTube and doing things that make-up “i m feeling” sanctioned. When we’re in a state of nervousnes, our bodies and heads feel as if we no longer have any control. While we can’t sovereignty what happens outside of us, we can control how we respond to life’s circumstances.

It’s widely known that when our people are in a life-threatening situation, our natural tendency is to either combat of flee. However, due to childhood trauma, this is not always the case. If you knew trauma at a very young age, there’s a good change your impulse is to freeze and disengage, which as you can imagine is not exactly helpful in most situations.

Taking a self-defense class, kickboxing, Kung Fu or something similar( even online) can help retrain your nervous system and give you your power back.

Active Meditation& Yoga

I’ve been reflect daily for 5 years and there have been many times this year when my mas did not feel safe enough to sit still and meditate. There was too much for my recollection and body to process — and I couldn’t turn to nature like I ordinarily would because of social distancing.

Active meditations like yoga and breathwork can be great ways and means to handout trauma and sensations from the body in a gentle way.

Distractions Can Be Helpful When Spiraling

I’m so used to the spiritual community gaping down on anyone who usages distractions like Netflix. However, this year has been trauma-inducing. The interpretation of pain is anything that is too much or too fast for our nervous system to handle. For me, I’ve known this on a nearly a daily basis in 2020.

There is no shame in allowing your nervous system to tighten by abusing distractions. My therapist hinted watching mood appearances. Anything that will calm your nervous system down. I have found underwater movies and shows to be extremely therapeutic.

New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful EndingsNew Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings

Make Time For Play

We are not meant to work all day without standing ourselves time to do something just for the pure rejoice of it — whether it’s going for a dive, playing video games with friends, or forming something with your hands.

Remember That You Won’t Feel This Way Forever

The one thing we can be certain of in life is that things always change — and that includes your feelings. This too shall pass.

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