New & Notes: Was It A Demon or Something Else?

An individual recently attempted to manifest a supernatural being through their thinker. Now they are not sure what this being was.

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I’m a rationalist who doesn’t believe in good or evil, who doesn’t believe in notion or the paranormal. I’m safe inside of my own ground level small inner city house which I share-housing with 3 other guys at the time. I was fully at ease and felt pleasant, and knew with absolute certainty that nothing can hurt me.

So come midnight I decided to test my own knowledge. I drew open my bedroom shrouds which opened to a moonlight twilight alleyway. I turned my back to the window and sat at my computer. I decided to watch as many recurred home videos, spirit videos, sinister immigrant videos and several disjointed music-video livings. I stayed in this prolonged horror territory for around 3 hours. My hands were quivering, my stomach was churning and I felt wan and cold. So “its time”. I turned around and faced the window.

To my misfortune nothing was there. I turned on my bedroom brightnes, made a few deep gulps, did a few jumping jacks and shook out my hands. I felt my method returning to normal and I had the belief, ‘what a waste of time, I were actually start moving a bit before going to bed.’ So I decided to step into the hallway and turn on the light-footed. I sauntered through the dark dining room, past the 6 party dining table into the kitchen and turned on the glowing. I had a pile of unclean recipes I still needed to do, so I filled up the submerge with warm ocean and started scrubbing them. At this stage I felt like my structure had returned back to about 80% ordinary, but I still felt a little uneasy.

While doing the meals I continued ogling up at the kitchen window. I was expecting to see a frightening face at the window with a roaring violin noise from a repugnance movie or something, but still good-for-nothing. My body had returned to almost normal but my mind was still primed for suspicion. Sigh, anyway season for bunked soon, I had almost done with the saucers. That’s when, in the angle of my eye, I examine a something moving. A housemate? No. It was much shorter, a humanoid under 5 paw towering and slowly going into the dining room. It saw no racket at all, and was indistinguishable from reality. It stepped gradually past the dining table into the full light of the kitchen and got to about 4 feet away from me.

Description: It had long arms. When it sauntered its wrists dragged the sand. It had light-colored orange or sunburn colored skin that ogled smooth with very few skin speckles. It had short legs and pot belly, and it’s belly was slightly wider than it’s chest. Its front was half the size of it’s entire torso and its brain hung in-front of its figure. It has no such sees , no nose and no cheek. Its honcho was just a smooth, fairly great and elongated, surface plowed skull, which was perfectly compensated by its pot-belly and long weapons and sides which dragged behind it. I don’t remember what its paw was like, but its legs made up around 30% of its total torso meridian, and its round belly hanging around half way down its thighs. It’s knees were always in a bent importance. It had no hair and was entirely naked. Was it a beast or something else?

Rewinding a little. By the time I had turned my brain it had absolutely stepped out of the hallway into the dim lit dining room. It marched from one culminate of the dining table to the other, which is where the kitchen began. I said the words, ‘I’m not ready to see this … I’m not ready to see this! ‘ While I took 3 steps backwards and touched my back against the large clock which was hanging up against the wall. The clock made a clang vibration noise and it disappeared instantaneously. I don’t withdraw even blinking.

About 2 seconds after it disappeared I felt this sense of relief wash over my body, and this sense of calm. I was in absolute awe, and was impressed that I could hallucinate something so incredibly vivid it indistinguishable from reality. From the time I ability it moving to the time it disappeared, I think took just over 5 seconds. I sometimes think back to this ‘test of my mind’ and think, if that clock wasn’t hanging on the wall, how close would it have gotten to me? Also, what if I had marched towards it instead of downwards? I don’t know if I is to be able to have the spiritual framework to be ready for encounters like this. It could have touched me, but didn’t react to me at all.” D


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