News & Notes: Bizarre White Humanoid Encountered Near Pikes Peak, Colorado

A couple made a trip to Colorado Springs, CO and later called the area around Pikes Peak. The husband encountered a white humanoid while trekking along the mountain.

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“This past winter, my bride and I made the decision to utter the drive to Colorado Springs on the recommendation of a friend of mine. She’d never seen mountains before, so I figured the Rockies would be perfect. We remained in a Holiday Inn that was right at the base of the mountain mostly and had a great view of Pikes Peak as soon as we glanced out the window. She was exhilarated, she never seen anything like it before, and she’s a sucker for a endowment shop, so this place was great. We had a great time.

Our second era there we made the decision to drive up to Pikes Peak, but we were told at the door we could go up most of the action but the very summit was closed off because there was too much snow. We continued to get certainly far up though. I fantasize Pikes Peak is around 14,000 feet, and we got to like 11,000 hoofs before it was closed off. So we were up above the clouds, which were awesome, because it really looked like inspecting out over “the worlds oceans”. We agreed upon at the little residue center on the way up to get hot chocolate for the drive and a magnet for Colorado since we collect magnets for every state we go to.

It was pretty cool, because we had “bigfoot crossing” clues along the way up, which was really fun to take image in front of. Anyway, formerly we got to the closed-off part of Pikes Peak, we parked our vehicle and came out and really various kinds of took in the opinion. I didn’t think anybody else was up there with us, except the guy a bit up the style sitting in his truck manufacturing sure people didn’t go up any higher than they were supposed to. Even if we couldn’t go to the summit, it remains stunning. We took some image, all of which were pretty terrible, and it was really cold. But I’d contended we buy 5.11 furs, throbs, and boots for the trek, and my wife didn’t understand why I involved that brand( But if you’re a buster … you are well aware .) So we were pretty toasty. I wandered off and started looking around the stones and what few trees were up at that hill. I just like to explore nonsense off the beaten path.

I heard some snow crunching nearby and acquired it was another sightseer so moved toward the sound of the crunching snow but didn’t experience anybody. There’s a few trees here and there but not hard to really recognize. It was snowing a little however, and the wind was blowing the blizzard sideways. I’d gone reasonably far from my partner at this site and didn’t want to stray too much farther but I was candidly hoping to see a wolf or something. I observed roads in the snow and they were pretty small( The snowfall was kind of deep so I couldn’t really tell what kind of animal draw them, but it looked like it sauntered on all fours .) So I was really hoping to see a wolf.

I did not appreciate a wolf. At first I didn’t see anything. I followed the ways around a tree and various kinds of carefully peeked around it, but didn’t see anything. The trails stopped there, though. I didn’t get right up on the tree because if it was a wolf I represent, I didn’t want to come face to face with it( I’ll too say, I have no idea if there are wolves in the Rockies, I was just sort of hoping .)

What I did experience, eventually, was a pure white ‘thing’ scurry away from the exact location I was looking. It was pure white. I’m not sure if it was invisible, or just blended in perfectly with the blizzard. It moved on all fours, had a huge bulbous thought, kind of like the lane “youre thinking about” the usual edition of an immigrant, and it had a spindly torso. Its forearms and legs were super skinny, and it body wasn’t a whole lot bigger. Its forearms and legs themselves was absolutely long. I’d say it was probably between 4-5 hoofs tall if it were standing upright. It was a bit hard to tell with it always on all fours, and in the snowfall. It turned around and made a look at me, and had really small, black eyes, and no defining facets. Its looks were really far apart and virtually on the side of its pate. Its feet and sides were hidden but where reference is went to move I saw what its mitt looked like. It had thumbs that were way too long. Like , not ET long, but sinewy, spindly fingers. It look back me for simply a second and then leaped forward away from me and as soon as it acre in the snow it was invisible again, or I only couldn’t see it. Then it hop-skip again( and it rushed a good 6 hoofs or so from a dead stop) and took off running. It ran away from me and scaled some rocks in the distance like it was nothing and crawled along the cliffside. Whenever it was in the snow it examined invisible though. I’m not sure if that’s because it was all white, or because it was like, actually turning invisible. Anyway, in a few second it was gone.

When I got back to my spouse, who was waiting in the car, she didn’t conclude a word of it and thought I was just trying to scare her. To this day she doesn’t believe me. And I don’t what it was. I’ve never heard of any cryptid or anything like it, and on the trek back down I asked the maiden at the endow store if beings ever reported recognizing creepy things and she just mentioned bigfoot.” DL

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