News & Notes: Wolf-Like Upright Canine Sighting Near Stuttgart, Arkansas

An Arkansas man meetings a wolf-like upright canine while driving on I-1 65 late at night. He was in the vicinity of Stuttgart.

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“This is my encounter of what I believe to be a dogman. This happened in July. I was working at a very big factory in Stuttgart, Arkansas in pretty much the east central part of the state.

One night. I came off of work at around 8 pm. I went to one of my coworker’s house and proceeded to indulge in plenty of beer. But it was well after midnight when I left his house to perform the half hour drive to my home( don’t cup and drive boys) but I was on the main superhighway that connects Stuttgart to England and was cruising around 65 mph and genuinely had no oncoming traffic as everyone is either heading the same way as me or has already turned off abroad. I had a car that I lay a daylight forbid on the figurehead bumper. I “ve had my” ignited disallow on and it certainly shined up the road a good ways.

I travelled around a bow and noticed something obscurity off to the passenger side of the road in a trench next to a rice field, marching the same way as I was heading. As I get closer to the object I could tell it was covered in colors fur and was stepping on 2 feet. As I went close enough to see the ended regard of the character it turned and looked at me. It was almost like it peered into my soul. I could tell it had a wolf-like head with a muscular erect organization. I don’t know if it was the alcohol I drink that manufactured me see it or what but I didn’t stop. I know I probably wasn’t seeing stuff because the car that was behind me hurled its cracks and backed up to get an angle of the field with their headlights.

I maintained driving and drove the rest of the path home doing over 100+ mph. I became it home to which I promptly ran in the house and slept with my firearm in my lap with me. That night I restrained sounding things walk around the outside of my house and my bulldog would crouch in his kennel and would not get out of it. I have not drunk more than 3 beers in a single sitting since.” C


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