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Numerology/Astrology for 10/20/ 20

10/20/ 20 represents the number 7. If you lend the 1+ 0+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 7.

There is a greater plan for all of “peoples lives”. One that is beyond your ego’s desires for reputation and fortune. One that is beyond even the projections of your parents hopes and dreams. That is because in non-linear time your feeling is already home, whole, ended, awake, and progressed beyond the small, petty, neuroses of this reality. Your person is an amazing spark of holines and it is your personal direction to follow that precipitate where it causes you. And that passage is the miracle itself. That jaunt to allow that spark to evolve, stretch, and become more than this shrink human potential that is right in front of you at this time. Within each of us we desire to reach for something. That illusive something that we can feel and ability but cannot always look and know-how. That is because it is beyond our present level of progression. And hitherto, it is real, always calling you to step past the human condition, the human suffering, the human petty topics, and become the highest vibration of human potential. This game of earth is about memorize compassion.

Some see Earth is about gaining power, fame, fortune, etc. But those are side tournaments and diversions to agitate you from the real goal. Even once you have money, strength, fame, and other egoic goals, there is still nothing left to do but learn pity and go on a spiritual path. The amount 7 is all about the myriad tools, teachings, and ideologies that are ushers to take us on that journey of self-discovery and to awaken us at the very highest vibration of compassion that we are capable of. Even if you get disconcerted and want to follow a fallaciou footpath, eventually you will return to the journey that is calling you from your core and mumbling to you from that spark of divinity that you carry. Cause extend of adjudicating and recognize that all this posturing is escape of your own enlightenment. Enlightenment does not care about success and failure, or power and opulence. It cares only that you feel with your entire being into every situation that presents. And from being a fully integrated being of light … you glint that light-footed effortlessly to those that need it and those that are awake enough to see it within you. Awareness is nothing you can possess. It is what you simply are when you pull away the veils of brain, ego, ideologies, and perspective. When you are in alignment with everything inside your own core, and allow that which is … going in cooperative ways with all of the flows of life, especially those that are beyond your capacity to understand, that is when you begin to allow your provoke of sanctity to align and overflow with the most prominent truths possible. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Monday draws in a much needed happy Venus trine to Jupiter. This associate is to help you have a momentary lucky feeling. This adds force and vigour to an rosy Sagittarius Moon. You might …. for a moment …. feel very good. Take advantage of this moment. As the practical side of actuality will seem to continue being avoided, the Moon squares Neptune and that can see you wish for another reality. But for some it can make a distorted intellect even more mystified. If you ogle, you can see a high road and a low-spirited road. The high artery is too full of self-righteousness to be authentic and helpful in these difficult times. The low-pitched road is clumsy, rutted, blurred and complicated with the sensations of the past that you have yet to unravel and make sense of. That is why the middle-of-the-road street is the path to take. Problem is that there is no middle road. Therefore you will have to make it yourself. It is time to have the heroism to cut your own path in the forest. While it will require more endeavor it is going to not ensnare you in your past unresolved decorations and demeanors. Nor will it reinforce your ego and establish it more capability.( Something that is very unwise in such an uncontrolled life ). The Moon squares Venus and it does intimacy complicated and your would be required for psychological sovereignty strong. Regardless, engage truth and sovereignty( Sagittarius Moon ). Find that when you are to be achieved and do something a bit different you discover and receive more back than you ever expected. Take a look at your life philosophically. Do you like what the hell are you examine? Is this a moment to be proud of when you reflect on it after you die? Find the harmonization that flows with your core and centre. Let that pas you forward. Then you will not fail. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Quote Let proceed of evaluating and recognize that all this posturing is escape of your own enlightenment. Enlightenment does not care about success and downfall. It upkeeps exclusively that “youre feeling” with your entire being into every situation that presents. And from has become a fully integrated being of illuminated … you glint that light effortlessly to those that need it and those that are awake enough to see it within you. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog There is a notorious quotation on enlightenment. It becomes something like this. I am restating.

“At first you seek enlightenment. Then you recognize that you are intentionally sabotaging your own enlightenment. From there you begin to see your attachment to this physical world and the games of influence and ego. Then you realize that you don’t truly miss enlightenment at all. Only then can you begin to unwind yourself from the wish realms of this world and step past the duality fixes of right and wrong, to be able to claim the wholeness that you have always been.”

But we live in a world-wide that prefers to suffocate in the flamings of information. Numerou want to smell of the crock and ash of the beliefs and aberrations of others recollections. That is such a poisonous place to live and one that you will find is impossible to support remembrance as to who you really are. An enlightened intellect helps not for your riches and influence. Karma is a flame that will allow you to choke on your own mind while it burns down your prized creation to leave you finally deprived and naked with no plan. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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