Numerology/Astrology for 11/16/2020 – Plus Personal Blog


Numerology/Astrology for 11/16/ 20

11/16/ 20 represents the number= 4 Add the 1+ 1+ 1+ 6+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0 and we get the number 13. 1+ 3= 4. It is the nature of reality to struggle with finding that ever-elusive balance. I am forever stunned at the judgmental-ness of humanity. And those that spew it the most rapidly are often those hampering the most pain and destitution. It is as if, they cannot stand others attempting to find balance and contentment when they are suffering. No matter what or how we get there ….. everyone will eventually find their way home. And that locate is a place of offset, respect, credence, empathy and cherish. That is why we are practicing all of those down here in this life and today. While anyone is trying to practice finding that shaky balance in life … be kind and allow them to work towards the millennium development goals without consciously trying to tear them down. Everyone needs to get there in a different way. No-one-way is ever going to work for everyone. In my suit, I have tried out countless spiritual tools and techniques. They all work to some degree or another. The challenge is that not one tool will work all the time. That is why finding and suffering countless is often supportive in trying times. In the last four years I remember I have use every tool or technique I had previously been knew multiple times. And I am grateful to all those teachers who were so kind to discuss the matter with their numerous students. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon spurts through Sagittarius at the moment. Bringing a bit of optimism and a clearly defined expansion of the possibilities. It is okay to be bold, adventurous and eager to do some things different. The Venus Jupiter square courses up early in the working day so be careful to stay honest and do not let the world pull any of us into exaggeration. Everyone is sick and tired of any form of lying. Perhaps …. Give certain things a residue. We are coming into a Mercury-Uranus opposition so expect some friction to get us to change our thinker. Opinions are unrestrained and not inevitably helpful at this stage. If we find that quiet place inside … we may hear something that we have needed to know from the deepest place within. There is always a deeper meaning to our wars and our alternatives. We are all directing the discolorations of our past karma out …. in the washing machine of life. ~Suzanne Wagner~


We are all toiling the discoloration of our past karma out …. in the washing machine of life. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog I made most of the day … yesterday off. Something I have not done in a while. It was lovely to not worry about the phone or consumers just for a daytime. I did do my blog/ numerology/ astrology and the video because … it is what I do. And I really desire contributing back to the universe in those methods that can have impact in a positive way for others. I learned by dealing with Guru’s and “supposedly” enlightening mortals that … we are all human. We all have human weaknesses and we are all striving to be our best self. We will all overestimate but we get to decide what is important to us and what types of individuals we want to hang out with. Everyone has something to give to this world. We have a story, an revelation, a teach, a lyric, a song, an exchange, a skill, …. Something. And it is up to us to have the fearlessnes to figure out how to give that offering to the world even if we are not perfect, instructed, or powerful. Know that there will always be’ Nay-Sayers” in life. We live in a culture that believes opinions are true. But “thats really not”. They are just thoughtfulness of a mind trying to constitute representing out of a tumultuous world. We cannot give the dysfunction of others precluded from returning the offering we came to give. Life is more than some projected form of status that “weve reached”. Life is about the exchange. And finding those that align with our values and backing us to be our best self.

I do not have go for jealousy, temper, or detest. I do not have era for minds that exactly want to debate. I do not have go for those working wounded to tell me who I am. I do not have epoch for those who do not give a dike.

On so many levels we are running out of time. I will not be distracted by those who use hate as a paradigm. In life, there are still times when you must choose. In life, there are still times that you can no longer excuse.

I look ahead with an nose filled with wisdom and truth. I look ahead and wonder what will be left to our adolescent?

I want to leave this world better than I had. I want to leave this world to the good not the bad. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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