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Zebrasquotesw Numerology/Astrology for 12/14/ 20

12/14/ 20 is the number= 12. Add the 1+ 2+ 1+ 4+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 12. 1+ 2= 3. The figure 3 brings that burst of positive vigor to all our activities. Perfect for the holidays. We merely cannot resist the positive climate today. I am forming brand-new and eliciting dinners instead of the old-time tried and true traditional charge. This year, I am going for duck! Should prove to be interesting. And I am energized to use the holiday to build new spices and improve brand-new heritages. Let’s all become the legend creators for a change. Let that productivity burst out and explore the infinite alternatives. I have learned that there is something called Lemon Salt. And it is said as we are to talk. There are so many new and evoking ways to build and blend the old with the new. Why not go crazy! Why not compile Christmas for the birds with bird seed wreaths and allow the birds to feel special for a convert? There is so much beloved in the world countries, it would be a shame not to share it. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today The Solar Eclipse on December 14 th is quite intense and you might be feeling it before it affects. I know I am. I got a swelling headache that laid me out for hours. This eclipse is showing up as small but time consuming detours and mistakes. It was hard to not get annoyed but I know it is the eclipse energy that we feel before and after it happens. It is nice to get to ” denounced ” the stars instead of my aging thought. LOL! Not only is there an overshadow but it is also a New Moon. Excellent for a powerful reset. It is time to do things very differently. Purposes and the goalposts are radically shifting but it does feel as if a bit of optimism is working its action into reality and things are beginning to feel more solid. This “new” reality will require also a new perspective. And that is probably a good thing after these last-place many years. This New Moon Eclipse aligns with the idea planet Mercury and the nodes that are currently in Gemini and Sagittarius. We are in the home stretch with swelling Jupiter and consolidating Saturn coming into the final positions of Capricorn, preparing for their 20 -year alignment at wintertime solstice. You might notice that the blue bird of delight is seeking to perch on your tree of life. I want to let it stay there as long as possible. That feeling of prosperity reminds us to appreciate this time as we intend to live a more simple life. The Covid virus, has given us a great gift. One that was global and long. Take a moment this day to consider the approbations and opportunities that came with any limitations. While Sagittarius tells us that it is time to expand your creed systems and way of thinking, Eclipses come from a deeper lieu in our subconscious. And those things that have been hidden away lastly come into the silvery light of an eclipse. It opens us to a new spiritual degree. Something brand-new is being born. Something brand-new is make switch over the disastrous structures some of the super rich have imposed upon the rest of us. It is time. Big things must go. Without these switching and varies the outcomes globally are dire. It is time to really increase the understanding and awareness that is trying to expand us beyond our age-old scopes. Such a broad view applies confidence and greater hope for this world. Experience to be adventurous and find out the compensations that are possible when we introduced our mindset into a plaza that is inclusive and beautiful. Venus and Jupiter sextile sacrifice a softer approaching to everything. Let our opinions school, and bring up new and interesting discussions. Let this moment expand us into lieu that excite and bring great interest and self-discovery. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Creating new and detecting whatever is. Settle that life be incorporated into you and me. Watching the brave allay our imaginations. Within our feelings discover those masterminds. Humankind seeks to expand and know. It is time to let foolish selfishness continue. While it was a year to feel the harshness of loathe. Cherish expanded and finally opened the gate. The entrance to prospects that we wanted and knew. Care and concern that horror has not been able falsify or construe. ~Suzanne Wagner~


What can we contribute to this world-wide that is new? New to us and new ideas that imbue. Life looks at us with observing gazes. Life knows that often our wars will disguise. But we often cannot examine beyond what we want. We conceal behind pretension as we dance and jaunt. But life knows what is hidden behind the smiles. Life has watched us for millions of miles. In point it never stops watching our present. It notices the stories and where we intend to go. Life allows us to play out all the portions. It shows us our corrects in the stops and starts. Within our natures we know this is a play. One that can break us open in disillusionment. But we cannot seem to resist life’s pull. Because life “doesnt really matter” if we are a handful. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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