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Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/ 20

12/21/ 20 is the number= 10. Add the 1+ 2+ 2+ 1+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 0= 10. Not simply are we at a major minute astrologically( Solstice and Saturn and Jupiter at 0 measures of Aquarius) but in the Numerology we are at the New Beginning moment where we are asked to hold truth in a highly sacred method. The greatest power comes from nursing truth in the most status of ways and refusing to let bias and sentiment destroy those things that were done in pure affection and compassion. There is great power in countenance in the things that have been done with positive planned and unadulterated kindnes. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today Winter Solstice is happening at 2:03 AM PST. The Moon’s position now draws a challenge to individuals and just know it may crimp artistic formulation. The Moon is in Pisces, asking us to go beyond the covers of this world and find the best way to impart mankind back from the brink of horror and back to normality. Let us all move forward towards a new and higher vision for the planet. In the afternoon, the Moon moves into Aries which induces our pioneering instincts to go off trail and to cut a new track in “peoples lives”. If we noticed a is of the view that seemed a little odd or off for the past few days that is because this is not a ordinary wintertime solstice by any stretch of the imagination. As I have reminds me, today Jupiter and Saturn align at 0 stages of Aquarius. An extremely rare and powerfully transformational episode. This marks the end of an epoch and the opening up of a new one. Remember, this moment. It will be a great story to share later in your life. Jupiter eventually escapes the clutches of the coldnes, acrimoniou, and baked mansion of Capricorn and moves into the progressive and modern signed of Aquarius. Saturn also becomes less serious and ponderous as it can finally get to work doing something that has real meaning in the world rather than wasting its term rehashing the horrors and estimates of humanities past. Aquarius is naturally positive and hopeful as it gazes ahead to the future. It intends to hold humanity to a higher ideal and then works to bring it actively into the present reality. But all mansions have a negative side also. In this position Aquarius thinks it knows better than everybody else and can get hardheaded and inflexible. In the coming 3 month, we will see rapid invention and the old-fashioned previous standards are disclosed as antiquated and toxic. There has been a permeating feeling of being dazed or embarrassed. We get to blame Neptune for this murky psychological reality. This watery and planet has been challenging the spiritual fate nodes of the Moon. The feeling of being detained seem to play more prominently in our spirit than before. We feel this desire to understand why this is and how we can allow our spirit to break free of the confines of this pandemic. The best phase from all this is that it challenges all of us to find compassion and forgiveness for our self and others.

We are in the darkest time of the year and the signal of Capricorn. Responsibilities loom large and there is a strong desire for the rules of law and order to predominate. As we all are influenced by this respectful sign, know that the hardline that Capricorn outlines will impound … even in the face of mayhem and those that intend to breed chaos. Capricorn does not mind being uncomfortable. It is the sign of limits and bounds. By the end of this Capricornian cycle we will appreciate the surety that this sign defines. It is interesting to me that Capricorn is guarding all the doors before the Inauguration.

Today you see that the world is looking towards manifesting much more concrete actions and that technology is going to restructure our world.

While some may want to make a lot out of nothing, the ability of this astrology remains viewing the line that is clearly moving towards growth, invention, technological improvements, and compels that require immediate assistance. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Hate results mankind down a twisted path. Fright attacks those whose aim is displeasure. Hope heads minds in truth and light. Kindness protects others because it knows wrong from right. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog I look at the history of humanity and it cannot assistance but grieve anyone that really looks at it. How numerous transgressions ought to have perpetuated and forgiven in the name of religion, beliefs, notions, fright, and detest for those that are different? I believe that the only way to deal with this repeating historical fright is to powerfully speak out against any person who is targets others for any reason that is baseless, slanted towards mind or participated and revealed as intentional targeting to procreate others a martyr to constitute them feel stronger. It is about refusing to tolerate it anymore. And I personally will do precisely that. That is the only mode humanity can safely progress and progress forward. Dislike leads to fear and fear makes mankind down a tortuous path of karmic lose. And it draws mankind back into the unpleasant loops-the-loops of historic cruelties. I am just done with such things. I am perfectly sick and tired of all of it. It is a loop of despair continuously continued by those that are ignorant and uneducated. And those two things are also no justify anymore. In this modern era and senility, humankind cannot use innocence or lack or education, as a conclude for cruel behavior or acts intended to hurt and motive more suffering on this planet. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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