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Numerology/Astrology for 2/5/ 21

2/5/ 21 represents the number= 12. Add the 2+ 5+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 12. 1+ 2= 3 When we play in the domains of life and death, there are always ups and downs that hue that world and initiate texture and sound to our lives. Without the lows, perhaps we could not fully appreciate the highs. Without those high-priceds to remind us of the good times, we may not survive the lows. The wheel of life is always turning, and it is not ever going to give you what you want or intend. But that rotate will continue to spin regardless of our foresee, acts, plans, dreams, or intentions. We are learning how to move with the flows instead of propagandizing against things from our egoes. Learning to allow acceptance into the naturally occurring patterns is a lesson each of us has to learn and re-learn at various meters. That allows for more joy to come in and levels of appreciation to expand. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves into party ratify Sagittarius around Noon Friday. It is ideal for coming into mood and in-depth philosophical discussions with others around important topics facing us right now. We are continuing to seek truth, and there is an adventurous side in our mind needing some time to play.

The Moon connects through a sextile to Venus and Saturn, clearing your selections and actions more reflective and kind. We may be indulging in things to be considerate to those needing the most help.

Serious relation communications are good on Friday morning, as Venus aligns with Saturn. It is clear evidence that boundaries are more and more the issue. I know we are getting closer to Valentine’s Day, but liaisons are not in the spotlight, but more business deals seem to be the focus.

It might want to keep out of other’s behaviors as Venus makes a challenge to Uranus. We may feel that we need to have some alone time. Tricky in the season of “intimacy.” It may apply us in a bind because what is necessary and what others want may not be in alignment.

Today is a day when it is time for grow hand-pickeds to catch up with important things that have been needing your attention. We need others, and they need us. Share encumbrances and concerns. Know that none of us are alone. The actuality around finances and personal creeds is causing concerns. Our level of commitment is being tested. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Time is shorter than we want to know. Demise will come and tell us when to go. Animation is to be lived and cherished. Exhausted from the advance of being, eventually perished. ~Suzanne Wagner~


There are so many things to do and so many cases that are beyond my dominance. It is a dance of dealing with the details and getting help in areas that are not my expertise. It is a process of waiting on others’ essential and challenging work that will allow for the completion of specific requisite things in this journey. I have started collecting music bits that I repute are likely to be lovely for the boat trip out to the Golden Gate Bridge, where Philip wanted to be fell off. Jim wants to be in the area of Yosemite. Perhaps we will be able to do it in the summer once the pandemic is over. I have obtained photos that I plan to put together in a collage of music and imagery. How do you position so much life into a small and concise container? How do you place the penetration and intending of an entire existence into one final tour? A final showing the needs to personify the absurd. The entire workings and life of unique and eccentric souls. Two feelings intertwined in ways that were so strong that the bonds were unbreakable even in fatality. When Jim left on December 22 nd, 2020, Phil met him three weeks later. They danced with each other in times of hurdle and challenge and stayed in a loving alliance. It is the reminder that none of us do this life alone. Those feelings are already on the other side, but the process of affection never dies and never dissolves. The performance of life is designed to burn a bright dawn through the veils of remorse and allow for times of shared pleasures and recollection. The process of remorse is the process of causing the living figure out how to let them become. Life always holds us a preference. A select to do our best and do kind and good things in the world countries that leave smiles on others’ faces, or the alternative is to learn difficult exercises that reason sorrow and suffering in this world, and that will then follow us through other times and openings. I is confident that those who have the most significant impact in our lives are spiritual categories. And together, “were having” traversed this earthly feature many times. We vibrationally endeavour one another out. There is a familiar vibration that connects us through cavity and era. It is through that vibration that we find one another. Something feels familiar, and some deep part of us recollects. I look at Philip and Jim’s epitomes on their many journeyings and the splendid escapades of “peoples lives”, and I consider followers full of wonder, sorcery, whodunit, excitement, and play. Those are the men to be celebrated and lovingly retained. Those are humankinds that lived a life outside the standard rules of society but merged perfectly into those types of people that were willing to talk about the wonder and investigate of subconsciou, consciousness, math, physics, speech, prowes, opu, ballet, theater, and music. They were lifetimes well lived. And extinction cannot halting the love and connection that they shared with all of us. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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