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Numerology/Astrology for 3/13/ 21

3/13/ 21 is the number= 12. Add the 3+ 1+ 3+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 12. 1+ 2= 3. The Number 3 introduces positive imaginations in the work of the ” ordinary ” world. There seems to be something moving and working in a more consolidated highway. Things seem possible, and some dreams can become a reality with a bit of extra effort. We have what we seek within to complete the task at hand. But we do not have to have all the answers. We have to have faith that those with the penetration to help will find us when the time is right. There is a cosmic dictate to things in this world and the manifestation process involves certain specific portions to be in place before we can leap into a brand-new reality. We are being prepared for something that is coming. We can feel it in the air, and we can sense it in the wind. A vary unlike anything witnessed before. Just recollect, we were built for this moment. We have been prepared. And we have been waiting for the request. Now it is here, and there is no more holding back. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The New Moon is today in Pisces. We may notice something building up on the inside. We are coming to a moment when we each will have to take a leap of faith into a very new reality. Today, we get a small taste of what is yet to come. The best course to work with this is to cultivate pleasant environments that support others. Substantial changes are coming, and at this moment, we begin to see what might be possible. The planet of charm and affection “Venus” is aligned with the planet of unconditional cherish “Neptune.” Both are aligned with the New moon. Open our middle, recollection, and soul to those deepening intuitive penetrations that have the power to take us to a higher potential. This astrological aspect has so much depth in it that one can feel like a piece of tape in a lint mound. And picking up feelings and feelings from everyone is not always healthy. It is clear that all of us are going to have to learn borderlines to a whole new level of certainty and purity. Because being open( while wonderful) can be overwhelming to some. Connect with those who hold the higher spiritual standards that are important to us. We have an opportunity to brainstorm so we can find a better direction to share and play nicely with each other and maybe even save this life. At the beginning of the day, the Sun semi-squares to Uranus. This is going to shake some things up. Just is a well-known fact that countless planneds will vary, and we will need to adapt to changes in our procedure. Do not cause the tension of others make foiling. Disfigure is making a harmonious trine to Saturn. This is a lovely aspect to frame physical and daring exertion into constructive projects that will produce discernible remunerations in the future. The compliant signs are in charge of the flow of energy right now. This will help each of us crouch but not undermine.

We are seeking to understand how to handle the struggle between security and freedom, stability and innovation. It will be up to us to find a happy medium.

The Moon is sextile to Pluto, handing us great determination and intensity to build towards something of implying and purpose. This evening the Moon will leave Pisces and go into the” Let’s do this !” signaling of Aries. For the next few daytimes, action is more important than precisely the dream. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Within deepen is hope. Within reform is a unification of plans. Within alter is force that reachings into a future. Within mutate is the willingness to adapt. And a drive to thrive. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Wow. Sometimes we don’t know how exhausted we are until we stop for two days and do nothing. Thank goodness my husband dragged me to the coast. I rarely stop. And while I still do my blog for the day and the video, I could let go of everything else. We precisely went on the coastline and enjoyed perfect condition right after a rainstorm. I got to get feed the seagulls and blackbirds( something that ever forms me happy ). And precisely residue ….. I desire the resound of the ocean waves coming into the shore. I enjoy the minuscule grows beginning to burst forth. And we are going to the Mendocino Botanical Gardens this morning. These days you have to get tickets in advance, but the rhododendrons are in bloom, and most of the time, I wait too long and don’t get there until it is past the full bloom. So, I am stimulated to see exploding color and animation in this amazing Botanical Garden. I hope everyone will see blooms blooming soon in your expanse. Spring is on the way. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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