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Numerology/Astrology for 3/16/ 21

3/16/ 21 represents the number= 15. Add the 3+ 1+ 6+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 15. 1+ 5= 6. The Number 6 invites us to visit that still and hushed home within. It asks us to seek the higher places in our person that need attention. Give attention to that spiritual surface of our soul helps us make better decisions that have more pity. Intend to do good things for others, and establish care and concern for anyone suffering. The amount 6 is associated with St. Hildegard, and she was an outstanding musician and composer. Perhaps today would be a good day to listen to uplifting music that causes our best self to emerge. This could be a great way to devote the day. I like to have music going softly in the background to set a attitude. That then facilitates direct my intellect and aim forward. Sitting in stillness and allowing the free-flow of thought to dissipate is a perfect way to allow more insight to open. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in the energetic sign of Aries till early morning. Then it goes into the steady and comfort-driven sign of Taurus. I know that many of us might want a little bit of our old programme to surface. Yea…Good fluke with that. There has been so much change, and it has been exhausting for everyone. And that cycle of doing and redoing is not remotely over anytime in the near future. Today, see if we can feel into the natural spurt of our core. Really remember that there is a big difference between “natural” and “normal.”
Natural” is about the organic spurt that allows our soul to operate at its highest and best vibration. It aligns the americans and linchpins us perfectly to this world. “Normal” makes when we fall into our wonts and blueprints of wounding and protection. We often speculate our “normal” course is the ” natural ” action, but it is not. When we move from our wounding, it will ever feel inauthentic to others. That is why today, take some time to get in touch with who is residing within your core. There is a Sun-Pluto sextile impart us really the right amount of grit and drive to get things done. The Moon aligns with Uranus. Don’t be surprised by surprising psychological changes and turns. I recognize that this has been going on for a while. And it will continue to do so. We might as well use it to increase our ambition and determination to accomplish those demanding tasks in front of us. These complicated stairs allow us to move towards those bigger aims that will carry us through this uncertain future. When we learn to place our planneds and vigor in such styles, we overcome the limitations that our mind and past knows have placed upon us. There is more out there. But we do need to reach for it. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Integrity has the ability to gain trust. Soundnes remains us to accountability. Stability is something that holds the power to change. Coherence is a choice to do what is right, even if it is unpleasant. Coherence is the force behind a great idea. Unity is the great secret to appearance. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Man meets struggle , not God. What is War? It is an atrocity of humanity’s disdain and disrespect for life. Anyone who has lived through war knows that the glorification of such monstrous accomplishments is a product of human distortion and the hype of rich countries and strong. In truth, all exchanges can be had. That does not necessarily imply those gossips are not tricky and stressful. But they are nothing compared to the energy expenditure of battle. A discussion takes time. But the time and cost of war is beyond the obvious. It is a waste of resources, live, food, mental wellbeing, and habitat. In America, we have not lived in a country where the acre was a battleground, in a long time. So it is easy to forget. Europe has weathered countless battles. The activities of rulers have left blood in the grunge, toxins in the grind, energetic wavings of suffering from those who watched such times, and huge physical effort to rebuild and bring normalcy back into daily life.

I receive a macrocosm expanding without struggle. I receive a world willing to discover and explore. I want a macrocosm where truth is certain. I requirement a nature with no iron curtain. I dream of a nature where subconscious thrive and thrive. I dream of a life where all life can exist. I refuse to wear the mantle of others’ hate. I refuse to walk through hell’s gate. I is a well-known fact that God cries with ruptures of despair. When humanity refuses to care. May the fright of humanity’s past Mature the minds of certain someones at long last. Without the fear of destruction and anguish. Human potential can spiritually gain. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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