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Numerology/Astrology for 3/25/ 21

3/25/ 21 represents the number= 15. Add the 3+ 2+ 5+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 15. 1+ 5= 6. The Number 6 represents the external manifestation of humanity’s degree of intentional awareness. When many awakening minds taken together, they can institute a big reform, the likes of which we have not seen in a very long time. Humanity is preparing for a bounce. A hurry into a future that humankind has been repeatedly predicted and just as often managed to sabotage. I are waiting for a macrocosm where humanity is increased to its highest announcing. There will be numerous parishes that can and will rise up to stand tall against those who intend to tear parties and macrocosms apart. The multitude 4 is to say that artistry evidents in places where domesticity, placid, and spiritual brainchild are honored. Each of us is a part of a community right now. Our country was based on the agreed paragons of freedom and opportunity. All communities intend to support those people within it, or it cannot be a community. We fight for the rules and laws of our community. We are being asked to seek truth and right. It is not concerned with being freedom but about what is right. It is now time for egos to be set aside in favor of the bigger picture. Sometime personal relinquish needs to happen for the safety of the larger community. Sacrifice is sometimes in order to determine truth is the greatest manifestation of the number 6. Unfortunately, beings die, but the beliefs of huge civilizations lost to time live on in the ideals and juttings that they managed to manifest and exemplify on this planet. No is important that, it is essential to align with the highest models that each of us can manage to capture with our heart and soul. Cause it extend us towards a much better world. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today, things broken off … become more apparent. Change comes hard to some, and the future seems a big unknown in the wake of so much happening. What is clear is that decorations are breaking down. It is something that will last-place for years. This structure intends to dismantle the dysfunctional programmes within systems and modernize all things to drive a wedge towards separating the horrible human history with the dream of the human potential. Springtime is exploding. Heydays are blooming, rainfalls are falling, and the season allows us to see the appeal in life and embrace it perfectly. It is time to reach out and connect to those that have touched our life deep. It is time to remember the good things that have impacted us to a substantial degree. We are beginning to find a brand-new balance between humanity and nature. Know that this week, there were those that want to use language as a artillery rather than as a tool for enlightenment. The process of claiming harmonization inside will pass us to find and establish that peace outside. The epoch starts with the Moon in Leo. Know that the tendency to over-indulge is strong. It “ve brought” a spring to your pace and a smile to your face. The Moon will go into the detailed sign of Virgo close to midnight eastern time. This Moon will help us get organized and applied those dreams into action. But while the Moon blooms in Leo let your affectionate side out into the fresh, warming aura of outpouring. ~Suzanne Wagner~


“It is not concerned with being right but about what is right.” ~Suzanne Wagner~


Human conceit and spiritual superiority are a disease ranging ground at this time. It is important to remember that man procreates misstep, then hopefully learns and changes from those mistakes. To considered that discipline is perfect is( of course) not practicable. But too, to believe that faith alone can heal everyone is not a reality-driven remembered. It is an opinion, and that opinion historically has killed hundreds of millions over the centuries. I conclude the best course of action is to utilize both. I is confident that religion in a higher power can support immune plans. It grants hope and allows for the processes of forgiveness and acceptance when confronting death. And I believe that it is spiritual pretension to ignore what we know about figures, viruses, mutations, immunity, herbs, and prescriptions. More than spiritual pride, it is insanity. It is a clear indication of a type of mental illness brought about by unresolved wounding and anxiety. I notice that all over the planet, some believe that they know better than experts who have studied their entire lives on subjects concerning disease and viruses. Some falsely believe that their spiritual faiths alone will protect them. History has proven again and again that such a sentiment is not real or possible in the bigger scheme of things. We were moving towards that coalescing of science and spirituality for the past countless decades. Of direction, the last few years, that wander was highjacked by those that want to pull us dangerously back into the dark ages. That is a place where fear restrained the minds of humanity. If you think that wearing a mask is extreme, take a look at what the zealots of the Dark Ages did to reinforce their belief that God and that God alone would save them. They wore elaborated cover-ups with long snouts that were stuffed with herbs and strong-smelling things because, in their deception about God, they reputed what the fuck is supposed God was saying when what was speaking was only their attention and anxiety. In the Dark Ages, any trodden through wall street publicly flagellating themselves, was confident that if they publicly tolerated for man( like Jesus did) that they would be saved from the terrifying onslaught of the Black Plague. It did not work. Anxiety reproductions more distressing and dangerous patterns of human behavior than healthy ones. In the Dark Ages, their dread and superstition of “cat-o-nine-tails” spawned them kill all the cats. And the consequence was that single hand-picked allowed the affliction to explode into the populace … unchecked. People are amazingly inventive, and sometimes those alternatives work against humanity itself. The fear-based wonts of humanity( forever endeavouring ease) can drag us back into structures that never cultivated historically, but then our thought performs up narratives that within the past, we can find a way through this present circumstance. A total and ended lie. Extremely when we change historical knowledge to fit our biases. At other seasons that ingenuity spurs us beyond the known and into the unfamiliar and out of the tightnes of fear and into invention, progress, modify, and dreams. I hope we can do the later. I hope we will not make our dangerous autobiography misled us in ways that allow our suspicion to become the driving force into the repetition of painful actions that did not work centuries ago and will not work now. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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