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Numerology/Astrology for 4/6/ 21

4/6/ 21 represents the number= 15 Lend the 4+ 6+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 15. 1+ 5= 6. The Number 6 is artistic, symmetrical, and uplifting to the minds of humanity. That process will allow each of us to go within and find out more about the endows that we carry. To do that, we often have to take off the present ego’s coat and employed it aside. That is how we can allow the next stage of our evolution to bubble up and come into our imagination. Be well understood if you think you have something figured out. While that might be true, any connect to a particular perspective can become a block for further growth that is always possible. Skill manifests from blockage, limitation, and the desire to find hope. Artistry is the attempt of a soul to seek out that which has been obscure within. Art is the soul playing with the weaves of reality in such a way that we learn to begin to manipulate those threads of the tapestry consciously. We twist and turn them around and take risks that sometimes go nowhere and at other periods head us to another world that was always there patiently waiting for us to enter and explore. The count 6 understands that all art, all spiritual jaunts, and all forms of awakening are doorways to untouched levels of consciousness. Never stop exploring the opportunities provided by who you are. Never accept the definitions of others. Never believe that who you are right now is all that you can ever be. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues to play in the contemptuou indicate of Aquarius. Emotionally we are seeking expansion and progression of the many themes we have been contemplating. It corroborates us in being intelligent and friendly. The Moon and Saturn align, and it brings a serious and determined tone to the day. The bizarre is sought out and cherished as a few moments when the obvious has less appeal. Venus is sextile to Mars, rendering us more creative insight into those we desire and the progress that we want to attain as we are moving. This transit helps in many ways by making the flow a bit easier than it has been. Connections with new people seem promising and interesting. You may feel feel compelled to conclude things symmetrical and beautiful. Our alluring area comes out and seems to be able to manifest movement with less endeavour. Rich necessitates interaction , not avoidance of the process. Jupiter and Chiron semi-square. It is the start of three of these transports. One will be in August, and the next will be in November. This represents us have a hunger for understanding. We require our personal doctrine to align with who we truly are. That can be a bit of a pull. It will be a challenge, to say the least. Lifetime is a process of letting arrive of what we think we believe in or what we believe is true. Never settle for what is offered at the moment. Is a well-known fact that so much more is going on than any of us recognise. Do not let your restraint examine of reality conduct you astray. All stretch can cause a profound personal and spiritual crisis. This time is designed to show us something if we are prepared to. There are times when the quest for greater understanding seems clearly defined. But at this moment, we may feel blind. Knowing does not always serve the greater purpose. Not knowing forces us to trust something intangible that is just outside our awareness. Now would be a good time to decide if we have what it takes to become something that we did not know was possible. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Prosperity expects interaction not shunning of the process. ~Suzanne Wagner~


I stroked the dream many times as a child. I is well aware that what arose would take me far away from what I had known. A part of me could feel the draw of the karmic past. A part of me knew to push against the characterized boundary of this bubble of world. I knew I was immense, an explorer beyond go. I knew I had more to offer and I would not tell the comprehended physical restraints stop the expansion and expression of who I came to be. Something inside kept whispering,” No, Don’t stop !” I look at what my karmic past judged were going to be the constrictions in this life. I knew that fright was the specific characteristics that poisoned my seeing and was preventing me from peace. I chose to embrace the horror instead of keeping it at bay. I chose to remember the pain that remained leading me astray. I know that this moment in time, was supposed to be impossible. I was not supposed to exist in this place I am now. In this facet and go another sequel was predetermined and rejected by me. I do know that every time I stepped past the obvious I could feel mumbles of duration drop away. With each selection I could feel the karma slip off my feeling and into the ethers of era. The configuration of my figure keep linear time together by to put into practice aged ideas, aged winds, and old agendas. Sovereignty came when I give all that I reputed drop away. Breakthrough is greatest where reference is reduces the grip of occasion. Trickery exists precisely beyond our adherence to those physical and human regulations. When the bonds of karma melt away, you realize that time and karma are restrained. Untie one and the other dissolves. That is how you become connected to your highest and most awakened ego. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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