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Numerology for 5/14/ 2021

If you contribute them all together you get the figure 15. 1+ 5= 6.

It is a day to reflect on where we have come from. What “weve learned”. And where we are going now. When we are in tricky orientations a certain amount of nativities is extremely helpful in having sect that things will come back around and in a positive way. But in other minutes, more mature times you realize that it is time to recognize the processes of growth that are necessary in order to be successful in the external world-wide but too the internal world-wide. And those pathways are very different. They have different intentions, different levels of self-deception that are necessary to cope, different rationales, different forms of validation, and different cease ensues. External world success takes a type of ruthless intention, dogged focus, selfish projections, delusions of grandeur, and an ego that is so well-defended that it is like a missile proof bodysuit. Internal success requires a soul that intends to seek the truth. It has an intention to know thyself. It pleases for armistice. It requires fulfillment from becoming the knack that they came to give this world. One craves renown and fate. Another hankers armistice and soul progression. And the truth is that the first one is often necessary to understand the desire for the second one. Without having a certain level of success and vicinity from ego, one may not realize how empty it is and that something big-hearted is missing. That leans everyone eventually on the path to consciousness. When you have enough money …. They what? The one thing left is spiritual exertion. The amount 6 helps us to remember that in the quiet of reflection we all discover something that we have deeply missed. That connection to what is really most important. The knowing of soul. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

The Moon is in Gemini keeping things on the move. There is a push all day till the night. There is a lot on the attention and while it might be stimulating it is so diversified that it margins on jumble. We may be amazed at what manages to get treated. What seems absurd is actually possible if we stay on track. Most things will feel imperative to get finished. It is okay to skip around as things start. This evening the Moon goes into Cancer and it will give that feeling of attainment and a job to do. The upshots will have a positive emotional response. Peculiarly if one of the goals and targets is solace meat. ~Suzanne Wagner~


I glanced to the right and saw the future unfolded. I appeared to the left and encountered the past being retold. The judgment beloveds to determine the histories of the person Impel them into our idealistic aim. But in between the lines you may learn. What person left to history. There was still clues that symbol the path. Level that suggested the consequence. What we want is not what ever is. That is left to those with historic analysis. Your narrative “re not in your” song. Your life is neither right or wrong. You have a meaning that transcends time. You have a song that may never rhyme. But it is a song see and strong. One that has already been carried for very long. ~Suzanne Wagner~


I am off to Spokane and I feel a little in overtake on many levels. There are so many crossroads in front of me now. I can feel the importance and the apprehension of transformation tower only ahead. There are instants one can feel will determine our fate move forward and this is one such period. I don’t know what is in front of me. What I do know is that everything that existed behind has allowed me to see this place with a purity that is has a unique flavor. I do not feel afraid. I feel a sense of vibratory alertness and a strong presence to this moment and each step that will developed onward. I be considered that I am eventually growing up. I know that rackets silly but that is the only way to explain it.

Maturity comes when one does not need to change what we recognize. Maturity comes when we can calmly cause things be. One sees that the world is in constant thrall. Movement that connect to one and all. There is a detached yet personal lure. One that lets us know that something is mature. Full-grown is ripe and ready to go. Mature is ready to let go and flow. Perhaps the sweetest moment will be cherished by another. Perhaps it will be shared with some other. Sweetness lasts so little time. Enjoy it now before it is past its prime. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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