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Numerology/Astrology for 5/8/ 21

5/8/ 21 represents the number= 18 Add the 5+ 8+ 2+ 0+ 2+ 1= 18. 1+ 8= 9. The Number 9 reminds us that period is a life-long process in this world. Even formerly we accomplish the karma fomented by our acts in this life, there is always more work to do through other lifetimes. Therefore we are a never-ending personal increment process. The discontinue answer is total compassion for the self, others, and all life on this planet. The bottom line is that we are all now learning, becoming gaffes, and developing. That process of growing up requires us to finally be unable to go into judgment about the footpaths that others need to take for their outing towards enlightenment. Some pathways must be moved alone. No other person can altogether understand, but nor should they adjudicate. Judgment, likening, bias, and discrimination lives inside those still caught in the realms of duality. They are still learning about differences and cannot witness the similarities that all life is intimately connected. Attainment arises when one assures past the obvious and into the complex interconnections between all living thing. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Take care of your torso and your stress degrees today. Venus and Jupiter are stressing one another out and us along with it. Notice the things that will push your adrenals past the pitch of ease and into overtake. Take a gulp and step back from those whose merely goal is to cause any form of mental, feelings, physical, or spiritual hurting to others. Protect the buttocks of your chakras. There is a vulnerability coming at you from behind. Become more aware. For some, this can establish them just wanted to take many things too far. Be careful not to overestimate or overdo. We may feel little disciplined in our coming, which transformed into things get out of control more easily. When two planets are at the end severities, it will tend to escalate whatever they are influencing. Just remember not to get ahead of yourself. Leaping before you examine will never work out as intended. This evening Venus will go into Gemini, and that are able to last until the beginning of June. There is less vulnerability with this position to us forcefully. And it is more engaging, connected, and social. The metal stage is highly triggered and something that others will find very attractive. Just know this is more of a date and employing position than a mating and locate the “one” facet. The Moon is in the brave and bold signal of Aries. Perfect for a new start and deciding to look at things from a different point to view. ~Suzanne Wagner~


I remember those times when soul carried me apart. I can feel when life’s force continued my anxieties at bay. I adoration that feeling of freedom and fun. I adored knowing that there was bliss when I would lead. I wonder at those that missed out on nature’s joy. When all they found interesting was on a phone as a doll. There is so much more out there if you are willing to explore. There is so much out there if you are finally unwilling to ignore. ~Suzanne Wagner~


There have been so many moments that were so special because of reading a book. I am presently embroiled in a story of a fantasy escapade( one of my favorite types ). I affection the audible bibles because I can go about my normal daylights works but still be in another world following other courages’ pilgrimages as they grapple with the next challenge and face hide fears. I remember detecting the Harry Potter books on a vacation to Hawaii. I ever buy two stories to read on the sea. I am very light-sensitive, so I can’t invest a lot of time out in the irrigate and in the daylight. But I love to be by the sound of the motions. So, I sit under an umbrella, multitude a lunch, impart my bibles, wear a hat, cover myself with Factor 50 sunscreen, have my sunglasses and wear long sleeves and a sarong. That nature, I can expend all day out there reading my notebook, in bliss. Learn is so fundamental to so many things in live, and the strength that books have over our psyche is essential. Through the undertakings of the characters, we learn how to handle conflict and the mental intricacy of unfamiliar places. I speculate music likewise learns through poetics and the feeling legends that are shared through songwriting. It allows us to not feel alone in this world. That others feel the same way that we feel. It is a beautiful gift. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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